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JL | Lt Anaxar Shran & Lt Si'a Dai'xun | Masks and Mirrors

Posted on 241802.20 @ 15:29 by Lieutenant Anaxar Shran & Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
Edited on on 241803.12 @ 19:33

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Cold Station Theta
Timeline: SD 241802.20

Masquerade time. Anaxar wasn't sure whether to be excited or afraid. Right now, he went with 'nervous'. In fact, he felt more nervous now than he could remember feeling in a long time. He hadn't felt even like this before a battle.

Battles were easy by comparison, actually. That, too, was a kind of dance, but at least he didn't have to worry about swinging his partner around too wildly, careening into others or stepping on toes. Stunning all other dancers probably wasn't an option.

He sighed, regarding the clothes spread out in front of him. Rochelle had helped pick them out. A long, wide black coat of a light material, with a weave which registered to his artificial eyes only as an odd but regular pattern, but which she had assured him would hint at feathers when he moved. There was some other material interwoven in the cloak, which would also make it glitter, sometimes, like stars. A black blouse under it, with lace and ruffles – he supposed that was the 'poets blouse' she mentioned. Tight black pants, high boots which were a lot more comfortable than they appeared, and to top it off a mask with a ridiculous long nose, or beak. The mask covered the upper half of his face, leaving only his mouth and chin free. A holoemitter hidden in the hood of his cloak would make what was visible of his face appear white.

He dressed up in the clothes, feeling faintly ridiculous. But they fit well, and the mask was not nearly as uncomfortable as it appeared. And once he was done – he had activated the implants long enough to regard himself in a mirror – it was like looking at an alien. There was no way that tall, imposing figure that looked back at him had any relation to the shy, scarred, somewhat unkept Anaxar whose image he usually tried to avoid.

He deactivated his implants as he left his quarters and moved quietly through the ship, the airlock and the station. There was still a limit to the amount of time he could use them and he didn't want to waste that by using the implants when he didn't need to. Only when he arrived in the ballroom did he turn them on again.

It was by far the most bewildering sight those artificial implants had ever seen. The ballroom in the arboretum was full of people with the most exotic costumes. At first glance, he saw someone who was dressed as a golden robot, tripping around with small steps, accompanied by a woman in white who carried what appeared to be two buns on the sides of her head and a ridiculously large firearm at her side. A man with spiky, blond hair and a black mask, a white blouse with ruffles, who was doing impossible things with a glass ball. A pirate with a small beard, dreads and weird make-up which served as a mask in itself. A white butterfly, actually floating inches above the ground. A glowing star, moving in a very distinctive way… Anaxar smiled under his mask.

The star, as she was, was an impossibility to hide. She seemed to be lit from within and, in many ways, was. Si'a could do a lot with makeup, glitter had been painted across much of her exposed skin, but it did so very little to banish the natural light she emanated in the shadows. This ball was nothing but. Fire light, delicate tree lights. Nothing garish. Nothing bright. No where to hide, she simply allowed herself the chance to shine and drift between one dance to another before she wound up face to face with what appeared to be a raven. Another creature of the night. One that was tall and lanky, but strong in all the right ways. One that made her tilt her head off to one side in kind consideration before a smile tugged its way across her dainty little face. She wouldn't be sure for awhile longer, but if sound and scent and feeling told her much of anything; this was Anaxar. Her wonderful, precious Anaxar. At once she dropped in a delicate bow, the star yielding to the bird and accepting him within her court of nocturne. When she rose there was no doubt to be had that she'd truly begun to shine, the glitter only serving to accentuate the radiance and glow of her.

