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SD 241308.12 || Duty Log || LtCmdr Dahe'el, LtCmdr Williams, Lt Waters & Dr Cannon || Oh no... It starts...

Posted on 241308.12 @ 19:18 by Lieutenant Jennifer Waters & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Baciami
Edited on on 241308.12 @ 20:34

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Engineering

A very round Jennifer Waters-Williams was walking around Engineering getting the multitude of small jobs that the CEO gave her when she had told him she was going stark raving mad in her quarters alone with nothing to do except wait for something to happen. Well she had gotten her wish, she was on her feet or at times sitting down handing paper work, inventory counts, diagnostics, everything that didn't need any heavy lifting or bending or standing for endless hours at a time and especially not tight cramped spaces like Jefferies tubes to crawl around in.

Of course, her husband would no doubt disapprove her browbeating her way back into work, she was pregnant not dead, seriously she wasn't going to break and the baby wasn't going to implode if she did paperwork. She didn't think her doctor was going to approve either, but it was better than beating her head against the walls of her quarters when she was too bored to think straight. They would just have to deal. she was going to have a healthy baby, just well not right this second.

Almar was still down working on the third core, he and his two remaining engineers had been working for about an hour now, trying to get everything restarted, they had managed to fix the main problems with the injector assembly and the two who had been working were now sealing them back up.

Jenny made her way over to where the Chief and his two assistants were. "How's it going need anything?" She called down to them knowing she could atleast get something if they were missing a tool or whatnot...

"Can you pass me down the hyperspanner?" the Cardassian asked as the face of the pregnant young woman appeared over the railing, "Be careful though, the last thing we need is for you to be straining yourself too much."

Jenny laughed a little, "Don't worry Commander, I am not going to drop this kid right here in the middle of Engineering." She smiled hiding a slight pain that moved through her as she took a slow breath before carefully getting down onto her knees and reaching for the Hyperspanner from the tool box near where the officer's were working. passing it down to the CEO so he didn't have to climb back up to engineering to get it.

"It wouldn't surprise me if you did Miss Waters, you were adamant about being put back onto the active roster, despite the medical department wanting you off duty," Almar replied as he began reattaching the cover for the injector assembly.

"Trust me, with nothing to do but walk around your quarters, you would want to be put back on active duty as well." She smirked starting to get up wincing as she did so hiding her pain from everyone around. she figured she had plenty of time...

With a red glow, the Engineering decks plunged into darkness as the power shifted to the red alert status, it meant that the consoles could be seen clearer during the battle, the ship began to rumble and shake with impacts from various weapon systems.

"Eeep!" Jenny gasped grabbing a hold of something to stay on her feet instead of going flying as she looked to a console. "That was a Romulan discharge fire!" Jenny called to the Chief hanging on at another rock of the ship wincing in pain as she held her stomach and a pain that shot down her back.

The two Engineers reattached the covers in a hurry, securing things and finishing up the diagnostics as the ship rumbled again, "Damage teams to high alert!" Almar shouted as he jumped and grabbed onto the railing, pulling himself up with one large effort, "Lieutenant, are you alright?" he asked as he landed next to her, leaning down and placing a hand on her back.

"Y..yes..." She held on knocking into the console as the ship rocked yet again... Oh that doesn't feel right... her eyes went wide and round looking to the Chief of Engineering. "Um. I think my water just broke..." She said only mildly worried...

Almars eyes widened as she uttered the words he had hoped he wouldn't hear in his engineering bay, he swore a few times in Cardassian, words that weren't picked up by the translator, "Alright, just stay here, we'll get a medical team down here for you," the Cardassian replied as he reached up and tapped his comm badge, "Medical Emergency, Main Engineering, Lieutenant Waters has gone into labor"

Jennifer Waters tapped her own combadge, "Hayden, um I need you." She said contacting her husband...

Hayden was otherwise occupied at the present time trying to keep the ship from being blown up by a Fleet of Romulan ships. "Little busy right now, what is it?" he said opening up a secure channel.

"Kinda going into labor here, if your too busy for that then I understand." Jenny respond into the Com...

Gaining permission from the Captain to take a short leave from the bridge, Hayden had one of his Officers take over at tactical II until his return.

Mackenzie heard the call and saw everyone else busy, "on my way." She replied and ran down the hallways, with what equipment she could.

The ship rocked again and Almar held onto the railing and the Lieutenant, hoping to stop her from moving about too much, "Perhaps you should lie down for a few minutes Lieutenant?" the Engineer asked as he waved over his assistant, "Replicate... something soft, a pillow or something, that we can use to keep her comfortable until the Medical teams arrive."

A nod was the answer he received and the young Petty Officer rushed off to the replicators that were usually used for parts, returning after a minute or two with several pillows for Waters.

"I never thought I'd end up birthing this baby right here..." Jenny said keeping her breathing even, the low pains she'd felt earlier in the day that she'd just thought were muscle spasms were a little more noticeable now...

