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Personal Log | Ens A.C.D. Diangelo | "The runaway."

Posted on 242002.27 @ 05:09 by Ensign Amelia Diangelo

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Ens. A.C.D Diangelo's quarters


Behind the wheel of an old car sat a young woman who had been driving through the majority of the night on this long stretch on unlit freeway that headed out of the small town she lived in, the woman didn't know for how long she had been in the car. four maybe six hours since she had taken one of the cars from home.

The young woman had simply waited and when she got the chance, packed whatever she could carry and withdrew all the money she had on her bank account and just ran.

Then as she drove on the rightside of the freeway and looked in her rear view mirror the girl saw the stuff that she took with her from the house. And in the distance, red and blue flashing and could hear the accompanying siren faintly. Her hands tightened their grip on the steering wheel as she tightened up. Did her parents file a missing person's report or report the car stolen already? No they really didn't care in both cases. Was she speeding? not according to her speedometer which was holding steady at the maximum speed limit. However she did feel the sudden urge to push her foot further down on the gaspedal as the patrol car got closer to her. Instead she took a deep breath and assured herself that they weren't looking for her and slightly let go of the gas while she moved over to the utmost right side of the lane she was driving in without going onto the emergency lane in order to give the patrol car more space to pass by or if she was going to be pulled over would be ready for it. However if they were coming for her she had no intention of going back there, never.

The flashing lights got closer, the looked forward then in the rearview mirror again. Through the flashes of light a figure sitting on the backseat, it spooked her to look more closely. There was noone there, feeling her heartbeat race, the lights were almost behind her and then...

Amelia shot up from her bed, panting, sweating and looking around her. With a deep sigh she realized where she was and rubbed her face. "I should stop watching movies before going to bed." The young girl muttered and let herself fall back onto her pillow.



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