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JL | Com Ivanova, Capt Ch'Valenvok - "New, Old, and Red All Over""

Posted on 242009.22 @ 21:05 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Captain Kaleb Ch'Valenvok M.D.

Mission: Lacuna
Location: Cold Station Theta

Kaleb felt odd walking around on the station that had once been his home. It seemed like a lifetime ago now, however the reality was it had only been four years. A lot had happened to him in those three years though. He had recuperated here after the catastrophic destruction of the Vindicator and watched her rise from the ashes like a phoenix from the stations shipyard. He had taken a position as a staff doctor aboard this very station after that moving out of science, where he had served on the Discovery Class Vindicator E. After that he had delivered his old captain's baby aboard the station and somehow found himself roped into another tour of duty aboard the newly commissioned Vindicator Class battle cruiser. When that roller coaster came to a halt three years later, after his tour ended, he had departed with a new rank and taken up a research position on Hestus III. He had been promoted from Lieutenant Commander to full commander just last year and now having come straight from the office of the Commander in Chief of Starfleet he wore his fourth pip along with a hefty new title across his broad shoulders, Surgeon General of Starfleet. What a long strange trip it's been. Kaleb thought to himself as he walked through the passage way.

It had been on a whim really, his decision to start his fleet tour at Cold Station Theta on the edge of Federation space. While in route aboard the USS Mercy, Kaleb had heard the Vindicator would be arriving for minor upgrades, repairs and some much needed rest and relaxation, his heart had leapt for joy. He had spent this morning going through the many medical departments and meeting the chiefs of staff for each as well as the station's new commander. He missed Captain DiAgessi and Commander Satie, both having moved on to bigger and better things. He had hoped to run into Aine while visiting with the CinC but had just missed her while at Starfleet headquarters. Kaleb continued his musing as he stepped onboard the lift heading for the Arboretum where he hoped to see some of the wild life that had been brought into technological marvel of holographic emitters and biological components from across the Federation.

An hour later, Kaleb was walking through the tall grass waving in the gentle breeze when a feeling of familiarity washed over him. His perceptions had always been heightened but after a few shared experiences with a certain telepathic yeoman a few years back, he could stand toe to toe with any Betazoid he had ever met. There were a few people that he shared a connection so deep with he could almost hear their thoughts. One of those people was close and when Kaleb looked up from his study of the grasshopper like insect, that had occupied the better part of his last twenty minutes, she approached from the grass, red hair flying around her shoulders and a smile on her face.

The arboretum had become Rochelle's refuge. The forest afforded her a sense of solitude like no other with the added benefit of catching a glimpse of the rare deer that Fleet Admiral Red had turned loose within its depths. Like unicorns, they eluded most everyone with only a chance few mentioning that they'd manage to spy the animals - but only ever in peripheral or for split seconds before they disappeared back within the shadows and the ferns. So many people had started saying that it was merely rumor and a snipe hunt, that they didn't truly exist on the station... That remained to be seen. For now, Rochelle had no reason to doubt the existence of the beasts - she'd seen far stranger and more elusive during her career and likely would see things that would place deer at the very bottom of her rarities list indeed as said career progressed.

Like random Adorian doctors wandering through tree filled arboretums while she herself was making her way back to the exit off in search of breakfast.

Knee high grass hadn't quite given way to the stone garden paths of the veranda and the tips of seed heads whispered past her jean clad legs likely making her appear shorter than she already was - but these things were far from her mind and hardly a concern - at least where he was considered. Ch'Valenvok wasn't necessarily a surprise, but someone she'd never quite envisioned herself seeing again given the nature of their positions. "Fancy seeing you on Theta," she greeted, halting her forward progression.

"Commodore," Kaleb said excitedly as a smile blossomed across his face. "It's been too long. How are you? How are Captain Neyes and Javaan? Ah, listen to me babbling just like I was a fresh lieutenant again." Kaleb blushed dark blue. Commodore Ivanova had always had and unsettling effect on the Andorian. Not that she unsettled him in a negative way but it still surprised him that she had any effect on him after so long.

