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Joint Log | XO & CMO | Cmdr Dahe'el & Dr Macleod | "Bloodied but Bold..."

Posted on 241807.30 @ 17:01 by Commander Almar Dahe'el & Lieutenant Craig MacLeod

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Sickbay

After assuring Rochelle that he would get the damage to his chin checked, Almar had made his way straight to Sickbay, it was better to get things done sooner rather than later and he figured that the redhead would be checking up on his progress via the logs and would never let him live it down if he held himself to different standards than he held her to. Sickbay wasn't particularly busy as the door slid open and the Cardassian stepped in and gave a nod to the nurse who approached, while it had been brushed away slightly there was still a small trickle of blood forming down the right side of his chin from the corner of his mouth.

And as luck would have it, Craig had just finished up with a routine physical and had stepped out in the main bay just in time to catch sight of the battered Cardassian. "Fuckin' hell, what'd ye dae tae yersel'!?" He exclaimed, not taking the time necessary to find gloves before closing the gap between himself and the ship's first officer, "Tak' a pipe tae th' face, mate?" Concerned crossed his face, marring and blurring his facial features with a frown when he gingerly took hold and began to examine the jaw, "Nae broken," He mused, the frown increasing when he felt the mandible click, "Bit tis aff kilter sure as hell tis. C'mon back, we'll get ye righted."

The Cardassian allowed himself to be moved towards a biobed and dutifully took a seat upon it with a slight smile across his face, "Didn't do it to myself, I was training in the holodeck with Commodore Ivanova and she caught me with a crane kick to the bottom of my chin," Almar replied with a slight nod as Craig set about his ministrations, "I'm glad it's not fractured though, that would have been... unfortunate."

"Rochelle did this?" The burly Scot's brows shot up in surprise, but he couldn't quite mask the amusement that colored his expression and demeanor. He'd known the Autumn woman was full of fire and spice, not to be trifled with for certain, but this was a whole new ball of wax. Anyone of her delicate build and refined stature that could land a Cardassian male, especially one of Almar's physique, in a sickbay with a partially dislocated jaw from a kick was downright ballsy and damned lethal. "Remind me nae tae piss th' lassie aff, eh." Craig tutted, his head shaking. The tricorder came out to fully assess the damage, particularly the joints and inflammation of the major muscles. "Bloody rat's arse away from breakin' it, mate. Braw wonder ye'r conscious 'n' talking. Praise yer constitution." Shocked, but not all that surprised, he sighed and stepped away to gather up what he'd need to fix the worst of it, "Ye'll be oan yer ain wi' some light bruising, bit th' ligaments 'n' th' rest I will patch up. Less is mair in mah philosophy. Awfy much 'n' yer body stops workings fer ye 'cause it'll expect tae be saved thro' technology."

"You're not wrong there, Doc," Almar replied with a slight chuckle, "On both counts I'd wager, Rochelle is dangerous when she needs to be, even moreso when she feels threatened. That I've witnessed first hand," the Cardassian replied before pausing for a moment, "Engineering works the same way too, less is certainly more, too much preventative work can weaken the systems and lead to longer repair times overall."

"Threatened her, did ye then?" Craig couldn't help but laugh, "Or was it a Klingon mating ritual?" He grinned, "Her da's bin made kin folk o' chakrang, haes he nae? means she's a bonafide klingon princess, doesn't it? weel done oan th' wedding." The ribbing was made in jest, poking fun at the situation while he healed the poor bastard as best he could and would without compromising him.

Almar stifled a laugh as he nodded, "Threatened, no, but it was certainly an interesting experience, I've never had the opportunity to face her in battle before and its something I hope I never have to do again, at least not without some form of protective padding." the Cardassian replied, "As for Klingons... Rochelle doesn't care for them, while her father is one of them by bond, she doesn't want that for herself."

"Aye, but th' point remains that she is a member o' a Klingon hoose 'n' she's blooded ye." The doctor chuckled good naturedly, pausing only to check that the blood flow had been staunched and to run another scan just to be sure nothing nasty, like a ruptured vein or artery, had been hidden by the swollen tissue the first time. A cheerful chirp told him that his worries were for naught and that meant he was free to continue poking the Cardassian in ways far more fun, "An' I bloody weel dare ye tae tell her as much, mate. See what th' lassie haes tae say aboot that. Micht teach her a lesson aboot walloping ye."

"I think she's beating herself up enough about that as it is," the Cardassian replied with a broad grin and a slight nod, "She never meant for the hit to connect, I think she planned to stop but didn't get it in time," he added before thinking for a moment, "I'm sure she's well aware of the rituals of her father's adopted family, after all, Javaan is a member of that house too, has the weapons to prove it."

"Doesn't mean ye cannae git a chuckle oot o' it fur yer trouble. Ye git lucky 'ere. I dinnae recommend thae sorts o' activities in th' future, ye'r nae immortal 'n' safeties oan or nae, ye kin 'n' wull be hurt." Craig responded with a hefty snort. The tricorder was set down, the procedure over, but it did little to lift the veil of the brawny Scot's amusement with the entire debacle. "Either way, guid luck tae ye. Ye'r free tae go."

"Thank's for patching me up, Doc," Almar replied as he hopped off the bed and started making his way towards the exit, "I'm sure you understand but the Commodore would probably like this to be kept... a little quieter than most things," he added with a slight smile as he turned back to the Doctor.

Craig buffered a small laugh behind a sigh and shake of his head. Of course they'd want to keep their shenanigans under wraps. There were tons of rumors, loads of speculation, but only a chance few knew the truth behind the not so professional relationship between the big Cardassian and the little fire sprite they all devoutly followed. "Ah aye... Ye'r fĂ ilte, Commander, 'n' I will juist keep this under mah bonnet 'n' forget tae tak' notes. Happens tae a' freish doctors, richt?" Rhetorical question, needed no answer. They both knew exactly what he was on about and how it would work out.

(End Log)

Commander Almar Dahe'el
Executive Officer


Lieutenant Craig MacLeod
Chief Medical Officer


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