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Lt Una Ryan | "Moving on up"

Posted on 02/01/2021 @ 11:54pm by Lieutenant Una Ryan

Mission: Genesis
Location: Earth Space Dock

=/\= Earth Spacedock =/\=

Una’s arms were raised shoulder height, and limbs extended out parallel to the ground holding a phaser rifle. The corners of her eyes crinkled, and her mouth turned up in a sardonic smile. In front of her was an entire company of first-year Starfleet Academy cadets. In contrast to her, they were squirming in place, backs bent, knees bent, sweat running down their temples, stinging their eyes, in obvious discomfort, trying to disguise the movements they were making as they struggled to keep the rifle at shoulder level.

“Five more seconds, you can do this.” She called out, rolling her neck and watching the anguish, even hearing one whimper out loud. “… let’s raise it up!” She called out, putting the rifle above her head. Of course, her shoulders hurt, and she had wanted to lower her arms too, but Una Ryan would never show that to them. Lifting the rifle above their heads engaged new muscles, let their deltoids relax for a few precious moments, putting a strain on the shoulders and back.

Ryan saw one of her officers, Ensign R’vak, jog over and stand at ease to the side, waiting to be acknowledged. “Company, attention!” She barked out, this they were eager to do and executed it reasonably well with the rifles. “Port….arms!” A couple of them fumbled but that, but she let it pass. They weren’t visiting her for that. “Run it out,” She circled her arm above her head, indicating the empty shuttle bay, watching them jog off as a group.

She smiled at the Klingon officer who had come to see her. “What’s going on, R’vak?” He produced a crocked tooth smile and said in a growly voice, “You enjoy that too much, don’t you, Lieutenant?”

Una chuckled, checking on the company’s progress. “You know when the cadets visit for conditioning, and it’s my favorite time of the week.”

He replied with pride, “There are already legendary tales about your conditioning sessions told around the campus.”

Her head shook, ponytail bouncing as she smiled at that, “So what’s up?”

“I came to relieve you; the commander wants to see you right away.” He reported and added with pleasure, “Don’t worry, I’ll make them wish you had been able to stay.”

“Ugh, alright, if I don’t see you, you know he finally got me replaced.” She said to her friend, “It’s been nice working with you.”

He raised a bushy eyebrow at that, “Rumor up in the office was that new orders came in.”

She chewed her bottom lip, patting him on the shoulder, muttering, “Fantastic.” before taking off into a jog towards the nearest lift in the corridor.
Una’s CO, the security chief on the station, she was sure had been trying to get rid of her since she arrived a couple of years ago. She was a young officer, up to date on the latest practices of security and tactical. He was on the cusp of retirement and didn’t appreciate all of her improvements happening in his department.

She enjoyed the station, like that she got to spend time on Earth, but Una hadn’t joined Starfleet to sit on a space station above a planet that everyone knew everything about. Una made sure her PT uniform didn’t look unkempt as she hit the chime for Commander George Hammond’s office, being summoned in immediately.

Ryan had no idea what this meeting was about, she was excited at the prospect of getting new duty orders, but besides being stuck in one place here, she wasn’t unhappy with her assignment. She entered the office and stood at attention, explaining, “Sorry, Sir, I was in the middle of a conditioning session with the cadets.”

He smirked, puffing on his synthetic cigar, “I see that. Ah well, this couldn’t wait until that was over. Sit down, Lieutenant.” He indicated the chair across from his desk and scratched at a gray and scruffy beard. “Unexpectedly, you have received new orders. There’s a ship in dock that is in need of a new Security and tactical officer. Your name came up, and things happened quickly. You’ll need to transfer over as soon a possible; word is they are leaving soon, going back to their home station.”

Una moved into the chair opposite his cluttered desk and took in everything he had just said. Her heartbeat was quick, excited with the opportunity. He said slowly, “You’ll be missed around here; you’ve made quite the impact. I think you’re ready to move up and take this on.”

“Take on what exactly, Commander? I mean, it's exciting to be put on a ship finally.” Hammond chuckled, “You’ve been a big pain in my rear lieutenant, but you do a good job. You’re getting the chief spot.”

Her heart skipped a beat, and she swallowed hard, feeling like she had forgotten how to speak. Una cleared her throat and asked, “On what ship, sir?”

He smirked, and even though he knew, he was dragging this out as long as he could, seeing how shaken she was. It was a rare sight from her. He picked up a padd and then another, then squinted at it as if he couldn’t read the text. “Uhh… Vindicator?”

She blinked at him, “Sir?”

“Better get packed, Lieutenant.” He stood up, and Una followed suit. “Seriously, kid, it’s been great, and you’re going to kill it out there. Just remember to try and have some fun sometimes, huh?” Hammond held out his hand and Una shook it, a little numb from everything she’d just heard. “Thank you, sir. Thank you, ” was all she could mutter out as he handed her a Padd with her orders on it.
It wasn’t until she was back in her quarters, her back pressed against the closed door, that it started to hit her. “Holy crap, kid, you’re moving up.”

Lt Una Ryan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Vindicator


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