Kaleb tugged at the hem of his tunic and took a breath. "Let's start again. How are you, Commodore?"

The Commodore's head canted to one side, listening to the Andorian babble away until he caught himself, found his center, and tried once more to communicate. All the while, the woman's eyebrows continued to creep steadily higher in a mixture of amusement and something she couldn't quite put her finger on, "I'm alright, you?" Rochelle asked, brushing an errant strand of hair back behind her ear. It was a lost cause. Without a hair tie to tame it, her locks were easily caught by the artificial breeze that plagued the prairie environment.

"Well... um, I'm doing well." Kaleb was in civilian attire at the moment and was unsure if his former Captain had kept up on his career since his departure from the Vindicator. Kaleb found his stride saying, "I'm here for routine inspections, really. This station is much more state of the art than many closer to the Federation's core. Commander Merlin has done an admirable job and his medical staff are all performing above standards." Kaleb's blush faded away as he spoke. "I was hoping to catch up with a particular group of old friends while I was out here. I'm glad you are the first on that list I've run into. It seems several old friends have departed for greener pastures. I hear that Aine DiAgessi has become an aid to the Commander in Chief. Do you have any idea what happened to Commander Satie?"

"DiAgessi is doing well for herself, last I heard she's happy to be back closer to Earth. As for Satie... No idea, honestly." She shrugged in response, "I really don't listen to gossip or pay much attention to those things. Only reason I know about DiAgessi is because of family ties." The last person to listen to scuttlebutt would have been Rochelle Ivanova; Queen of conjecture and rumor. Her entire life was picked at and stories told, most of them complete falsehoods and the truth was never to be seen - and she simply couldn't have cared enough to add fuel to that particular fire. "Cold Station Theta has a habit of chewing people up and spitting people out. We'll see how Merlin and Stacker fare, they're already dealing with their first major riot."

"Yes. the medical deck was rather busy this morning. I treated a few Nausicaans for minor contusions and a broken nose or two while I was up there. I don't get to play doctor much anymore. It was a welcome distraction, as odd as it sounds to say that out loud. Most of my days are paperwork and meetings. Enough about me. Tell me how Captain Neyes and Javaan are doing. Javann must be what, five now right?" Kaleb had delivered the half Trill half Human child during a rather stressful time and had developed an almost doting relationship in the year that followed. He always ensured he was the on call doctor when Rochelle had scheduled the boy's checkups. Of course, that was partially because he had to hound the woman to get her to attend any medical exam, hers or the boy's. There had also been some less pleasant memories during that time and even though Kaleb hadn't spent more than a few minutes with the Commodore, he could sense there was a storm building below the surface involving some of those more personal memories.

The idea of dealing with Nausicaans in any capacity, let alone medically after a fight where one of their own had been killed, wasn't exactly Rochelle's idea of a fun time. The race was aggressive, hot headed, and altogether unpredictable to a point where they often made the Klingons appear to be rather tame and civilized. Even talking about them wasn't something she was willing to delve into - even if the alternative was talking about Landon. "Vaan is quite well, just started schooling and seems to be enjoying himself, then again what's not to like about Kindergarten?" She chuckled lightly. Life was far simpler for Kindergartners - crayon drawings, shape identification, learning to tell time and handle your emotions, far far simpler than wading through the complexities that came with adulthood and command, "Captain Neyes has retired. Last I heard he was on Earth... San Francisco I believe."

Kaleb raised his eyebrows at the way she spoke of her long time love and husband. Something didn't feel right about the tone and the emotion that rolled in choppy waves of hot and cold off of the... passionate red head. "You know you still transmit your feelings like holovids, right? I know you don't like to talk about the things that bother you. I know we are just old shipmates catching up after four years of very different experiences but..." Kaleb slowed his roll as a wave of stubborn anger felt as though it was physically burning his antenna off. "This comes from a place of genuine concern, Commodore. I just mean to say if you need to talk to someone, I'm here for you."

