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SD 241306.22| Joint Personal Log| New Addition

Posted on 241306.22 @ 21:28 by Lieutenant Jennifer Waters

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Hayden Quarters

~*~ Start Joint Log ~*~

Jennifer Waters made her way down the corridor smiling to the other officers, Her movements were slower then normal really considering how big her stomach had gotten with child and yet she still looked slender and graceful as she walked even though she thought she looked like a space whale. She hoped her husband Hayden Williams was home from his shift or she would have to go to his office to let him know about her appointment.

Being that a good chunk of ship had be searched already and following the capture of the faulse president, hayden had given the order to relax the security between the decks already searched. decks below those searched were still sealed off, and transport between decks that were searched and not searched was still restricted as to not allow for anyone to contaminate the security of those decks already cleared. Having done all that, he had found the time to head back toward his quarters to double check that Jenny had been ok. "I don't care what you have to do Stavros, just get that deck secured. I want the second intruder found yesturday." He said into his comm as he walked.

Jenny walked into the quarters nibbling on her lower lip wondering if they had found the intruders or her husband might not be able to find time for her so they could talk. She had honestly forgotten about the intruders what with her appointment being due. She frowned not seeing him and wondered if he was still busy.

Hayden walked through the door to the room, the doors hissed slightly as they opened then closed again. he moved quickly to the closet to pull another duty tunic out to change into.

"Computer Locate Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams Please." Jenny requested.

[ Lieutenant Commander Williams is on deck 2 section 12] the computer replied.

Jenny looked around making her way into the bedroom slowly her hand on her belly as she looked around to find Hayden and smiled when she saw him in the closet. "There you are, I thought you would still be in the office." She said softly.

"I had to get away and change my uniform. Ensign Chellog wasn't looking where he was going and dumped half a mug of Talarian Spice Necture on mine."

"Do you have time to talk about my visit to the doctor?" She asked sitting down on the bed as she smiled at her husband. He didn't really seem annoyed with Ensign Chellog for the accidental meeting that ended up with the Chief Tactical officer needing to change his uniform.

"I suppose I can make time." he said. "Let me check my schedule." he was teasing so hopefully she would not smack him for the comment.

"Hayden!" Jenny smirked punching him on the shoulder. "do you think we have everything ready? The doctor says it's two or three more weeks depending how stubborn it wants to be." She said with her hand on her belly giving her husband a loving smile.

"That's a joke right? you have enough packed for a two week shore leave." he laughed pointing to the mountain of luggage she had ready. "I'm sure anything needed at the time sickbay will have. anything else is just a turbolift away. I'm sure it will be fine." he said rubbing her shoulder.

"Do you think we have enough in the nursery. I toyed with the doc ." Jenny said with a slight smirk. "She seems to think I'm ill prepared for our child." Jenny giggled.

"Most Ferengi are less prepared for every eventuality than you have been." he winked

She smiled and kissed him softly. Standing she made her way to the nursery in their 'larger' quarters and looked at the room that had everything a little girl or a little boy or both would love to play in. there were enough toy's and clothing to take care of either sex though she had tried very hard not to over do it since children grew fast or so she had learned in her research on children.

"I'm sure everything will work out fine." he said as he pulled the new Duty Tunic over his head. and straightened it out.

"Are you happy Hayden?" She asked softly looking to him over her shoulder.

"Of course I am." he said slipping his boots on and fixing his Comm badge to his tunic. "What makes you think I'm not?"

"I was just asking, after all we're both young with futures ahead of us that are going to change drastically with this child." She told him softly. Jenny would have understood if he wasn't completely happy.

"Well that just means one of us has to be promoted to Admiral and solve that problem. Then one of us could change that concern." he chuckled.

Jenny smiled and moved to kiss him lovingly. "I have another appointment in a week, remember I need you in the delivery room of our first child." She licked his lips.

~*~ End Log ~*~

Lt. Commander Hayden Williams
Intelligence Officer
USS Vindicator


Lieutenant Jennifer Waters-Williams
Assistant Engineer
USS Vindicator
(APB Lynda)


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