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Meet & Greeting with Engineering Report

Posted on 242006.11 @ 00:06 by Lieutenant Commander Ka’lek/Mark Barnes & Commodore Rochelle Ivanova

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Engineering/Captain’s Ready Room

Ka’lek/Mark stands in front of the main control panel in engineering with the engineering report in his hand. With his right index finger he strolls down the pad, checking each item on the list, he looks around main engineering, everyone is hard at work doing their dailies in engineering. Mark pauses ... Computer //= make a note in my personal log =//

I am on my way to meet the call Mador Commodore for the first time, with things busy so busy in engineering and the Commadore’s schedule it has been difficult to request an audience with her. The Comadore is an interesting one, I have read her records, even the classified ones that section 31 has on her. I deem her a fit Captain for this ship. Let us see how well we gel together, Mark bows his head down then look back up... Ka’lek speaks in a deep unison voice, “We know she has ties to Atlantic, we must find out what she know, could she be the key.” Ka’lek looks down and then looks up again, Mark returns. ... Computer //= end log mark it classified in Tok’ra =//

Ka’lek/Mark looks around the engine room again, and picks up the engineering report pad and heads to the turbo lift , as he walks to the tubolift he watches and looks at the crew, he especially pays attention to the females. It seems that the females are smiling at his as he walks, the men seem not to be offended that he is collecting the attention from them, he just continues till he reaches to the tubofit. Once inside the turbo lift he commands to the computer, “Bridge”.

The door opens and there it is, Ka’lek/Mark’s first time on the bridge, even though there is an engineer in station for him on the bridge, he has been so busy with main engineering that he hasn’t had a chance to get to the bridge. It is an impressive site, but he stays fast to the Commadore’s Ready Room. He rings the door chime and waits to be acknowledged.

Reports, plans, PADDs filled with hundreds upon thousands of bytes of analysis on every and anything lurking within space around them swarmed and sat poised on the otherwise imposing desk of just such a Commodore. Setting a croissant down lightly on a napkin, Rochelle whisked crumbs away from her fingertips and cast a wary glance in the direction of the singing door chime. The idea of company while she was throat deep in work wasn't exactly her idea of a fun time, but... alas... It was part of the job description. "Enter," she signed, the PADD in front of her flickering to sleep at her behest.

Ka’lek/Mark enters with the engineering report in his left hand, Ka’lek response as he stands in front of her desk, Mark lowers his head for a second and the raises it again, “ The engineering report as per request Commodore” Ka’lek says in his unison Tok’ra voice. “I am proud to say that I have the engines at 25% over normal parameters specifications, and all systems report normal.” He adds.

"That's fantastic news," Rochelle offered him a small smile, "I'm sure Commander Dahe'el will be impressed. He has a rather unique relationship with the ship." She nodded, gesturing towards one of the plaques on the bulkhead off over her left shoulder. The one in question spoke of the team that had both designed and built the vessel, the Cardassian's name chief among them. "Do you always bring gifts and offerings to the table when officially meeting your commanding officers?" Very few had ever tried to curry her affections and trust with news of their work and skills... It was disarming to say the least, cutting away the usual stuffiness that came of most first meetings between CO and crew.

Ka’lek/Mark lowers his head and raises it again, Mark speaks, As you know Captain, Ka’lek and I are 2 sentient beings inside one body, which gives us the ability to work twice as fast and efficiency than most crewmen. Ka’lek wants you to know, we are devoted to make sure this ship is at peak performance, and personally ma’am, I have looked over your service record and I am impressed. Sooo yess my good Captain I always try to bring an apple for the teacher so to speak," Mark smiles as he answers.

"I'm relatively familiar, not unlike the Trill and their symbionts." At least that was one thing she could be certain of. In the passing years the was little doubt that she'd become a bit of an expert when it came to the race and all of its fanfare. Ka'lek's race, however, was not without its differences where they counted most. Their flare for flattery for those not of their own people standing. Trill were closed minded like that, reserving their lives for experiences best suited for their symbiote and the future carriers of it, "My record isn't the one you should be worried about, Commander, I've made my career choices." Indeed she had, there were plenty of blemishes to sit high alongside the pretty accolades for sure, "It's yours you should be thinking of.

"Respectfully Ma’am we didn’t mean to offend you, We just know that we respect what you have accomplished. As you are aware my record has been shipshape Captain. You have our word as a Tok’ra and human that we will perform to nothing but the utmost best of our abilities Ma’am", Mark answered, looking straight ahead at attention.

The redhead nodded, "I truly expect nothing less of you. The Vindicator has a rather intriguing pedigree, Commander, we all have our unique talents and were procured because of them." Rochelle's fingers folded together over the cool slab of stone beneath them, "Keep up your end of the bargain by doing what you do best, and you'll no doubt succeed here and retain that shipshape record. It's a rather easy arrangement, I'm sure you'll agree."

Ka’lek thinks with Mark (there is something alluring about a woman in command, especially a redhead) Mark lowers his to let Ka’lek speak, “I will agree with you Commodore Ivanova, and you have a deal, Ka’lek reply in a unison voice. “If there is nothing else Commodore, permission to return to the engineering station on the bridge, as I have not yet had time to look over the station yet Ma’am.”

"By all means." The Commodore's hands came apart, allowing her to gesture towards the door with a smile, "You may want to report to Commander Dahe'el when you're satisfied. I'm pretty certain he'll want to hear your thoughts about his handiwork. Until then? Enjoy." She nodded politely. Engineers were strange creatures to begin with, often times well entranced by their gadgets and gizmos. If anything, the Tok'ra would prove beneficial, allowing Almar's mind to fixate places other than every strange hum or buzz that may come along. At least she could hope as much... For now.

Ka’lek/Mark nods with smile, Ma’am enjoy your evening. He turn and head to the bridge, with a smile on his face like he just made first contact with a interesting race of attractive redhead beings. But keeping his head on the mission at hand getting to know this ship and crew, and gaining their trust.


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