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SD241306.24 || Joint Log || LtJg Cannon & SCPO Rose || Gym meetings...

Posted on 241306.24 @ 14:25 by Senior Chief Petty Officer Martyn Rose & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Baciami
Edited on on 241306.24 @ 14:26

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Gymnasium, USS Vindicator

Stepping through the doors of the Gym, Martyn immediately headed towards one of the treadmills, he was getting a little too old for lifting weights, but he needed to keep in shape, being the Master At Arms was not a particularly easy job.

Laying his towel out on the bench next to the treadmill, the greying Human set it to the lowest setting he used and started jogging, keeping his hands firmly on the frame.

Mackenzie was already on a treadmill, the one next to him to be exact. Being new here, she didn't know anyone. She offered a friendly smile to the man next to her. She sipped some water out of a bottle and continued her run, it was quite an incline and speed.

Martyn returned the smile and gave the young woman a nod, "You're new here." he stated as he increased the speed and added a slight incline to his machine.

"That noticable, huh?" she grinned, "Yes, I'm the new Assistant chief medical officer, Doctor. Mackenzie Cannon."

"I've got a very good grasp of the faces around here," the older Man replied with a slight chuckle, "Senior Chief Petty Officer Martyn Rose, Master At Arms," he added as he adjusted his grip and offered a hand across the gap.

She shook it confidently but quickly as she missed a step, "Nice to meet you, sir."

"Please... You should know better Doctor, you're an officer, I'm the one who has to call you sir," Martyn replied with a quick laugh, "You can call me Chief if you really need to, or Mr Rose, never sir."

That brought a smirk to her face, "I've never felt like a sir, sounds too masculine. Call me Mac or Doc, my dad used to call me Cannon. Never quite understood why he chose to call me by my surname when there were a few of us in the house, but I still respond to it."

"Alright Doc," Martyn replied with another chuckle as he added another speed increase, sweat starting to form on his forehead, "What brings you to the Vindicator? other than orders."

"I chose to leave because some staff weren't very professional," nodding Mackenzie started to finally break a sweat, "This ship had a space, so I wound up here."

"Understandable," Martyn replied with a slight smile as he reached for his towel and wiped his forehead, "I've been on the last two Vindicators before this one, a long term veteran,"

"Take it you like your job then?" Mackenzie pushed herself to increase her speed a little.

"I used to be a junior security officer, moved into the Armoury when I took a phaser to the knee," the older Human replied, "However, I do quite enjoy the work."

"Injuries can take their toll. Too much damage for physio?" Cannon started to slow her pace down as she reached the peak of her run.

"It fully recovered, but I was placed on light duties and kinda got used to them," Martyn replied with a slight smile, "I was placed in the armoury, maintaining the weapons and the lockers."

"Well I guess as long as you like your job, and the ship, it's fine," she paused slightly, "Whats the CMO like by the way, I have yet to meet her. I only got onboard a couple of hours ago."

"Luckily I've not had a reason to meet her yet," the older man replied as he began winding down his workout, "She's relatively new to the ship too."

She cussed under her breath, "I was hoping you could tell me she's ok or warn me if not." she chuckled, "I'll survive, nothing can be as bad as my last place right?"

"I'm sure she's a pleasure to work with," Martyn replied with a slight wink as he came to a stop on the treadmill, the towel draped over his shoulders, "At least one of the medical officers seems to be the decent sort."

"Who's that?" the woman questioned and stepped off the treadmill she was on and patted the sweat from her head and collar bone.

"I'm talking to her," he replied with a chuckle as he wiped himself down, his greying hair shining with the sweat.

She smiled, "Thanks, at least I know someone on board the ship now." She patted his arm playfully.

"You'll have to come down to the Armoury sometime, get your training certs back up to spec," Martyn replied as he draped the towel around his neck.

"As fun as that sounds..." she sighed, "Actually... I'll do that, when you come for a med check up." Mackenzie smirked.

"That'll be the tenth of never then Doc," he replied with a laugh, "Unless I get injured, then you'll see me sooner than I plan." he added as he stuck his tongue out.

"Then that is my response to coming down to the armoury then," Mackenzie was quite point blank, and was extremely serious. She brushed her hair behind her ear and continued, "Unless someone is injured in the armoury, I'm not stepping foot in there unless required."

"Not a fan of weapons eh Doc?" Martyn asked with genuine surprise, "You'll have to come down sometime, all Officers are required to maintain a basic level of skill with type twos, for away team duties,"

"Don't remind me," she huffed and looked to the floor then back up to Martyn, "and no I am not a fan of weapons, I like to help people, not potentially kill them. I think it's just what my parents rammed into my brain."

"Anyway, It's been nice to meet you Doc, I'm sure I'll see you around again," Martyn replied with a slight smile as he watched her face.

"You too," she paused and then smirked, "Sir." She walked out playfully back to her quarters to get ready for meeting her new boss.


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