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JL | Commander Almar Dahe'el & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer | "The Furious"

Posted on 242004.13 @ 17:51 by Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer & Commander Almar Dahe'el

Mission: Lacuna
Location: USS Vindicator
Timeline: SD 241804.13

Ra'lin tapped her comm badge. "Ra'lin Sha'mer to Commander Dahe'el. I would like to meet you at your earliest convenience." She was furious, but it was a cold kind of fury. Maybe it was nothing, maybe she was getting worked up about nothing, but if that was the case, the Commander would certainly know.

Somehow she did not have the feeling she was furious over 'nothing'.

Things had changed in a matter of hours and Almar had left Rochelle to her own devices for the second time, it was a leap of faith that he was taking, hoping that she wouldn't disappear again and would make her way to the bridge when she felt strong enough, for the moment he was in his office flipping through endless amounts of paperwork that he had allowed to build up a little more than he should have.

"Dahe'el here," he responded as he placed a PADD down on the desk and took a sip from his coffee, "I'm in my office, available when you are, Lieutenant."

That was just around the corner. Even better. "I will be right in, Commander. Ra'lin out." A few steps and she was there, PADDs tucked under her arms, still shooting lightning from her eyes. This was not the diminutive, shy yeoman who touched the chime and strode in, this was an Admiral's daughter who was extremely pissed off. "I am truly sorry to disturb you, Commander, but I felt you needed to be aware of a situation I just found myself in," she began.

"Sounds serious," Almar replied as he gestured to the seat before his desk and stood slightly, "Take a seat, Lieutenant, can I get you anything? I have a feeling I might need a refill on my coffee before I hear this," the Cardassian replied as he turned to the replicator in the wall beside his desk, placed the mug down and watched it be reclaimed and a fresh one rematerialise.

"No, thank you, sir." Ra'lin sat down, very stiffly though. She was not in a mood to lean back and relax. "Earlier, I discovered I left some PADDs in the Commodore's office which I needed to retrieve, either to bring to you or back to the Commodore when she was feeling better. So I went back to get them. I was quite surprised to find one of the newest additions to our crew, Ensign Amelia D'iangelo if I'm not mistaken, downloading logs from the replicator onto a PADD. It took her several tries, as she was denied the information. Somehow she got around to it." She bit back any further details, in order to give the XO the chance to comment on this, or ask any pertinent questions.

"I was right about the coffee," Almar replied as he took a swig of the steaming liquid and set himself back in his chair, the mug was placed down and a PADD retrieved as he scrolled through the crew listing, "Di'Angelo... I know the name," he replied as he pulled up her record and thumbed through it, "Archer's adopted girl, thats why I recognise it," he added as he set the device down, "The ready room is supposed to be secured, at all times when Commodore Ivanova, myself or the duty officer aren't present." the thoughts running through his mind tempted him to haul the young woman in question in and deal with Archer later, "Only you have the access required outside of those parameters, it is a necessity for your role." it was something that the Yeoman knew, obviously but Almar had to process these things and with someone present it was more polite to let them know what he was thinking, "Two questions raise themselves, how did she gain access to a secure area and why was she searching the records of the replicator?"

"I don't know, and she was using the replicator to download logs. She wouldn't even be able to access those using the main computer, but the replicator has certain subroutines… It listens to conversations, even though it only reacts to orders. So she might have been trying to download everything which has been said in the ready room. Or she might have been trying to download personal logs."

Ra'lin took a deep breath to calm herself, then proceeded to tell everything which had happened in an orderly fashion: how she had ordered the Ensign to give her the PADD, eventually resorting to sealing the room in order to prevent her to escape. "Eventually she did give me the PADD, but it has been doctored with so that the data it contained has been either scrambled or destroyed. Fortunately she couldn't do the same with the replicator, though she tried. And there are records in the ready room from her right up until the moment I activated the privacy field, and from there on, I have an audio file of our further interaction," Ra'lin finished.

"Did she give you any excuses?" the Cardassian replied as he pulled up his console and began tapping in a few commands, "A little secret I'll let you in on, Lieutenant," he added as he began working through the routines he'd designed into the system alongside the software for the LCARS that had been installed before the ship was space-worthy, "You're right about the replicators always listening," he continued with a slight smile, "They also store this data, it gets backed up in the same way that everything does, only a select few of us have access to this data as it's considered unbelievably private, if she managed to corrupt any of it we can find out which pieces are missing and fill in the blanks."

"She told me she was acting under orders of Commander Archer. Sir." Ra'lin had never liked Archer. The Commodore told him he could be trusted, and during the mission in the Nebula, in the past, he had shown himself to be reliable – at least during that situation. But he was bitterly sarcastic, and did his best to be as abrasive as possible, even (or maybe especially) towards the people he supposedly liked. If Amelia had been speaking the truth, it would show the man wasn't as reliable as the Commodore thought. "And I'm glad to hear it. I was worried she had been able to install a subroutine in it as well – though I don't think she actually had the time for it, I caught her immediately after she downloaded the information on the PADD."

"A very convenient excuse and one I would have expected," Almar replied with a slight nod, "I've dealt with people who have grown up with people higher up the chain of command and some of the think that name dropping can excuse almost any other behavior," he began drumming his fingers on his desk out of frustration more than anything and used his other hand to regain control over his coffee, "It would appear my next meeting has to be with Commander Archer."

Ra'lin tapped a finger of the hand which did not hold all the PADDs against her chin. "Is it conceivable that she did act under his orders? Or do you think it's more likely that she did this to impress her adoptive father?" Not that it mattered all that much. Still, it might make a difference if she did encounter the woman in the future. Ra'lin sighed. "Anyway, I just wanted to inform you." She rose and plonked the PADDs on his desk. "These are the reports, nothing really important in it, anyway. This is the PADD I took from her. Maybe it still holds the data scrambler, or maybe someone else can extract stuff from it, I don't know. This is what I pulled out of the replicator, the commands she entered and so on. Audio recordings and visuals from the ready room are on this one too. Is there anything else you need, Commander?"

"I hope not, while I've never trusted him fully, Commodore Ivanova has always trusted Archer, they have history together," Almar replied with a slight sigh as he made a nod to try and find time in their busy schedules to sit down with Archer, "Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Lieutenant, I'll have someone I trust take a look over the PADD, meaning myself." he added as he slid the stack towards himself and eyed up the additional work, "I don't believe there is anything further to add."

"She obviously didn't trust him enough to just hand him those recordings…" Ra'lin mused. That thought had already occurred to her. "So either it was on his orders and he's snooping, or she's just way too proactive." Ra'lin sighed. The hot anger had burned itself out and left her feeling empty and cold. "Thank you, Commander. I hope you'll keep me posted of any further developments."

"You'll be the second to know, after Roch... Commodore Ivanova," the Cardassian had to stop himself from referring to Rochelle by name and not by her rank, it was going to be an easy mistake to make and one that would probably be forgiven by the Yeoman given what she already knew.

The verbal stumble evoked the first smile on Ra'lins face since she'd encountered Amelia in the ready room. "Thank you, Commander. Then if there's nothing else, I shall leave you to it. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you."

"I will, thank you Lieutenant," Almar replied with a slight smile and a nod, "You are dismissed."

Commander Almar Dahe'el
Executive Officer


Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer


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