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JDL | Com Ivanova, Cmdr Dahe'el, Lt Sha'mer | "Et Stellarum" pt 3/3

Posted on 242004.05 @ 15:44 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Commander Almar Dahe'el & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Vindicator Ready Room
Timeline: back log

(Back log, pre-kaboom on the station. Follows immediately after Et Stellarum 1 and 2)


Ra'lin had a lot on her mind. One of her friends had disappeared, together with an officer from Cold Station Theta. Nothing had been heard from either and it set people on edge. At least, the Command staff, Intel and Science. Other than that, and the few people who had been involved in the crash and rescue situation, few people either knew or cared. Crew in mess halls either grumbled about the unexplained delay in departure, or rejoiced in the extended R&R.

But Ra'lin couldn't help but wonder where her friend was, whether or not they had found any indication where she could be, whether or not a search and rescue operation was being mounted, whether or not poor Si'a was still alive.

So her mind was, understandably, occupied with other things. Which is why she was completely unprepared for the sight which struck her when she entered Rochelle's ready room to deliver a stack of PADDs.

Any hope for sneaking out again unnoticed was lost when the PADDs simply dropped out of her hands and cascaded loudly to the floor.

The sudden sound of plastic clattering to the floor caused Rochelle to jump, smacking her nose against Almar's and drawing away to be able to peer around his broad shoulders to see the cause. Ra'lin... Instantly a brand new type of heat flooded the redhead's face and ears, burning across her cheeks and the delicate bridge of her nose. "Ra'lin!" Her voice was an octave higher out of sheer surprise and she cleared her throat to try and settle it, "I uh... Almar... We... He was showing me a new algorithm to do with the starcharts and... " Thank the Gods it had only been a handful of impassioned kisses - and nothing more - that her yeoman walked in on. Thank them even even more that she'd come alone. "I got an eyelash in my eye and he was helping me..." If only she could have crawled into a hole, any hole, at that point.

Shock and the feel of Rochelle bashing her nose against his froze the Cardassian as he allowed his hands to drop, his spine straightened and the sound of the padds dropping to the deck finally registered in his mind, as did the name spoken by the redhead before him, "I... don't think she's going to buy it," Almar replied as he looked down at Rochelle with a slight smile on his face, one of his hands came up to indicate their lips, his which were reddened slightly with the tint of her lipstick.

Ra'lins blush could've been stuck to the Vindicator or Cold Station Theta as a warning beacon. "Uh… I'm… I'm so sorry, really, I'll, ah, just, if people wanna call in I'll tell them you're busy I'll be going now bye!" She made a half-hearted attempt to pick up the padds as she moved backwards towards the door.

Reaching up to rub her own lips, Rochelle sheepishly nodded in understanding - just barely managing to force herself to meet his eyes with the way Ra'lin was scrambling to escape. "No... No it's ok." She nodded, full aware she was caught red handed. With her heart going well over a mile a minute with the sudden fuel of a whole bevy of emotions - shock induced adrenaline certainly helping fan that particular flame - the Commodore very simply set about squaring herself away and suppress the violent blush that still colored and heated her features... And the desire to wipe the smile off the smug and amused Cardassian's face. Especially now that hiding in a hole wasn't an option. "We um... Are... Finished with what we were working on... For now, isn't that tight Commander?" She asked, pausing to chew the inside of her lip.

"Um, no, that's alright…" Ra'lin stuttered. "It's, ah, I mean, um, carry on and stuff, I'm really sorry I interrupted… Um… Four words, maybe, for your consideration, Commodore? 'Computer, engage privacy field'?" If she blushed any further, she'd explode. Truth be told, if she actually could take the time to think about it, she had been worried about Rochelle, and had seen for some time the way she and Almar danced around each other, moving like two stars around a common gravity point without ever coming closer. Well, now they had been closing in at last – and she came in and the moment was lost.

She bumped into the door at last, and it failed to open. The computer, recognising her voice as one who frequented this room, had obediently locked her in. "Well," Ra'lin muttered, even more flustered now, "damn."

Stifling a laugh at the awkwardness displayed between the two women, Almar took a step back and turned on his heel, he placed a hand on the control panel for the holographic display, "Computer, override privacy field, Authorisation Dahe'el Alpha Five Alpha, disable." his command was quickly followed by a discreet chirp in response from the computer and the door slid open before the yeoman again.

"Christ..." Was all Rochelle could mutter, or something like it. Even she wasn't sure as she slid from her roost and moved back behind the sanctuary of her desk. She'd need to sit down with Ra'lin later, discuss everything, apologize... Apologize? Ok... Maybe not apologize per se, but there would need to be a discussion. One of her desk drawers slid open and she was quick to retrieve a powder compact with mirror. The tint of her lipstick was a touch diminished, but it had stayed put for the most part - just colored the Cardassian's lips with the soft touch of barely there coral that she'd chosen that morning. Almost nude on her, it stuck out like a sore thumb on Almar's pallid complexion.

For Ra'lin, that not-so-subtle detail was the final straw. She felt the giggle built up, ready to break out and throw her into a hysterical laughing fit. "Um, sorry," she said, eyes watering with the strain of holding it back. "Sirs. PADDs. Reports. Sorry. Bye!" And with that she fled from the ready room and onto the bridge. She collapsed into the nearest chair and buried her head in her hands, muffling the whimpers which escaped. The blunders just kept stacking up. She almost hoped Rochelle would have mercy on her and just request a transfer for her yeoman.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Almar replied with a light-hearted chuckle as he accepted the stack of hastily retrieved PADDs and deposited them onto the desk which had formerly been occupied by Rochelle, the door closing behind him gave him the go ahead to broach the subject, "We should have thought about that..."

An eyebrow came up, "We should have, but it's not like either of us planned for this..." Rochelle paused, blinking up at him, "At least I didn't." She couldn't help but smile, pointing the statement as more of an almost accusatory question. At this point, she was on to him... Sort of.

"No planning here either," Almar replied, still chuckling as the situation settled in his mind, "I planned on talking to you but anything further I had no idea how it was going to go." he threw his braid over his shoulder and it settled along his back as it usually did.

"Well..." The Commodore breathed, "It happened. We've learned. Now we move on." Her eyes watched the onyx braid fly through the air until it landed against its destination. Just one of many things she'd come to appreciate about the Cardassian, "Your choice as to where we move on, but we... Move on. Discuss it somewhere else. Not on duty." She nodded, trying her damnedest to recover some sense of propriety.

"Holodeck Three, this afternoon?" Almar questioned as he lent back against the control panel for the display, "Just the two of us, away from prying eyes and doing something to help us unwind."

"Consider it a date." Rochelle nodded, pleased as punch with the decision.

(End Log)

Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer
USS Vindicator, NX-78213-F

Commander Almar Dahe'el
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator, NX-78213-F


Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer
USS Vindicator, NX-78213-F


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