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Waking up

Posted on 242002.11 @ 04:48 by Ensign Amelia Diangelo
Edited on on 242002.11 @ 05:05

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Diangelo's Quarters


“The time is 05:30 hours, Ensign Diangelo, please wake up.” The monotone voice of the computer called out as it greeted the young sleeping Ensign. A moment later a slim figure wrapped in bed covering rolled herself onto her back and let out a groggy sigh.
“Lights, minimal illumination..,” She ordered and blinked with her eyes a few times to let herself adjust to the lighting setting as she looked at the ceiling. Amelia always thought that even at the default setting the minimal light level was still too bright for her personal preferences.  Nonetheless it was time to get up and start another day, even if the young woman wished she could roll over one more time. Effortlessly sliding out of bed and walking towards the small coffee table and looked at the empty place next to a clean ashtray, she made a promise but was still craving it and found it hard to say no.

However it got easier with every morning. Amelia didnt give it a second thought and walked to the bath room where she gazed upon the mess of a hair due in the squared mirror above a sink. Amelia bent forward and with some cold water rubbed her face in an attempt to wakeup even further, but something didn't feel right. She stopped washing her face as she thought she heard something. There... A whisper, a chuckle? It couldn't be, Amelia was alone in that room. Or was she? Raising up from the sink with the water drops still running down her face she again looked in the mirror and saw herself, smirking devilishly while holding a cigarette, except Amelia didnt feel like she was smirking nor was she holding a cigarette and had to blink to make sure that her eyes weren't deceiving her. The image was gone. The girl was still tired, she dried her face and combed her hair, brushed her teeth and changed into a training sweatsuit.
And in a brief moment as she was tying her shoe laces she gave the image she had just seen a second thought and wondered what it meant. Amelia shook her head, reaching and putting on her wrist watch and her headphones around her neck while walking to the the exit to go for a quick run around the ship before having to report for her shift. As she ran through the corridors of the ship, the young woman kept to herself and avoided the officers and people she knew, her headphones were a great tool to avoid any social interaction and made her imagination run wild to the beat of the music.



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