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[BACKLOG] JL | Com Ivanova, LtJG Sha'mer - CO, Yeoman | "Time"

Posted on 242005.08 @ 11:12 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer
Edited on on 242005.08 @ 11:13

Mission: Lacuna
Location: USS Vindicator
Timeline: BACKLOG

Ra'lin headed back to the ready room, once again with a pile of PADDs. She wondered who she'd find there, Commander Dahe'el, the Commodore, or just an empty room. It had been a good sign to see Rochelle in the meeting, but Ra'lin still didn't like how she looked. It reminded her of her mom, after she ignored doctor's orders and went on duty while she really shouldn't: too pale, too frail.

Mindful of last time, she touched the chime first instead of walking right in. She was fairly certain the Commander and Commodore wouldn't make the same mistake twice, but it was better to do this all the same.

"Enter." Rochelle called, looking up from the PADD in her hand. It was a congested summary of everything that had happened over the last day and a half, the current mission to free Si'a and Valeese not withstanding. Not a word, or hint, of that was breathed or written anywhere just in case they truly did have a spy dwelling among them. Upon seeing Ra'lin, the redhead couldn't help but smile, "Good seeing you."

"And you." There was a certain glow from the other woman, despite that wan look, which brought Ra'lin up short. She wondered if Commander Dahe'el would have a similar glow over him. If so, good for them! "How do you feel?"

"A little tired, but overall pretty decent, thank you." The redhead nodded, allowing the PADD to shut down. Ra'lin would figure her out long before most people would. Like Almar, she was extremely perceptive and astute and a Rochelle could already see the gears turning in her friend's mind. It was a situation most comical indeed.

"You're looking better. Somewhat." Ra'lin felt herself beginning to blush. She could hardly ask: 'So, have you done it? …Him?' She had the feeling that question was telegraphed on her face, though, and no telepathy on either side was necessary. Still, Ra'lin felt it would be best for everyone if she avoided touching Rochelle right now. The last thing she wanted was to pick up any spillage. The memory of the 'Computer, remove pants' involuntary voyeurism was still all too vivid in her mind. (Though, she had to admit, if she ever found herself in a holodeck with Craig… perhaps…)

Clearing her throat, the redhead drummed her fingers across the desk in front of her, hardly able to ignore the fact that Almar had... Stop. Not now. "Glad to hear it. The vampire look really wasn't for me." She replied, genuinely pleased that she wasn't paper pale with red rimmed eyes any longer. "Craig wasn't happy when I insisted on being back on duty so soon, but I assured him I'd take it easy."

A giggle escaped Ra'lin. "Well, at least you're able to blush again." She looked from Rochelle's face to her tapping fingers to the desk, and felt her own blush deepening. "Really?!" Another word which slipped out of her mouth without any direction from her brain. "I mean, sorry, um…"

"I... Uh... Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ." Heat flooded into Rochelle's uncovered ears, lighting them up as glowing red beacons of guilt and embarrassment. It wouldn't always be like this, she wouldn't always blush crimson when talking about it, about him... Sort of.

Ra'lin squeaked: "No spillage, honestly, I promise!" If someone else had chosen to enter the ready room at that moment, they could well have cried out: "The beacons are lit! Gondor requires aid!"

Burying her face in her hands, the redhead's embarrassment and guilt was palpable. Her ears could have helped guide ships through shoals, burning hot as Ra'lin's excited chirps continued to pile in. "I believe you." She groaned, willing herself to disappear into a puff of smoke or shrink to where she could crawl into a crack or hole somewhere out of sight. Neither was going to happen. She was stuck, and she was found out. "I..." The only way out of this was pulling on her big girl panties and taking ownership of what had transpired. Like it or not, the gig was up - and again it was Ra'ln and Ra'lin wasn't dangerous to their careers or the type that ran her mouth to the world.

Clearing her throat, she peeked through her fingers at her beaming friend and huffed a sigh as she sat up and did her damnedest to appear in control. She'd have succeeded to were it not for her ears still blazing on. "Yes. I slept with Almar." She nodded, biting the inside of her lip. They were adults. They were all adults, and yet Rochelle squirmed.

"Good for you," Ra'lin said with an emphathic nod. She just about refrained from pumping a fist in the air and shouting 'YES!', though there was a part of her that wanted to do just that. "Seriously, I'm happy for you both."

The hands slowly fell away, though an eyebrow raised in sheer morbid curiosity. "I'll bite." Rochelle began, "Why? Like... Why us, what have you foreseen, Obi-Wan?"

"Um." That was a tough one, not because she didn't know that answer (well, sorta), but because it was hard to put into actual words. "I didn't forsee anything, actually… It's just that, you know… Every time you are near each other, outside of duty situations mostly, there's a part of the Commander that, ah, just lights up, and…" she shook her head, searching for the right expression. "And it's… um… it doesn't take away your pain, of course, from your past experiences, but it feels as if it soothes it… And when I saw you two together here, last time, it really fit, but it was like the two of you were in a fog and I wasn't sure you'd actually find each other or not, so…" Ra'lin shrugged. "If this makes any sense."

Closing her eyes, Rochelle nodded in understanding... And acceptance. "There's definitely been a... Fog." She hummed solemnly in response, "There's a lot that has happened over the years, but this isn't the first time that we've visited this idea." While she didn't owe Ra'lin an explanation, it felt good to be able to talk to someone that could be trusted and would understand on a deeper level. She swallowed the knot in her throat and pushed a slipping strand of hair back into place, "He'd always been too caught up in his work, with the ship, couldn't..." Here she paused, her hand rolling on its wrist in a circle as she searched for the right word, "Commit? No that's not quite right. He's one of the most committed men in the damned universe..." She huffed with a smile, "He couldn't articulate what he wanted, what I meant to him and I felt like his love for the Vindicator project had been transferred to me because I was actually animate. I didn't want it to be like that. I wanted more."

The redhead's mouth pursed and her eyes cast down towards her hands for a moment. The memories, like a wave, washed over and drug her under the surface for but a moment before releasing her back to the present. A reminder of distance traveled, at any rate. "Anyway, it was a big misunderstanding that lead to me being with Landon, who there's no doubt that I love and cherish and always will even if things didn't work. The past is the past, though... Seems we both did a lot of growing up."

Ra'lin nodded. "You both got there in the end… And maybe, in some way, the roundabout route was necessary for you two to have found each other."

"Time will tell sure enough." Rochelle responded, tapping her fingers against the desk.

Not much she could say to that. "Then here's to time."


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer
Captain's Yeoman


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