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Backlog - Emperor Maec tr'Verelan - "A cold wind comes" Pt 1

Posted on 241901.16 @ 22:57 by Maec tr'Verelan

Mission: Lacuna
Timeline: 3 Months Ago

“Beware the dark pool at the bottom of our hearts. In its icy, black depths dwell strange and twisted creatures it is best not to disturb.” - Sue Grafton

3 Months Ago…

[SAS Rokhelh]

“Do you think this is wise emperor?” Temurin murmured just under earshot of the other soldiers occupying the Rokhelh’s command room. The imperial aid tugged at his armor, his thin frame pacing slightly ahead of the command throne, while his pale on pale skin freckles seemed to darken ever so slightly “what if the Empress finds out-”

“I may have given you too much leeway. Do you question me now Temurin?” The young aid stopped abruptly at the notion and appeared to curdle inside as his hand gripped towards his chest plate. He seemed wanting to protest but Maec lifted his hand and smiled thinly forcing him silent. Standing up Maec let the turquoise light of the command room’s viewscreen wash over the white on silver armor he wore. His silver chest plate dully glistened and echoed the minuscule flashes of ship instruments as he eyed the young Stenellian in front of him. “You are far too hysterical this morning” the Emperor complained. His words were loud enough to be caught by the other soldiers as a few offered the pair a momentary glance from their stations. “The Empress trusts me explicitly and understands that my motives are only for the Ascendancy.” Are they? He could see that question wash over the young man’s expression. It didn’t matter of course. He was Emperor and his word was as much law as Xue’Daio’s. Whether or not some within the Ascendancy agreed mattered little to Maec. He killed an Empress- he had little hesitation to put others to disruptor or sword.

“I understand Emperor.” Temurin’s small frame dipped an apologetic bow “I did not mean to offend you. My words will be more carefully chosen in the future.”

“I appreciate the candor.” He liked Temurin well enough. The boy was intelligent and resourceful but far too feeble to be of war stock. However, he had served Maec well as an Emperor’s aid. “But others are less discerning. It would be healthy to remember that.” Perhaps he was too kind to him? He studied the boy for a moment at the thought but was interrupted by the thin wail of an alarm across the command room.

“Romulan Warbird decloaking.” A soldier steadily announced. The viewer shifted away from a ship status readout to the image of stars wobbling before them. A winged emerald serpent slowly formed on the screen. Maec instantly recognized the D’Hatham class heavy cruiser. Its design was a bit different from previous Romulan ships. Its graceful wings adorned a long neck and beak, and some had suggested it resembled a Klingon vessel more so than Romulan. Yet none could debate its lethality. “We are being hailed.”

“On viewer.”

The ship disappeared from the screen and was replaced by the dim emerald glow of a Romulan bridge. Centering the screen was a sharp-jawed and gaunt Romulan captain. “This is Riov tr’Narek of the Imperial Warbird Ourai’Vnu. I have been dispatched by EnRiov tr’Val-Bheas to personally escort the Emperor to Romulus.” Cold. Emotionless. Perhaps calculating? He could see the momentary twitches from the Romulan’s frigid sunken eyes that Maec knew meant a whirl of thoughts was flooding through the man’s head. Here he was before a foreign Emperor who bore the name of the Senate speaker and the sigil of the Chief Praetor’s clan, adversary to his own. Did he know the true reason about why he was here? Likely not. Maec eyed the commander for a quiet minute.

“I am Emperor Maec i-Ahaefvthe tr’Verelan of the Stenellian Ascendancy.” He finally broke his silence and smiled at the Rihannsu across the screen from him “I am sure you have been informed of the necessary preparations by your master?”

“Master?” Narek directed a brief sneer towards the Emperor before catching himself and calming his expression “I am simply following my orders.”

Prideful. Maec made a note. Such weaknesses always came in handy. “I will beam over shortly.” He stated and started towards the opposite end of the command room towards the primary lift. Behind him, he could hear Temurin’s hurried boot steps attempting to catch up.

“Emperor! Emperor!” Maec ignored the exasperated shouting of his aid as he stepped into the lift. The young Stenellian rushed in next to him. “Emperor. I mean no disrespect, but you did not tell us you would be going alone! I insist that you take a security retinue with you! Perhaps even just Valis-”

The doors shut with a light hiss and Maec turned his attention to Temurin “I will take no one. I wish to blend in. Now, how will I blend in if I take an army of pale skin guards? My people do not like foreigners. My people do not like lesser species. I do not mean insult” he added seeing a vexed expression creep onto Temurin’s face “but my people are not welcoming of others. You are the other.” He finished just as the doors opened revealing the cramped teleporter room. Stepping out of the lift Maec hastily walked passed the technician manning the teleporter controls and onto the pad.

Flustered, Temurin followed him but smartly stopped shy of the teleporter pad “do you trust them my lord?”

With a nod at the technician, Maec felt his body begin to flutter as long tendrils of light started swirling around him. “They are my people.” He said and gave Temurin a parting smirk “so of course not.” He barely registered the aid’s eyes widening and mouth opening as he dematerialized.

To be continued…

Maec i-Ahaefvthe tr’Verelan
Stenellian Ascendancy


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