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Duty Log | Cmdr Dahe'el | XO | "Parting is such sweet sorrow..."

Posted on 241810.12 @ 16:14 by Commander Almar Dahe'el

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Cheydinhall System

=/\= Bridge, USS Vindicator =/\=

Time... it was what she needed right now and Almar was content to give it to her, she'd been able to spend time with her father and aunt, both of whom loved her dearly and knew how they could help her the most. The Cardassian found himself in the captain's chair looking over the final preparations for departure, she'd made him aware of the plans and had asked him to put things in place and await her word.

All around him, the bridge was a hive of activity as the crew worked diligently to bring his child up to full power, they had un-docked from the station and moved to the edge of transporter range as requested, the mighty ship humming with barely contained power as the Quantite Fusion Core was roused from it's slumber, the constant dull throb of power throughout the ship soothed his heart.

As he sat back and scanned over the readiness reports flooding in an officer moved up to his side and leant down with a barely audible whisper, the young man was extremely shy and the counseling staff had thought that being the First Officer's assistant was a suitable role for him while he grew in confidence, "The word is given, she's on board."

Almar clasped his hands in front of him and the smile grew into a grin as he stood from the chair and stretched slightly, "Excellent, parting is such sweet sorrow," he quoted before looking at the station before the viewscreen, "Helm, take us out to the edge of the system, full impulse and set a course for the Stenellian Ascendency," the Cardassian ordered as he took a few steps forward and placed a hand on the chair of the helm officer, the Bolian was a woman he'd only met once or twice but from all reports was doing a fine job and excelled at flight maneouvers.

The moment her hands began dancing across the console, the Vindicator began to slide forward in space gently, the mighty ship banked and set it's tail to Cold Station Theta in the distance, seemingly a tiny station at this distance. The impulse engines fired and the ship began to streak forward towards the edge of the system with purpose, Almar watched with a calm interest as the Bolian began setting up the procedure to take the ship into slipstream, he could feel the actions of the Operations officer bringing the additional cores online and it made him chuckle as his ship responded as it was designed to do.

When he was confident they had reached the outskirts of the Cheydinhall system, Almar found his way back to the captain's chair and sat back down, he thumbed at the control panel and opened a ship-wide comms channel, "All hands, prepare for slipstream travel." he closed the channel and looked back up at the back of the Bolian with another chuckle, "In your own time, Ensign, take us to Apsha."

"All stations report ready, setting a course for Apsha and entering Slipstream." the Bolian replied as she looked over her shoulder and gave the Cardassian a quick smile, "Engaging Slipstream Drive."

The moment she finished the last word and pressed a single finger onto her console, the space visible on the viewscreen seemed to stop for a moment before the stars became nothing but streaks of light against a pitch black background and the Vindicator burst forward into the vast depths and towards the Stenellian Ascendency once more.

(End Log)

Commander Almar Dahe'el
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator - NX78213-F


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