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Hide and Seek

Posted on 242001.08 @ 20:43 by Lieutenant Alex Brown

Mission: Lacuna


=/\= Somewhere in the Beta Quadrant =/\=

Alex lifted the hood of his tunic over his head which began casting a substantial shadow on his face. He stepped out of a doorway and onto the street, moving briskly. He periodically glanced sideways in store windows to see if he was being followed.

After a few blocks, Alex ducked down an alley and concealed himself behind a large clay shed like structure. He quickly pulled his tricorder out and started scanning. "Damn, still too much interference." He stood and kept moving down the alley until he reached another street, turning left on to the street he slowed his pace, trying to blend in with the crowd. It was important to stay hidden. In this pre-warp civilization having his hood taken off would be a dead give away he wasn't an inhabitant of this society. Their 3 lobed ears a unique feature.

"Stop," a voice commanded from behind him.

Alex bristled a little bit as his pace quickened and fist clenched the data drive he was carrying a little tighter. He quietly ducked into a shop to his right.

As moved towards the back of the store passing racks filled with dark red, brown and dark grey clothing. Alex slipped into a small area with a curtain and drew his tricorder again, tapping it a few times.

Just as he returned his tricorder to its hiding spot the curtain flew back. A long metallic, cylindrical object rose towards his chest. Before anything could be said the sensation of the site to site transporter whisked him away.

Rematerializing in a drab room he quickly looked around. There were two windows that despite being heavily curtained, allowed just enough day light to cast shadows.

As Alex's eyes adjusted to the lower level of light in the room he spotted his compatriot. He tossed her the data drive. "Here, decrypt this."

"How much time do we have?" The woman asked knowing that because Alex had used the site to site transporter they'd somehow been compromised.

"I don't know," Alex replied. "Hours probably. A security officer caught up with me only minutes after the exchange. They'll be buzzing all over that area. We need to map out the pockets of radiation so we can get back to the shuttle as soon as possible. If the arms deal intel isn't decrypted until we get back to the Ro'tal, it's not a big loss."

=/\= 3 Hours Later =/\=

"I've got a map," the woman said after a considerable amount of silence.

"Good work Ensign Chambers." Alex replied, joining Chambers' side.

"It took some time. The clouds of radiation follow a pattern similar to that of clouds in the jetstream on Earth. Unfortunately we're presently inside a pocket of radiation and will be for a day." Chambers said with some dismay.

"Can't wait that long," Brown retorted.

"I already planned for that sir." She replied. "If we leave now and walk 500 meters north. We'll have approximately 15 minutes to use the site to site to get to this area in the garment district," she said pointing to the map. "Walk one point five kilometers due east from there and site to site again will put us three kilometers north of the shuttle. From there we have to hoof it. Our last site to site isn't the most direct route but we're a lot less likely to run into anybody if our observations are right."

Alex clapped her on the back. "Great work Ensign." He reached for the medkit, opened it and loaded the hypospray with hyronalin and pressed it against Chambers neck. He repeated the process and pressed the hypospray against his own neck. "This should get us through whatever radiation pockets we end up in. Let's hit the bricks."

=/\= To Be Continued =/\=

Lieutenant Alex Brown
Intelligence Officer
TAD Vulcan Science Vessel Ro'tal

Ensign Juliet Chambers
Junior Intelligence Analyst
TAD Vulcan Science Vessel Ro'tal
-apb Joho-


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