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Backlog - Emperor Maec tr'Verelan - "A cold wind comes" Pt 2

Posted on 242002.04 @ 04:46 by Maec t'Verelan

Mission: Lacuna
Timeline: 3 Months Ago

“Beware the dark pool at the bottom of our hearts. In its icy, black depths dwell strange and twisted creatures it is best not to disturb.” - Sue Grafton

3 Months Ago…

[IRW Ourai’Vnu]

The teleporter room of the Romulan ship was at least three times the size of own escort. As Maec materialized in a spiraling emerald glow he found the Romulan commander standing directly in front of him. As requested, the commander was alone, his plated chainmail uniform reflecting the emerald flashes of the transporter lights. “Welcome aboard the Ourai’Vnu” he stated plainly and lifted his hands which held several folded garments neatly stacked “the uniform as you requested emperor.”

Maec simply nodded his head and held out his palms allowing the commander to place the clothing onto them. “You have followed the protocol as I have requested?” He asked the commander as he carefully examined the folded garments now in his possession. One thing he required was absolute discretion. It would not do if prying eyes let slip that he had returned to the Empire. Senior commanders such as the bridge crew were less of a concern- by now they had learned the art of selective discretion but lower officers seeking advancement could easily find his presence too opportune.

“The entire deck has been evacuated of personnel.” The Commander noted dryly. “Your room has been prepared as you have requested, and you should not be disturbed during the trip to Romulus.”

“Good.” Maec stepped off the teleporter pad and followed tr’Narek into the broad empty corridor adjacent to the teleporter room. To his credit the Commander was right- what would normally be a bustling corridor was now barren of personnel, empty and silent save for the sound of the pair’s footsteps as they made their way down the spartan hall.

“I am curious.” Tr’Narek spoke up after several long silent minutes that Maec was finding somewhat refreshing “if you are a state guest- why so much subterfuge? Certainly, you would find a more proper escort…” His voice trailed off for a second “comfortable?” The derision laced in that word was not as hidden as the Riov may have intended with his pause.

“I don’t need comfort,” Maec replied, his tone more authoritative then it has been previously. He did not find being mocked quite so accommodating “I require discretion.” He stopped suddenly causing the Riov to do the same and spin around to face him again after striding past a few steps. The sudden movements seemed to catch him off-guard “perhaps you are not used to guests tr’Narek but where I am from it is inconceivable for one to deride one's guest. In any case, vah-udt*?”

Tr’Narek’s corpselike non-expression seemed to briefly sneer and Maec found comfort in the Riov’s lack of composure at the moment. “I did not intend to insult,” Tr’Narek said finally, striking a more defensive tone that Maec found a bit insincere. “I was merely inquiring.”

“Well, inquire less.” The Emperor stated tersely and started walking again. The silence returned as the pair continued their trip down the barren corridor. As they walked, Maec thought about his father, wondering what he would think if he found out his son has returned to the Empire. Then there was his aunt, the Praetor, what would she think? Better yet, what would they do? Some considered him a traitor- he had at least tried to keep tabs on events in the Empire involving his family. He knew the news of his marriage was kept out of Romulan state media. Very little details of his adventures had become public. It was certain that his family made sure his disgrace was not detailed. But even in the secretive state rumors often swirled. He had little doubt that his betrayal of Romulus and betrothal to some vaehkh^ princess in a far-flung Empire caused a stir behind the scenes. How would they react if they knew he was here? He wasn’t sure and that uncertainty is why he required discretion. None of it he would divulge to such a minor player as this Riov however.

After about five minutes the Riov stopped and gestured to a large emerald archway “your room is just beyond this door. I hope you find it to your liking.”

“If I do not, you will be sure to hear of it.” The doors opened and a long pillar of dull light cut through the darkness with Maec’s silhouette centering it. It was large. Much larger then any crew room would be. A long rectangular window that stretched from ceiling to floor centered it. Beyond the glass, the stars cascaded by as long tendrils of light. He slowly stepped inside. When the doors closed behind him the only light remaining was from those cascading stars. Standing quietly the Emperor allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness before slowly making his way across the room. He set the garments down on a small side table and entered the bathroom. Manually raising the lighting by thirty percent, he gazed at his reflection in the large oval-shaped mirror. He reached up to his head and gently ran his hands through the long strands of his silky obsidian hair. As he pulled a chunk of his hair forward his gaze fell towards the sink where a simple razor rested on its edges. He had to admit- as annoying as he found Narek the Riov’s attention to detail was impeccable. He grabbed the razor and with one simple movement, a giant lock of his hair fell away.

If he was returning to Romulus, he should look the part, at least for the moment.

[To be continued…]

*Vah-udt – A colloquial and assertive Romulan phrase that carries the meaning of “who are you? (to be asking or doing this?). Literally translates to “what rank?”

^Vaehkh – A Romulan term that translates to “neighbor” though it is more often used derogatorily to refer to a stranger, primarily aliens.

Maec i-Ahaefvthe tr’Verelan
Stenellian Ascendancy


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