Kaleb possessed a number of his old commanders memories due to an unexpected side effect of a shared experience with the ships Yeoman, Ra'lin Sha'mer. She had awoken the latent potential of the Andorian and surprisingly that of the Commodore as well. In the process, due to the stress of the situation, they had been drawn into Sha'mer's mindscape where all three's souls were laid bare. Kaleb shuttered at the memory as he tried to exude confidence through the special link they shared.

"I'm sure." She nodded in initial response, "But I'm good. Not exactly a situation that needs any additional outside poking or prodding." The smile she offered was polite, concise, a reminder that she was a private sort of soul that simply didn't play the game of 'show and tell' easily - or ever - regardless of the content or topic to be shared or shown. Landon was an integral and intrinsic part of her that she wasn't willing to unveil. The issues they shared were theirs alone and with the rare exception of Tristan, and rarer yet; Andrea, those issues were kept beneath their own collars so as to not muddy the turbulent waters of their relationship any further. Kaleb, unlike most, meant well. He had no ulterior motive and offered no threat of running to gossip - and that had afforded him the gentle answer. "What's meant to be will be. You can rest assured."

Nodding, Kaleb let his easy smile return. "Just remember if you need a shoulder..." He let the sentiment hang and shrugged his shoulders. "I would like to hitch a ride on Vindicator when she pulls out of Theta?" It wasn't as much a request as he made it sound, but he still looked at Rochelle Ivanova as his commanding officer. She had certainly been the one that had meant the most to him over the course of his career. "It would be nice to look her over again and to meet your new Stenellian physician. I'm sure there is a lot to be learned from the medical practices of Apsha. Their methodology for diagnostic medicine has fascinated me since my first trip there."

"I'm not particularly sure where we're headed, but if it's in a direction favorable," The Commodore shrugged, "By all means, hitch a ride and speak with him. I've met him exactly once and he seems to be a decent fellow. Not sure how he'd react to being watched, but I suppose we'll find out now won't we?"

"I suppose we will." Kaleb agreed with the Commodore. "As far as where you are going, that doesn't really matter for now, I'm on an inspection tour. I have a few reports to write and an address to make at Starfleet Medical in three months but if your mission runs long I'll send for a connecting flight. As far as research goes, I can think of no better place than Vindicator to work on a few projects. As I recall she is extremely well equipped for it. If nothing else, it will be good to spend some time with old friends and make some new ones." As he finished his sentence, Kaleb's stomach gave a loud and persistent grumble of hunger. He placed his hand over the noisy organ and blushed a little blue. "Seems like ages since breakfast, would you care to join me for a quick lunch, Commodore? I hear this station has a number of authentic restaurants on the promenade."

"Then we'll hope that we aren't sent out far enough to where you can't just catch the nearest passing freighter." Rochelle meant the words as a joke, but there was that little level of truth ringing clarion that couldn't quite be ignored. Such was the fate and way of the star ship Vindicator - designed for deep space exploration, a war ship, docked in the lawless black so far from Earth, Sol, and everything the Federation considered safe. She offered a small smile and rocked back on her heels, "As far as lunch..." Her voice trailed off, "It will have to wait. The Promenade is a crime scene at the moment. No one in or out until Station command gives us the all clear."

Kaleb's eyes fell and he looked crest fallen. "Damn, and here I was hoping to try something not replicated for a change. Commodore, I am going to head back up to my quarters for a bite then. I will catch up with again before we depart I'm sure."

No sooner did the words escape his lips then a chime sounded and a computerized female voice said, "Captain Ch'Valenvok, report to Medical bay seven."

"Alas, it seems I can't even eat a replicated meal today, Commodore. Duty Calls." Kaleb let his antenna droop a little. "I'll see you soon, I hope." With that the Andorian turned on his heals and headed toward the lift.


Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Commanding Officer

Captain Kaleb Ch'Valenvok
Surgeon General


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