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DL | Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D. | "Masked"

Posted on 241802.19 @ 12:56 by Lieutenant Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D.
Edited on on 241803.12 @ 19:35

Mission: Lacuna
Location: CMO Quarters, USS Vindicator | Arboretum, Cold Station Theta
Timeline: As the Masquerade Begins

For Kaleb the idea of a Masquerade party had appealed not only for its novelty but also for the chance to hide amongst the hidden. Since his return from the frozen planet thousands of years in the past, he had suffered from fatigue, nightmares, and acute pulses of psychic energy unknowingly leveled at him from the thousands of officers and crew aboard both Vindicator and now Cold Station Theta. The latter he had been able to tone down using the skills he had been shown by Ra'lin Sha'mer. The former two he had prescribed medications to assist with, however, they had proven ineffective thus far.

Now, standing before the mirror in his quarters, dressed in yet another outlandish human outfit, Kaleb looked much as he felt. Deciding on the patchwork outfit of multicolored diamonds, known as harlequin, had taken the better part of two days. The alternating pattern of blue, green, white, and yellow was bold and slightly overwhelming up close. A double crowned hat of matching colors and adorned with brass bells at their tips, hid his antenna and newly cut hair and the mouth-less mask, meant to identify him as mute, concealed his face completely. Kaleb had spent a few days studying the art of pantomime while in the academy. He had hoped to use it during his internship to help distract children during procedures that might make them uncomfortable. To date the only child he had used any of those skills on had been Vaan, his Commodore's own son.

Looking himself over a final time, Kaleb adjusted his costume and pressed his communicator. "Ch'Valenvok to Transporter Room Two. One to beam to the Arboretum. Energize"

There was a quick haze of glowing warm light as his quarters faded from view replaced by an almost magical view of a lavishly decorated garden terrace. Hundreds of people milled about dressed in various costumes, some not of Terran origin. Lights twinkled above the terrace and outlined an arced arbor draped with wisteria in full bloom. Bars, serving every manner of drink, looked like small islands in the sea of people and could be identified by the clusters of multicolored balloons that adorned them. A small stage had been set up and a band was playing dancing music. Several dozen couples were dancing to the beat in front of the stage. Several pockets of people hung to the edges and talked in small clusters. Kaleb walked up to the nearest bar and ordered an Andorian Ale, with a straw. The bartender, a hole-projection, poured the blue drink from its iconic bottle into a long stemmed glass and handed it to Kaleb. He thanked the man and turned away intending to walk down to the sea where he would wait out the festivity in solitude. As he passed a group of rather large men clustered under the shadows of a clump of dense foliage, Kaleb could sense something though his mental armor that set off alarm bells in his mind. The sense wasn't a thought so much as an intention. There was anger, lust, and greed wrapped up in the sweet flower scented air along the path and in that instant, Kaleb forgot his problems and made his way back toward the crowd.

Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D.
Chief Medical Officer


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