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Lt. Alex Brown & Ra'lin Sha'mer | Brass Brats

Posted on 242005.18 @ 16:26 by Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer & Lieutenant Alex Brown

Mission: Lacuna
Location: USS Vindicator
Timeline: SD 242005.18

Alex scratched his brow thoughtfully as he wandered the corridors. Having just arrived aboard he was trying to familiarize himself with the layout of the ship. Although he'd been aboard ships before this would be his first assignment to a starship. It was certainly roomier than some of the ships he'd been on but then again most of those were designed not to attract attention. He was still wrapping his head around why he'd been posted here. He didn't exactly want the assignment and he certainly wasn't given a choice. Having intelligence officers posted permanently to a ship wasn't as common and some other postings. Yet another reason he'd ultimately chosen intelligence. At least on a starbase or colony there was room to stretch your legs. Have a sizeable office and quarters and the freedom to get lost for a few hours or days as life required. As much as he loved his father and emulated his every action as a kid. As an adult nothing appealed to him less than sitting in a cramped cockpit of a fighter. Serving shipboard wasn't much better.

He thoughtfully pulled a worn patch from his pocket. "XCS-311 Lancer Squadron" It was his pop's first assignment.

Here, Ra'lin thought, was something who looked (and felt) somewhat lost. Not all those who wander are lost… Weird that she suddenly thought about that fragment, something she had come across in a book once. The phrase, the poem, had stuck in her mind. However, this person seemed to be both.

"Hi there, can I help you?" she asked, glancing briefly at the object in his hand. It wasn't a padd, something one might've expected to see people carrying around. "Oh… I'm Ra'lin, by the way." She smiled at him.

"Ahh Lieutenant, very nice to meet you." Brown said extending his hand and shoving the patch back in his pocket.

"The pleasure is all mine." Ra'lin steeled herself for the physical contact and shook his hand. Her mental discipline had become a lot stronger over the years, but touching someone was still something to be wary of. One slip of mental shields and… well, accidents happened. "You look a bit lost, is all."

"Perhaps not lost as much as trying to familiarize myself with the ship's layout." Brown said. "Alex Brown, I'm new onboard. I'm trying to map out the most efficient route between my quarters and the officer's lounge...which I haven't quite found yet." Alex looked back and then forward again. "I don't suppose you could point the way? Or better yet show me the way?"

"Sure. Just follow me. I've done a fair bit of exploring." Ra'lin grinned. "So your quarters are on this level? Quickest way to go to the turbo lifts from here, then just head to the deck of the officer's lounge. It generally spits you out quite near them. The Vindi is a big ship, but its actually quite straightforward once you got the hang of it. It's not such a warren as, say, Cold Station Theta."

"This is really my first shipboard assignment. Well, at least my first one since my cadet cruise." Brown quipped.

"I hope you'll like it enough to stick around a bit," Ra'lin replied. "So, what is it you do, Lieutenant Brown?"

"Intelligence," Alex replied carefully. "Although my exact roll here hasn't been determined yet. I'm assuming Starfleet Intelligence wants me here for some reason or another." There was a natural pause as Brown changed the subject. "I think I was on Cold Station Theta once...perhaps passing through from one mission to the next. I don't remember seeing much of it though. Now, Starbase 204 was outstanding though. I spent a good amount of time there as a kid. Eden Fleet Yards was also interesting."

"I grew up on a colony," Ra'lin said, nodding. "Kinda out of the way place. Was great fun there. What's it like to grow up in space?"

"It had its moments. Of course having a father who was part of the command staff made things interesting. A lot of access to things you might not otherwise," Alex stated. "Of course I never really got to see a sunset until I was nearly 10 and you miss a lot of things like the weather and local fauna. You miss those things but it makes planet side duty all that much sweeter. Which colony did you grow up on?" Brown asked. "After Zetari we went to this charming little colony called Trillista for a while before Dad got promoted and took command of the Dirae and we went to live on Earth and of course growing up on Zetari we had Xonnel Colony right there too but we never visited it."

"That's amazing!" Ra'lin did her best not to squeal. "I mean, that's where I grew up. Trilista, I mean. Mom served there, and when she got promoted she worked on Starbase Raven, but still continued to live down on Trilista. We did the occasional off-world trip, of course, but I never lived anywhere else until I joined Starfleet." She wondered if she had ever encountered the Lieutenant when he lived there. She was younger than he, but it wasn't impossible that they'd run into each other then. Trilista hadn't been very large, after all.

"Really," Brown mused, "small quadrant." Alex thought for a moment. "Oh that makes sense," Alex said out loud. "So your mother was important enough that off world trip were rare. That eliminates all but a couple people. I'm guessing your mother didn't run the marine detachment and since XO's do go away from time to time on away missions and so forth. I guess that would make your mother Rear Admiral Cintia Sha'mer." Alex thought for a moment longer. "That's quite the legacy."

Ra'lin shrugged. "Yeah, well… it gets old really soon. I mean, it's a fairly unique last name, so you can imagine the fun I had in Starfleet Academy. 'Oh, you're the daughter of…' I mean, a last name like Hawk or Shran or, ah, Brown for that matter is anonymous enough that people don't go right away 'Are you related to Admiral so and so?'" Come to think of it, wasn't there a Rear Admiral Brown? She wondered if Alex was a relation. If so, maybe they should form an 'Admiral's Brat Club' some day. The idea made her almost giggle again. "Though I'm sure you're familiar with that question," she added with an impish grin. "No need to answer if you don't feel like it, though."

"Indeed," Alex furnished. "The old man wasn't quite revered the same way your mother was though. He spent a great deal of time making life extraordinarily difficult for a number of people after he became a Captain. It seemed to instill a sense of mischief in the man beyond the standard stubbornness he was born with and has passed along to me. He still says if I had applied myself I could have probably made executive officer on some medium sized ship by now or if he'd had his way likely commanding a wing of fighters somewhere." He paused for a moment. "Secretly I think he's just disappointed he doesn't really know anybody in Starfleet Intelligence he can use to keep tabs on me."

Ra'lin snorted a laugh. "But it's not important what his hopes and dreams are for you," she said in a more serious voice. "Brass or no, you have your own life and your own career. Anyway, I think this ship's a good place for that." The turbolift doors opened and Ra'lin automatically turned left. This was a rather short corridor, with one set of doors to their right and one set at the terminus of the corridor. She lead him to the latter set.

The doors of the officer's lounge opened before them and Alex looked inside. "Well, we seem to have arrived. I hope to see you around the ship some," Alex smiled genuinely."
"Oh, absolutely. I might swing by here later, once I finish with the administration." Ra'lin smiled. "A yeoman's work is never done, and all that. I swear, mom was right. PADDs breed when nobody's watching. Take care!"

She waited until the doors closed behind him, removing the temptations of company and a drink, smiled to herself and headed back to her work.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer
USS Vindicator

Lieutenant Alex Brown
Intelligence Officer
USS Vindicator


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