At the sight of her, all the chaos and madness around him seemed to vanish. In the light she spread, all his doubts magically disappeared. He strode towards her, his metronome steps beating time with the music, regal black amidst all the lights. She rose to meet him and bowed. "Lady of the Stars," he said in his raw voice. He bent over her hand, took it and brought it to the part of the mask which hid his lips. "You brighten up the ball, in so many ways…"

How could she do anything but smile? It was all she could do to contain a squeak of happy excitement as she flushed and dipped her bashful little head. Why? It was Anaxar. Oh the things he did to her. "Someday you'll have to try and list them." Bold! Good girl! She was steadily trying to relax into this new role as star and the character that came with it; strong, ethereal, all knowing. Stars didn't get giddy. Lies, they get giddy over everything. They twinkle nonstop as they watch the goings on below.. True to nature of both the starling and the star, she found herself craving more. In this case, it was touch and the connection that came with being near to him in that thick intoxicating shroud of safety and warm that he offered. With him, she was whole. "But for now, I wish for you to dance with me." Yes. Bold.

"Your wish is my command, dear lady." Like before, Anaxar had no idea where those words came from. Normally he was the quiet, reserved Science officer, whose clumsy tongue was not made for small talk or social niceties. But Si'a unlocked parts of him which were new. Not even parts which he had known and which had been lost, but a whole different side of him. He bent forward and took her in his arms.

Si'a was smaller than Rochelle, and lighter, light as a feather. How was it possible that such a fragile shell could contain so much light and life? The music began, and so did their dance. There was no fear of stepping on toes, no worry about wayward elbows. It was as if the mask, or the magic, or the night, had transformed him to something besides himself, and the moves just flowed naturally, step after step after graceful step. He lead, and she followed, and in that moment there was no past, no future, only the dance.

One that should have been most awkward but managed to become so elegant. Si'a, for all of her youth, had never been schooled in the ways of a waltz. She'd never known more than the simple steps her father had taught her as a child the times she'd stood on his feet and he'd shuffled about through some awkward dance routine. Thinking about it brought color to her cheeks that didn't deserve to encroach on space reserved for the flush of emotion Anaxar conjured. Somehow, by chance, she instinctively knew to yield to him. She knew when he was rising and when he was falling. Knew when and where his foot would fall and it became a new language she was surprisingly fluent in. A language he taught her, and she had found to be completely marvelous and easy to work around. The more they danced, the brighter her smile grew. He'd spin her away from him, she'd return with bell like laughter just happy to be home against his chest again and enjoying the cosmic euphoria such an experience brought about. "Tell me!" She spoke, trying to hold the posh tongue and demeanor she'd taken for the night, "Why don't birds dance with stars more after ten?" often, oh who cares? He gets it. He knows what you mean... I think.

He got it, after a moment's thinking (and if there was any doubt left that he was indeed dancing with Si'a, this dispelled it for good). Even more amazing, an answer sprang up from the wells of his mind. "Because, if they did, the skies would be devoid of stars, and all the people would look up and feel sad," he said. "But now you know why most birds fly. They want to reach the stars, but they keep forever out of their reach. Except for on magical nights such as these, where for a few hours the impossible becomes within reach."

Si'a smiled broadly at his answer, unable to keep the emotion of elation from completely painting her little face with glittery glee. Her fingers tightened against him with the absolute assurance that he was the one she'd been looking for. Had to be. His touch and voice made her feel so very alive when the rest of life was so mundane. Day in, day out, same same. Anaxar was the difference. She practically chirped with the swelling feel of happiness, "Magical nights indeed." She finally nodded in complete agreement, twinkling as he manipulated her across the dance floor. "I think this star would like to keep the bird with her." Forever, if possible, she failed to add, but the intention remained the same. Her love for him was proving to be evergreen.

"And this bird will have to hold his star close, lest it escapes and rejoins her sisters up high," Anaxar answered softly. He did hold her close, because it truly felt as if she could float up any moment and drift away. Then again, he felt as if he could just as easily spread his wings and fly away with her. Yes, this night was truly magical, but nothing was more wondrous than the woman he held in his arms. If he could ever choose one moment to last forever, maybe this would be the perfect one.

Lieutenant Anaxar Shran
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun
Stellar Cartographer


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