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JL | Ens. Amelia & Lt. Ra'lin |"Water under the bridge."

Posted on 242004.16 @ 11:08 by Ensign Amelia Diangelo & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer
Edited on on 242004.16 @ 11:11

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Deck 6

There she was having slipped into something more comfortable and more revealing of her slim curves, having her hair in a pony tail and was jogging through the long and bendy corridor that ran through the Vindicator’s innards like a blood vessel in a humanoid body. Softly panting with every step she took, still trying to shake off the events that happened in the ready room, she needed to forget everything. Suddenly the young woman stopped dead in her tracks just before she entered a turbolift to move to the next deck, she gasped and her eyes widened as the doors slid open. “R-ra’l... I mean lieutenant Sha'mer!”

Ra'lin looked up, somewhat startled. Lost in thought and with her mental shields as reinforced as possible, she hadn't noticed the other woman until she heard the gasp. "Oh-" She bit back an 'It's you' just in time, substituted it for a rather lame-sounding "Hi," instead.

Amelia stemmed into the turbolift and stood next to her, not too close. She watched the doors started to close and once the lift moved there was an eerie silence in the lift, Amelia had to say something, the lieutenant isn’t going to bite my head off will she.., she hates me… probably. We’re the thoughts in between her ears, she closed her eyes for a moment after having caught her breath then finally spoke with an apologetic tone. “I’m sorry.”

What was she supposed to say to that? Ra'lin fidgeted with her fingers behind her back, tangling them, untangling them. "I don't think it's me you have to apologise to," she said at last.

“I feel like I do.” The young ensign responded softly and looked at Ra’lin, “Even if I was under orders, I should have never been there. I invaded what felt like a personal space, yours and the Commodore's space.” Amelia gazing upon the elven like physionomy, observing every change for a moment, she felt strange in her presence.

Ra'lin released a breath she hadn't even realized she'd been holding until then. "Thank you," she said with a shy little nod. "It's not you who should've known better, it's your Commander. At least, I take it he gave you that order?" If it wasn't for the dire situation which required Commander Archer's wits and expertise, Ra'lin figured the Commodore would be less than pleased with him. If she knew already, that was. It could well be that Commander Dahe'el would wait telling her this until she was better.

Giving a short nod, “Y-yes he did.” Amelia’s voice admitted, turning closer to the other young woman without realizing, smelling her scent, still gazing upon her face remembering the furious woman from a few hours ago, then suddenly stepped back and looked away blushing, shyly wanting to apologize again. What was that? Amelia asked herself staring at the floor.

Ra'lin snorted. "He should've known better. Saddling you with that." Clearly the girl – she really looked more like a girl than like a woman, right now – would go to great lengths to please Commander Archer. Ra'lins opinion of the man, never very high to begin with, dropped another notch. "Water under the bridge. But don't ever let me catch you do something stupid like that again," she said and that anger flared up again, though she doused it quickly enough. "I mean it."

There it was again, that sudden spike of anger. "y-yes... I won't." What the hell was that sudden? Amelia still wondering what just caused her to suddenly step closer to Ra'lin, It gave her goosebumps every time she heard her speak like that. What would have happened if I hadn't stepped back, should I try it again? No... it would be inappropriate. Oh, to hell with it. The young woman tought to herself and turned back getting closer to the lieutenant standing in front of her, the tip of her nose touched hers then finally their lips. "Yes, water under the bridge." Amelia chuckled softly.

What… the… stars?! Ra'lin was so startled that she froze. She didn't like being touched, especially not that way, and that single touch of nose-tip and lips tore through her shields and released a torrent of thoughts and emotions which weren't hers. She was disciplined enough not to lash out immediately in defense/retaliation, but the force of the sudden flood caused her to stumble back against the wall of the turbo lift.

"Don't-ever…" she gasped, slamming her hand against the turbo lift controls to command it to stop at the nearest level. Her face was deadly pale, almost grey, and her dark eyes were blazing. "You have no idea how lucky you've been." And with that, the doors slid open and she ran off. She needed to be alone, as far away from anyone as possible, in order to release the pent-up storm in her mind.

Being pushed aside by the girl who just had stormed off. Amelia didn't know what she had done, shocked the girl stood in the middle of the lift, she reached out with a finger. "Ra'lin... should i?" Amelia whisperer as he wondered about going after the young woman as the doors closed. Amelia was oblivious to what just transpired, sensing that strange anger from Ra'lin again, Goosebumps. Pressing a button the doors slid open again, Amelia had to know and followed the Lieutenant from a distance.

The woman was still following her. Only a cat's whisker away from losing all control, Ra'lin shouted at her: "Go away or I'll blast your mind!" Or did she? Did she shout or not? The woman kept coming. Closer, in this deserted area where few people ever came. In desperation, Ra'lin did something she had never managed to do before and didn't even know she could – she vanished.

She reappeared somewhere else entirely, in one of the storage rooms, far away, and there she finally released the mental blast she had been struggling to contain. No minds nearby to suffer the drastic consequences, though if there were any Betazoids on board or other telepaths, they might end up with a headache like the mother of all migraines.

After that, she curled up into a little ball and was lost to the world for awhile.

She was intrigued by her strong energy, yet worried and confused. "Wait!" Amelia called out still running after Ra'lin, then heard her voice telling her to leave her alone but she didn't speak. "Telepathy?" Amelia whispered under her breath and was distracted for an instant. And within that instant she didn't see Ra'lin anymore.

Where did she go, the young girl asked herself as she stopped dead in her tracks, in the midst of the empty corridor. "Ra'lin, lieutenant! I'm sorry, please come back!!!" Amelia called out, a few moments of silence passed, she looked down at the floor distraught and confused. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and goosebumps.., stronger this time.

Lt. Ra'lin Sha'mer
USS Vindicator

Ens. Amelia Diangelo
Intelligence officer
USS Vindicator


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