Mackenzie reached the engineering room but it was very busy. The flickering lights and a few sparks didn't help her search for the woman in labour. She went on her tip toes looking around.

"Ah, Doctor Cannon," the Cardassian called out as he saw the young doctor walk into Main Engineering, "Over here!"

On hearing the call she turned and found them. She looked to the woman in labour, "hi, I'm doctor Cannon but you can call me Mac ok? I need you to fill me in, firstly, are you full term?"

"Hi I am Jennifer Waters-Williams, but you can call me Jenny. Yes, I am full term, I was feeling discomfort this morning when I woke, but I just thought it was the baby moving around. I wasn't expecting to deliver for another day at the least." Jenny said she was laying down on a blanket that two of the engineers had brought propped against a couple of pillows out of the way of any heavy traffic or needed area's in Engineering so she wasn't really worried about getting in anyone's way. this was one of the spots she had chosen should things take an unexpected turn. yeah prepare for the worst hope for the best that was her motto...

Mac frowned, "did no-one talk to you about maternity leave? Its dangerous to be this heavily pregnant and working." Looking through her bag she got out a shot of Ambezine for the pain.

"Yes, Doctor Rofer put me on Maternity leave, but well I was so damn bored that I brow beated the CEO to put me back on very light duty. I can walk and sit for most of the day doing paperwork without worry I wasn't expecting to go into labor while on duty." Jenny snapped at the doctor as the pain started to get more intense...

The ship began rocking more and more with additional impacts, sparks began flying from the recently repaired injector assembly and warning alarms began going off around Engineering.

"The third core is unstable! We have to take it offline completely" came a shout from a Bolian Engineer who was monitoring the damage taken, "Warp drive is offline! Slipstream is still charging, the bridge indicates we need to get it warmed up as soon as possible!"

Jenny held on well to the floor as the engineering room shaking and sparking ok yeah she was seriously wishing she hadn't come to work today...

"I need you to concentrate OK? I know it's noisy and hectic in here, but focus on what I'm going to say," Mackenzie began, "This pain won't go totally, but you'll start to feel a pressure. Next time the pain comes, and you feel OK to push, tell me. Sadly I can't get you anywhere private without risking anything. Breathe... You need to keep your heart rate stable OK?"

"Push main power through Cores Two and Four," the Cardassian Chief Engineer shouted as he jumped to his feet and ran over to one of the slipstream consoles.

“Neyes to Engineering, what’s your status?”

"Slipstream is charging sir! Estimated time till availability, five minutes!" Almar shouted over the broken comm channel, the ship was taking a beating and the scene in the background was making it difficult to concentrate.

Funny thing was she was feeling calmer with the noise than without it. She gave a nod to the doctor knowing she had to keep calm and though giving birth in Engineering was not where she had wanted to give birth it was still her happy place. she had worked here for so long it was like her second home. "Ok." Jenny said sweet already making her bangs wet and clingy as she breath and prepared for her child who didn't want to wait any longer to come it seemed...

Hayden kept an open comm line active to the bridge so he could monitor what was going on as he made his way to engineering. He braced himself on a bulkhead as the ship shook slightly.

"Ready?" Mackenzie asked and moved to catch and assist if needed, "pu..." Before Mac could even finish her command she looked up, "you could have this baby in two, you're seriously crowning, come on."

"You think!" Jenny growled, gripped one of the pillows that she was leaning against and had started to push when the doctor had started to say push, but had cut herself off... "Oh I wish Hayden were here!" She knew he had his duty to the ship though and wanted to beat him for not being here, even as she understood. it was a hormonal thing.

"I can't help on that front I'm afraid," Mackenzie muttered, "Come on then... Push... 2...3...4...5..."

Jenny grit her teeth to push crying out as she did so, and yet trying not to cry out which my distract the engineers that were working hard to keep the ship working...

"One more... that's it..." Mackenzie assisted as best she could and caught the small newborn in her arms, cutting the umbillical chord and wrapping him in a towel, rubbing the childs chest to help his first breath. A shrill cry from the newborn seemed to fill the busy engineering room, "Happy birthday, sweetie." A smile came across Doctor Cannon's face and with that handed the child over to Jenny, "Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby boy."

"A boy..." Jenny asked smiling holding the now quiet child in her arms as he stared up into her face. She was so happy she could burst, but she was so tired too. "Hayden... you have a son..." She smiled softly even though Jenny knew he wasn't here...

"Chief, Slipstream is available on command!" one of the engineers shouted across Engineering as Almar made his way back over to the 'Pool table' and tapped his comm badge, "Captain, slipstream is available on command!"

Hayden had no trouble finding his wife in the circle of tools and medical staff. A boy he thought as he rushed up. He kissed his wife and smiled. "He's perfect" he said.


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By Captain Landon Neyes on 241308.13 @ 15:53

Love it! Thanks for a great read, you guys! :D *hug*

By on 241308.13 @ 15:58

Glad you liked it Boss, we would have had it posted before the deadline, but it took us a little while to round off the details :)