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Personal Log | Ens A.C.D. Diangelo | "Dear diary...."

Posted on 242001.26 @ 19:21 by Ensign Amelia Diangelo

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Diangelo's quarters


On the couch in a certain Ensign’s quarters, there was a young woman laying over the length of it, holding a small padd in her hands, a diary if you will. She had been staring at it for a few minutes after having pressed the record button. But to her, to the young woman it seemed she had been staring at the device for hours even though her mission had been but a simple task given to her by the ship’s counselor; Make a recording in where you explain the dream you had the previous night. In Amelia’s opinion what the counselor said was easier said then done.

So far the young woman had another dreamless night, she had slept fine just couldn’t remember if she had a dream or not. Unlike the night before where she did dream, however it was the one in which she was fighting with herself again. The one in which she didn’t know what it meant. Amelia began to stare past the padd and onto the ceiling as she tried her best to remember, why was it so difficult for her to remember something that had only transpired a few hours ago. It was ridiculous.

And yet things looked as if they were going the right way, the other day for example where she even proved to be helpful to Lieutenant Commander Smith to collect the data he needed from some snobby alien governor…, granted it wasn’t something huge but it was enough of an accomplishment since her incident to make her feel better about being an actual Intelligence officer.

For the moment as she thought about it, a slight smile appeared on her expression and just as fast as it appeared the smile and accompanied good feeling vanished like snow before the sun and the girl let out a long deep sigh and placed the padd on the coffee table next to her. Amelia placed both hands behind her head and started to think hoping it would spark something. A conversation, a thought, anything that would help her or someone that had all the answers.



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