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Commodore Aksel Ravnsson | "Jeg aner ugler I mosen"

Posted on 241803.09 @ 23:50 by Lieutenant Craig MacLeod
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Mission: Lacuna

"Hvem er hvem?" Who is who? The language was guttural, hard to understand, but unmistakable. Even in the darkness it was easy to translate the intent from eyes that had seen far more than a fair share of life. Cold. Gray. They twinkled as they watched bodies twist and undulate in dance and glee across the raw cobbled dance floor the gardens provided. It hadn't taken long for them to fall on, and study, certain beings more than others.

A vision of winter, a star, a butterfly, a vampire, an elf, a soldier of old, the King of goblins, the spirit of fire, a wild stag, and a black bird.

What arc they played together, he knew not, but even eyes lacking practice could see there was something more running river deep between them. Each look they gave one another, the subtle nods of their heads, promised something more, something richer.

"Ivanova er det sne dronning." Ivanova is the snow queen. came an answer from his nearest aid. His worn mouth crooked in the smallest of bereft smiles as he watched her disappearing in the vortex of a site to site alongside Vokar and the butterfly. "Ja. Sommerfuglen er det Kejserinde." Yes. Butterfly is the Empress, he responded dryly, "Dracula er Dahe'el." Dracula is Dahe'el. stating the obvious was just one of his many talents, but now he waited for the aid to catch up and continue.

They didn't disappoint.

"Elven er den Vorta."

"Vorta?" His eyebrows raised, watching the tiny creature held in the arms of the soldier. He gestured towards them with the sun and work callused fingers of one hand, "Er han ikke min? En af os?" Is he not mine? One of us?

"Ja han er."Yes, he is. came the response, "Stacker."

"Vorta." His head shook, "En fucking enhjørning, Vorta."A fucking unicorn, Vorta Aksel snorted sharply, watching the as the pale visage of just such a creature seemed so alight with life when so many would have wanted it extinguished. He'd heard tale of the being, seen her name on rosters, seen the reports filtering in. Never in his wildest dreams had he believed he'd chance upon her, and so quickly. Catching sight of her cavorting, care free, in disguise and in the arms of one of his lions left him torn between laughter and scowling. Unicorn indeed. The last of them if many had their say, and none the wiser to the danger she put herself in. A hare's breadth from death, she was either stupid or maniacal, oblivious or uncaring that the lion was likely playing his cards in wait of reason to pounce and snap that little porcelain neck. No doubt Stacker was in wonder of the same questions that danced within the El Aurian's own mind. Someday he'd venture to find out, but until something went completely tits up, he'd leave well enough alone. Babysitting wasn't is forte.

"Goblinen?"Goblin? He asked, lighting a cigarette without care to the looks it bought him, forcing his eyes away from the Vorta and his agent. Anything for a chance at distraction.


This brought a smirk to his lips as they curled around the butt end of the cigarette, "Det ukendte. Godt."The unknown. Good. He responded in a puff of tobacco smoke. He'd seen him toying with the butterfly, their eyes filled with lust and knowledge far deeper than mere acquaintances would have. They were bedding one another, and that would prove to be beneficial information to confirm... Confirm it, he would. "Fortsæt." Continue. The two fingers holding the cancer stick flicked, motioning the aid's mouth onward.

"Stjernen er det Stenellis. Dai'xun." The star is the Stenellis. Dai'xun.

At this, Aksel smiled and straightened in his seat. The second of the Stenellis, the one that had been gifted to the Federation. She was alive, well, dancing... In love. The brightness of her shine was unmistakable, and one he would never forget, even if it was conjured by a rather ominously tall black bird. "Han?" him? He asked, motioning towards just such a creature with avid curiosity.

"Anaxar Shran."

"Ah." He nodded. Anaxar Shran... Broken goods forsaken and cast aside by all until Ivanova chose to give the blind and half crazed creature a job aboard the Vindicator. Many had said it was pity being displayed by a weakened version of the once mighty redhead, that Landon Neyes and motherhood had softened her. It wasn't. She was shrewd and sharper than most, perhaps in homage to her father's near Klingon nature. Watching the way the Andorian man shepherded his star across the dance floor only seemed to prove that he was neither broken nor forsaken. He'd found purpose and the Vindicator's family had once again grown in ranks and tightened in on itself having absorbed yet another well honed blade within its arsenal. Weakened, his ass. "Den lille flamme står med den vilde mand..." The little flame standing with the wild man... he asked, his voice trailing off as his eyes left the star and the bird.


"Nej, det er datteren. Vær specifik." No. That's the daughter. Be specific. Aksel chastised sharply, flicking hot ash in the direction of the aid. They failed to recoil, failed to answer. The fire was another special case, one that had brought the wild man back from the past and opened the gates for what could potentially be the undoing of the Federation. They were unknowns. Loose cannons, if she proved to be like her mother. His head shook again, slowly, disapprovingly. So long as she remained beneath Ivanova and Ivanova remained in the favor of Archer, there was little he could do to solve that potential problem. By proxy, the emerald eyed Scot beside her would retain that favor... For now. "Jeg har set nok. Fortæl vores kontakt, at scenen er indstillet." I've seen enough. Tell our contact that the stage is set. He nearly grunted, pinching out his cigarette and tossing it in the general direction of the bushes as he rose, "Hold det rent. Jeg vil ikke have problemer." Keep it clean, I don't want any problems.

The aid only nodded in what appeared to be perfect understanding while the silvered El Aurian hybrid once more took to the half lights and shadows, sinking back into them as if he were some large jungle cat. "Enhjørning." Unicorn He snorted once more, the door to the corridor swallowing him as he did.


Commodre Aksel Ravnsson
Director, Starfleet Intelligence


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