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Chocolate Cake

Posted on 241306.22 @ 14:03 by Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell

Mission: Secret Meetings

Lorina watched Saia sit with her arms crossed. She smiled and sighed before sitting back, "Still stuck. Still don't trust me." Lorina picked up her cup, "I've told you this coffee meeting isn't about discussing your issue. This is not a counseling session. Saul brought me into his little group of family and I'd like to get to know you."

"It's not like he or Nara were married. I'm not some daughter in law."

Lorina smiled, "And you, of all people, know blood has nothing to do with family. Except for..." Lorina shook her head, "Sorry. The conversation just went there. I'm sure she's fine. There are people there to protect her now."

After an awkward silence, Lorina put her cup back down, "Saia, tell me about your life now. Let me get to know you. Maybe we have something in common that we can participate in together."

Saia rolled her eyes but sighed, "I work. Sometimes I paint. Mostly work."

Lorina bit her lip, "No sports or games? Music?"

Saia shook her head, chuckling, "Your plan failed."

Lorina smiled back. Saia did have to be the quiet, artistic, introverted type. "Well, how about some art gallery outings?"

Saia smiled and nodded. It was years before she wanted to go into a museum again, but Nara pushed her in and she was over that fear since. "Do you even like art?"

"I don't hate art. And maybe I can even get you into a game or something." Lorina shrugged, "I don't plan to try too hard. Every friendship requires compromise. So long as I can find some sort of interest in it, even if the wine and cheese, I'm easy to spend time with."

Saia nodded, "Alright. Sounds like an idea."

Lorina nodded, and smiled as she stood. Saia seemed softer as she began to feel safer. She wasn't so tense and coiled. "Chocolate cake. If you don't like chocolate cake, this may be a lost cause."

Saia frowned, "I hate chocolate cake."

Lorina blinked and looked at Saia, "But Saul said..." She shook her head seeing the smirk Saia couldn't hide. Sense of humor. Good sign.


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