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JL | Cmdr Archer, Ens DiAngelo | "The Punishment Due"

Posted on 241808.22 @ 11:34 by Vice Admiral Sabine Scholtz-Archer & Commander James Archer & Ensign Amelia Diangelo

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Cmdr. Archer's office.

Having hidden herself away on the storage deck, exhausted nearly every training program imaginable on the highest difficulty setting and with the safeties off, on occasion being seen by the crew leaving the holodeck, covered in blood, wearing a partially shredded uniform revealing several cuts and bruises on her body as if she had been in a massacre. Or having locked herself away for hours at a time in one of the storage areas in the bowls of the ship using one of her father's little gadgets that hid her bio, comm signature trying to get away from, her duty, colleagues, friends, from everything after finding out about what it was that she had actually done to that girl. Amelia wanted to disappear from life and had succeeded. It still looked all too easy just running away from her problems, mistakes, Ra'lin. Amelia felt conflicted, furious, disgusted by that one innocent looking action, When her father came back, she wanted to talk to him, it was time to face the consequences of that. And other actions she had committed.

And here she stood to attention in the middle of the room before the Commander's desk, in uniform, clammy hands holding each other behind her lower back, her long blond hair knotted up, her heart was beating faster than normally, looking straight forward at the bulkhead behind the desk, displaying no emotion not even flinched, not allowing herself to get distracted by all the little noises around her. The young ensign knew why she was here, what she had done, Amelia wasn't proud about it, far from it. Her ear twitched slightly and gulped at the sound of the door to the commander's office sliding open and hearing James step into the room. This was it!

He was tired, the adrenaline from the fire fight having worn off now that he was home safe and had briefed Rochelle about everything that had gone on. The news that he'd accomplished what she'd ordered him to do hadn't exactly been met the way he'd expected. Not at all. Instead of a stiff nod and a 'thank you', he was rewarded with the task of holding her hair and stroking her back as she puked her guts up into a wastebasket. Anxiety was a bitch and it was obvious that in spite of all her wars and battles and lives taken during them, Rochelle hadn't been ready for the order she'd given to really be carried out. But it was done. Over. She'd live.

The overgrown child in his office... Was another story. "So I've heard you've been busy." Archer's voice was clipped and cool as he tossed a towel into a hamper. Fresh from a shower and out of uniform, he'd been hoping his office would be a quiet sanctuary. No such luck.

Following him with her eyes to acknowledge his presence the young girl held her stance, it wasn’t exactly the answer she was expecting from him, then again she always found him difficult to read, difficult to see what he would do next. “I fucked up, that’s what you’ve heard.., sir.” Amelia replied coldly while raising an eyebrow wondering if he really knew what she had been up too. "But humor me father.., tell me what your daughter dearest has been up to, hm?"

"Tried to bust into the Commodore's replicator, got caught by the Yeoman, sexually assaulted said Yeoman... You forget that I know pretty much everything that goes on aboard this ship, only few secrets are kept and most of those belong to the Commodore." Archer replied, running a hand through his still damp hair. His face wrinkled for a second, brows knitting together, as he began to hunt around for something, "You do know that the replicator records a lot more than just meal choices, right? It records full conversations. All of it. Every word, or anything that sounds like a possible word, is captured and stored." He continued, rifling through a desk drawer, "So the one in that room is locked down tighter than anything and frankly even I wouldn't fuck with it. The Commodore is entitled to her privacy in that regard."

Finally he came up with a small tube of hair wax, and pushed the drawer shut while unscrewing the cap, "What you should have done was use your head and not turn everything into a spy game. Sometimes just asking for something works best and is the best reconnaissance you can do." He shrugged, finger combing the product through his hair. "But I couldn't really give a rat's ass about that particular malfunction in your routine. The one I'm most concerned about is the one where you kissed the Yeoman. Care to explain that one, because if she pushes the point it'll end your career."

Silence befell the young woman as he was listening to the accusations, it was like being hit by a brick. “I can’t explain that one.., I felt like I was being pushed to kiss her.” Amelia explained showing regret in her expression, it caused her to loosen the grip on her hands and started to bite her nails, or was it her lip? Tiling her head away for a brief instant it seemed so blurry, the decisions she had made that day. ”I wish I hadn’t gotten onto that lift…” The girl muttered under her breath.

