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SD241306.22 || CEO & CCNS || LtCmdr Dahe'el & Lt Larel || "Coming Aboard"

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Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Runabout/Vindicator Transporter Room

=/\= Runabout Hortez =/\=

Cody smiled as he saw the display indicating that he was going to be in range of his new assignment soon. He was excited and nervous at the same time. Not that his time on his previous assignment on the Lakota (NPC ship) hadn't been great, but it was time for him to move on to a more senior position. 3 years as a junior counselor and medical officer was a bit too much. He wasn't egotistical at all, he just knew he was ready for a different challenge. Glancing down at the padd in his hand, he opened a channel "Runabout Hortez to USS Vindicator. This is Lieutenant Cody Larel, requesting permission to approach and dock."

The graveyard shift... that was what the Human officers generally called the night shift on board a Starship, the bridge was quiet, junior officers occupied the places their superiors normally did, the command chair was occupied by one of the more... controversial members of the command structure.

"Commander, we have an incoming hail, signature is Starfleet." the on duty tactical officer reported as his console flashed.

"On screen," Almar replied as he swung the command chair to face the viewscreen and slid the padd he was working on into his uniform jacket, "Runabout Hortez, we have been expecting you, proceed within transporter range and hold position, we had an... incident with another transport so docking is out of the question." the Cardassian replied as the young lieutenant appeared on the screen.

Smiling, Cody replied "Understood Vindicator. Standby." Moments later the runabout was within range, and answering full stop. Grabbing his dufflebag and large carryall, Cody tapped his combadge and said "Larel to Vindicator, standing by for transport."

Almar nodded to one of the other on duty officers and stood up, picking up a pile of padds from the chair, "You have the bridge Lieutenant, I'll meet our newcomer in transporter room one." he said as he moved towards the turbolift, stepping in as the doors opened.

=/\= Transporter Room One =/\=

Striding through the door of the transporter room, Almar gave a nod to the chief, who began the process of bringing the new Lieutenant to the Vindicator.

Materializing on the padd, Cody stepped down, and noticing the man who'd been on the viewscreen, he snapped to attention and said "Lieutenant Cody Larel reporting for duty sir!"

"At ease Lieutenant, it's the middle of the night, there is hardly need for so much protocol," Almar replied as he gave a slight nod, "I'm Lieutenant Commander Almar Dahe'el, Chief Engineer, You would have been greeted by a member of the command team, but they are currently off duty and sleeping." the Cardassian added as he gestured towards the door and turned slightly.

Nodding, Cody fell in step with Dahe'el and replied "It's nice to meet you Commander. I'm sorry for my late appearance. The ship I was supposed to be arriving on got sent off to a sudden important mission, and I was given the Hortez to bring me here. You wouldn't believe how lonely it is travelling by runabout for 4 days."

"It is understandable Lieutenant, these are difficult times for the fleet, we're stretched thin at the best of times," the Cardassian replied as they fell into step towards the turbolift, "You'll have to forgive the brief nature of this welcome, it is not my area of expertise," he added as he stepped inside and turned to face the door.

"Understood" Cody replied "Once I'm settled in I'll report to the XO." He followed him into the turbolift, excited to be aboard.

"Bridge," Almar stated as the doors slid shut, "As things stand, you have been assigned as our Chief Counselor, a post which while a member of the senior staff, also reports to the Chief Medical Officer, given that she has final say over anything health related." Almar continued, taking a small breath, "One of the positives of having me greet you, is I have immediate access to the Quartermaster," the Cardassian stated as he slid a padd out of his uniform and handed it to the Lieutenant, "Your quarter assignment and security clearance are contained within, when you access your terminal you will be asked to provide a voiceprint for identification purposes."

"Thank you Commander. I'll drop off my belongings in my quarters then search out the CMO. I appreciate your help though. It's always nice to see a friendly face your first day on a new ship" he replied with a smile.

"Doctor Rofer may well be working late, so you may catch her about but Commander Ivanova will have to wait until the morning shift, I wouldn't like to wake her at such an early time," the Cardassian replied with a slight chuckle as the lift came to a halt, the engineer took a step outside of the door and turned to face Larel, "Welcome to the Vindicator, Lieutenant."

Nodding, Cody extended a hand and said "Thank you Commander. I look forward to serving with you." After the handshake, he turned, and began following the instructions on his padd to find his quarters.

(End Log.)

Lieutenant Commander Almar Dahe'el
Chief Engineering Officer


Lieutenant Cody Larel
Chief Counselor
USS Vindicator


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