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JDL | "On the Hunt" | CO, XO, CSec, NPCs | Cmdrs Neyes & Ivanova, LtCmdr Williams

Posted on 241307.17 @ 03:24 by Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Deck Four
Timeline: Immediately prior to the hangar deck breach

=/\= Deck Four, Corridor =/\=

Commander Williams led a fire team up a remote corridor on deck 4. Remote simply because at this time there was no traffic in that section. so far his teams had not found either, for lack of a better term; intruder. "Davis, report." Hayden called out. "Nothing yet sir. however sensors did indicate someone attempting to access a computer panel in this section." Hayden shook his head and thumbed the grip of his phaser as he lead the team toward a bend in the corridor. "There, sounds like a door just closing. " he said quietly to his team. They lined up on either side of the doors to the transporter room. The Security Chief non verbally motioned to his men to stay where they were. as he pulled out his tricorder and attempted to scan the room beyond.

"Commander Ivanova to Williams." The blustery redhead let her fingers slip from the contours of her badge only after the last note of her voice fell from the stagnant air. The bridge was relatively quiet as she perched in her chair, watching the ship's sensors and systems run through report after report. It was a tedious and lonely task, one that left her wondering if the action point had been located.

Williams who had already finished a scan of the room, replaced the tricorder i it's holster. He stopped himself before he finished entering his security override into the control panel next to the door. "Williams here Commander." He replied in a hushed tone.

Boredly, Ivanova blinked at the hushed tones coming from the ship's Security agent, "Status update." She replied, again allowing her hand to idly drift back to the console in front of her.

"My team has located the one we thought was the president." The Security chief replied. "It appears he has locked himself in the transporter room. Probably trying to override the lock outs."

One of the security officer's tricorders lit up with a series of alerting trills. "I'm detecting a transport in progress!"

"Damn!" Hayden said. as he moved to the LCARS panel on the wall. "Computer Override door lock, Security Override Williams-Beta-4-theta!"

"Too late, he beamed out. If we can track the signal inside we can find out where." An officer hollered as his tricorder lit up.
No sooner than the last statement was made the computer released the door locks. and Hayden with his team fanned out to secure the transporter room. "Someone get me those coordinates!" Hayden snapped. "Williams to bridge, Sir We need to lock down all transporter rooms. I had them sealed when the intruder alert was sounded, but one of our suspects just beamed to an unknown location. I recommend we isolate the transporters from the power grid. we cannot allow someone to be able to use them again by overriding the security lock outs."

"We'll take care of locking out the transporters," Landon nodded to an Ensign to do just that. He gave Ivanova a look as well, as he realized they weren't keeping up. This operative was just moments ahead of them at every step. The man was clearly Starfleet, he knew their systems through and through, with no hesitation as he humbled their security and defense procedures.

"Can you find out where he beamed to?" Neyes asked.

"It looks like Shuttle bay one." Hayden replied Being fooled is one thing, but being shown up as though his own security systems were like nothing at all was simply insulting. He nodded to his team silently and his team leader issued orders to the nearest security team to the shuttle bay.

"I think we captured the wrong one." Neyes said, feigning humor to Ivanova and referring to the young woman currently in Sickbay. Now it seemed the man who they should have trusted most with their mission was doing everything he could to get off the Vindicator, while the woman they thought was a saboteur turned out to be something else entirely.

Landon leaned back in the command seat, the weight of his three solid pips beginning to nip at him. The prospect of being made the fool by his own government was quickly becoming a possibility. "Send a team, Commander. I want that man in the brig."

"Already ahead of you sir."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Commander Landon Neyes
Commanding Officer

Commander Rochelle Ivanova
Executive Officer

Lt.Commander Hayden Williams
Chief Of Security / Tactical


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