Amelia really didn’t know what caused her to go off the rails like that, pausing for a brief moment the girl carefully chose her words. “Considering I’m already suspended from duty at this stage, lost the respect of my fellow officers if not the entire crew, you most of all. And I can't be trusted to do my job let alone interact with someone and but what the hell lets get this off my chest." She said clenching a hand together to make a fist, frowning slightly.

Taking a deep breath she let it out. "Last but not least the man before me probably wishes nothing more than to have someone else handle this poor excuse of an officer, or daughter so he can try and impress a woman who can't even stomach, let alone hope to ever fall in love with him!" Somehow Amelia hoped the words were hard enough for him to have a violent outburst or at least raise his voice against her.

An eyebrow raised, but James largely remained unmoved by the outburst, "You're pretty tweaked if you think for an instant that I'm trying to impress someone, least of all Commodore Ivanova." He shrugged, "But if that's what you think, that's what you think and you have a lot to learn about social relationships, but that's pretty obvious given how you handled Lieutenant Sha'mer." If anything, he tired of the entire situation at hand but knew he had no choice but to handle it one way or another, "I have to report to Commander Dahe'el and the woman who can't stomach me. Not a clue what I'm going to tell them, but I'm sure as hell not going to beg mercy. This is something you need to sort out, Amelia, because that's what adults do and there are consequences for every single choice we make no matter how big or how small."

“You don’t have to ask for mercy on my behalf. Again, what I’ve done is inexcusable and I accept my fate, accept the consequences of my actions.” Amelia answered again, in hindsight she felt stupid for trying to provoke her father, a seasoned officer into a heated and emotional discussion about the Commodore. The young girl looked down thinking again, unsure of how to proceed further. “Tell them the truth dad, I need to learn from my mistakes, even if it means getting chewed up.”

"That's probably the most mature thing I've heard you say." He acknowledged with a small smile that as quick and fleeting, "You're right, you do need to learn from your mistakes. It's the only way you're going to make it in life. Only way any of us make it in life."

Decisions and consequences… Amelia thought to herself letting her head wrap around one of the more simple rules one of logic, that made up a basic part everyone’s lives even his. It did make sense to her and made her chuckle a bit upon realizing it. She began to stand at ease her sweaty hands weren’t sweaty anymore and her heart rate dropped back to normal. “Dad?” Amelia responded with a broken tone in her voice.

Looking back up from the mess of reports on his desk, the likes of which had taken momentary hold of his attention, "Yeah?" He asked, once more looking back towards his adopted daughter. His own tone was lighter, easier - not nearly as pensive or accusatory as it had been.

“It might not sound like much,” Amelia said with sincerity as she looked at the man behind his desk. “I’m sorry dad.” Knowing that the word had almost no meaning but in her mind it was all Amelia could think of as she did more harm to the man behind it then she did the uniform.

James sighed softly, sinking deep into his chair, "I'm not going to say that it's ok, but just know that I'm not going to dwell and harp on it so long as you do what's needed to make it right. That, too, is part of growing up." His hands folded in front of him and he pursed his lips with a slight shake of his head. It wasn't often that he wondered where he went wrong, but he knew that he'd been out of his league while raising the young girl. Rochelle had offered advice, as had his own mother and father, but it was different to be hands on in the role of single father to an adopted child - especially one from a troubled past. He'd done his best, though, and could only hope that it would pay off in the end and she'd figure herself out, square herself away, and fly straight.

“But where do I go from here?” Amelia asked, hoping James could help her.

"You learn from your mistake, stop wallowing, take whatever punishment it brings, and move on." He shrugged gently. There wasn't much more that he could say or do that hadn't already been said and done. Youth was a treacherous thing, no doubt, as it often lead one astray and cast them to a shit storm. A shit storm had indeed occurred and the climb back from it would be long and precarious. He wasn't without his own mistakes, nor would he ever claim such, but he'd also taken his lickings and been better for them. "Just do your job, do it well, and make meaningful connections with people around you. Don't expect everyone to love you in life. It's not a popularity contest. Life's a marathon, not a sprint. You'll be ok."


Commander James Archer
Chief Intelligence Officer

Ensign Amelia DiAngelo
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