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Posted on 242004.12 @ 09:56 by Ensign Amelia Diangelo & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Mission: Lacuna

The PADDs. She had completely forgotten about the PADDs. First hearing that Rochelle had fallen ill, then dinner with Craig, and in all that those damned reports were still in the ready room. Unless the Commander had picked them up, but she doubted that. If Ra'lin read the situation right, he wouldn't leave Rochelle's side until she was a lot better.

And work kept piling up, as it was wont to do, even though the majority of the reports came down to 'Nope, we still haven't got anything real to report'. Departments were doing their best to keep their people busy. Drills were scheduled throughout the ships, rotating through one holodeck after another, Science was happy (well, all but the Chief) because they finally had the time to do all the research they wanted to do but never got around to it, Helm was bored.

Ra'lin opened the door of the ready room and stepped in – and froze, because quite unexpectedly she found she wasn't the only one here.

"Damnit!" A young woman growled as she stood in front of the replicator in Rochelle's readyroom. Tapping on the padd she had in her hand and on the replicator order screen. Access denied the screen read for what seemed to be the billionth time.

Amelia let out an annoyed grunt, tried again tapping on both screens and again the young woman was denied access. "You defunct box of circuits," she started, she didnt have time for this. "give me those logs!" she growled and with a blood-curdling shriek Amelia turned to her left, pulled in her right foot, leaning over her left, and then swung it around, in the air, till her boot hit the replicator’s console. Although there was a cracking sound, and the console lights blinked, nothing broke and got managed to gain access to the logs.

"Good!" she said with a confident nod, leaned closer to the machine and softly whispered. "You better remember me next time, you box of circuits." while downloading the logs to her padd then heard the doors to the ready room slide open and her heart started to pound, afraid to turn around she just stood there like a statue wearing a gray uniform.

Ra'lin stood frozen as well, while she tried to think of what to say. The problem wasn't that she had no clue how to respond, it was just that so many options presented themselves that she didn't know what to choose. Ranging from 'Shall I give you these PADDs as well to add to your pile?' via 'And who the hell gave you the orders to tap into the Commodore's logs?' to 'Let's call in Commander Dahe'el and hand her over to him'. Finally she settled on: "Give that PADD to me, Ensign." She didn't know her voice could get that cold, that her face could be this frozen.

"Padd, What padd?" The young nervous woman said hiding the padd behind her back and was silent for a moment untill the padd in question gave itself away by emitting a few beeps to signal that the download was complete. "Oohhh, that padd!" A guilty Amelia admitted and revealed the padd to her.

"Thank you," Ra'lin said coldly, extending her hand. She still kept her eyes fixed on the Ensign in the grey uniform. If she had known it, Ra'lin bore an uncanny resemblance of her mother, RAdm. Sha'mer, at her scariest. "Who gave you the orders to do this, Ensign?"

Looking back and forth between the woman's extended hand and the padd in her own for a few seconds. Amelia swiftly pressed it against her chest, clenching in with crossed arms. "My da.., Commander Archer." Amelia corrected herself, the young woman wasn't just about to give her the padd with the logs to Ra'lin.

"Fine. He can explain to either Commander Dahe'el or to the Commodore, once she's well enough, why he sent you here to retrieve logs you did not have permission to access." Ra'lin kept her hand outstretched. "I will not allow you to leave here as long as you have it Computer engage privacy field!" She said that last bit without any pause in between and the computer gave a polite preep. Now the doors were locked and only a few people had the clearance to tell the computer to disengage. Ra'lin doubted the other woman was one of them. It would prevent her to rush Ra'lin, tackle her and flee with the padd, if nothing else. "So save yourself some trouble and give it to me. Your commander can explain to the Commodore why he wants to see it."

The whole situation had given her some time to think. Commander Archer, second officer, so part of the command team. Which meant that the logs this woman here was sent to retrieve were not the official ones, he would be able to access those at any given time. So it would be private stuff. Communications, perhaps, between the Commodore and others. In other words, Commander Archer was doing what he did not because he was ordered to do so by the Commodore: he was spying on her. And if the Commodore wanted him to be able to access those logs, she'd have given him access to them. She obviously had not. Therefore he did not.

All in all it came down to, indeed: no way she was going to let the Ensign leave with that padd.

Amelia looked the slender woman over while keeping the padd firmly clenched between her arms and chest. Ra’Lin looked like she was her age same build as Amelia, maybe a few pounds lighter? Amelia chuckled slightly, it looked like she wasn’t going to talk her way out. “Privacy mode... how interesting.” The young woman said with a small chuckle and would rather not have to depend on the other training she received from a friend. “Doors locked, no sensors recording us, what’s your game here?” Asking as she squinted her eyes, slowly lowering one of her hands to her belt getting ready to defend herself. “Is this the part where you try to pry the padd from my hands?”

"Don't worry, Ensign, I still make recordings," Ra'lin said, tapping on her comm badge. "Audio only, but that ought to be sufficient. No, this is the part where you hand the padd over to me, or you have to explain to Commander Dahe'el why you disobey a direct order. He is one of the few people with the authority to override privacy modus. So, Ensign, this is an order. Give me the padd."

‘She wanted the padd, she Really wanted the padd, that’s fine she can have it!’ Amelia thought, remaining silent so she wouldn’t say anything that would implicate any further, deciding to refrain from using force to escape. Only in emergencies… It pissed her off, annoyed by her current predicament which was shown on the young woman’s face she had no choice but to search for another way and hoped to god this little event wouldn’t reach her father. Then again everyone screws up once in a while right? Amelia took one last look, initiating a self-destruct protocol she had built into the device just for these kinds of situations. The protocol would erase any data on it and rendering it useless, one would never be able to retrieve any bit of data, handing it over with a mischievous smile and simply said. “Of course Lieutenant, here you go. Am I dismissed now?” with an innocent tone.

Ra'lin returned the smile, only in her case, there was absolutely no warmth or humour in it whatsoever. "Thank you, Ensign. Computer, override privacy field, Authorisation Sha'mer Omega Zero Three Eight, disable." Another soft 'preep' as the computer acknowledged the command and Ra'lin stepped aside. Then, after the door had closed and left her alone in the ready room once more, she walked over to the replicator and downloaded the last few commands issued – and executed them.

Then she finally picked up the padds she had left (not without checking if they were all here and whether they had been read or copied) and walked out again, sealing the door behind her. She tapped her comm badge. "Ra'lin Sha'mer to Commander Dahe'el…"


Lt. Ra'lin Sha'mer
USS Vindicator


Ens. Amelia Diangelo
Intelligence Officer
USS Vindicator


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