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JDL | "Unwelcome Surprises" | CO, mCO, CAG, CEO, CTO, Sec, FP

Posted on 241308.14 @ 14:26 by Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza & Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard & Captain Elar Keggle
Edited on on 241308.14 @ 14:30

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Bridge, USS Vindicator

=/\= Bridge, USS Vindicator =/\=

“Damnit! Get those birds on the deck NOW, Captain!”, Landon blared into the comm. He’d ordered the fighters to return to the flight deck more than 10 minutes prior and they had yet seemed able to get an upper-hand and retreat. “Give them some more cover fire!” He shouted to tactical over another thundering hit to their defenses.

"Aye sir, firing phasers; wide dispersal! " Hayden replied. His hands gliding over the tactical controls, sending crimson ribbons lancing out toward the surrounding Romulan ships.

It was the exact definition of hell out in open space. Not only where the pilots needing to deal with the large capital ships but they had swarms of scorpion fighters firing their one large and powerful disruptor weapon. Elar was trying his best to keep his men in formation and heading back to the Vindicator but the Romulans were good at blocking them off at every move.

As the Vindicator turned to fire a volley of torpedoes to ward off any advancing enemy fighters, a single squadron de-cloaked just inside the firing solution, effectively right on top of Keggle and his pilots. They immediately unleashed a torrent of green disruptor fire, taking out one of the Federation fighters almost instantly. The fighter erupted into a plume of fire and debris, the pilot lost.

Not long after they evaded another block in a flight of scorpion decloaked right on top of them. And they quickly dispatched one of their fighters. Before they cloaked and raced off Keggle and the others spun on a dime, taking two of them out.

"New contacts. Sir! They just took out one of our fighters! They are trying to box in the rest of our marines" Williams called out putting the tactical view on the captains arm rest monitor.

“Sir! There’s no way we are going to be able to land more than one or two birds at a time, the flight-decks are a mess with debris, and we’re still having trouble with the launch doors!” An engineer called out.

Neyes stood up and moved over to the Engineering station on the bridge, quickly hopping over the fallen support beam. “Have we re-established comms with the lower decks?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Neyes to Engineering, what’s your status?”

"Slipstream is charging sir! Estimated time till availability, five minutes!" Almar shouted over the broken comm channel, the ship was taking a beating and the scene in the background was making it difficult to concentrate.

Landon nodded, bracing himself as they took another hit, “Make the slipstream your priority. We need to get the fighters clear to land, is there any way we can open the launch doors in their current status?”

"If the flight chiefs can establish the atmospheric forcefields, they can open the doors manually, they'll need to activate the manual locks on each door, upper and lower floors, access is via jefferies tubes." the Engineer replied as he transferred the schematic to the bridge console, "They have to activate the two locks per door at the same time."

Landon turned to ops , "How long until Lassiter's convoy gets here?"

"About five minutes." Mr Capellupo replied.

"Alright, work with Flight Ops to get those doors open, Commander Dahe'el. You have four minutes." Neyes turned to the helm, "Keep our backs away from those larger ships, Lieutenant. We need to break our fighters away from the battle. I need status on the flight group!

Several flight control officers were working on getting things cleared out of the way. While the deck crew moved fighters into their holding ports. "They're scattered across the battle appears the Romulans know what they're gonna do before our pilots even do it. And we've lost 3 birds leaving 5 out there 2 from Harpyia and 3 from Siren left."

"Looks like they're getting desperate, sir! A Gai'Shian transport shuttle just clamped onto the starboard plating on deck four, section twelve! They're cutting through the hull!"

"Intruder alert. Marines to deck four section twelve, Romulan boarding parties inbound. Seal off the bridge! I want their commanding officer taken, the rest are shoot on sight!" Landon yelled.

=/\= DECK FOUR =/\=

King quickly dispersed squad A also known as the Grenadiers of first platoon to delay the movement of the Gai'Shian troops. Sergeant Cross was the best of the best when it came to repelling and CQB situations.

It didn't take long for Cross and his squad to arrive but it was already too late the Gai'Shian force spilled through the opening they had made. All Cross could to was suppressing fire pretty much and keep the Gai'Shian in this area until King arrived with reinforcements. By the time King arrived Cross had been fighting for about 5 minuets with a good portion of the Gai'Shian out for the count of his squad of 12 men were down 7.

"Have you spotted the Gai'Shian commander?" King asked ducking behind a fallen bulk head for cover while returning some fire.

"Yeah.......see the one with the long scar down his cheek that's him." Cross said. Giving King a smile, "cover us and we'll get him." King just nodded and within about 3 minuets the heavy fought skirmish was over and the Gai'Shian commander was on the ground with a phaser blast through his arm.

"Get him to sickbay.......oh and if that bitch of a CMO gives you any grief about weapons in sickbay tell her to shove it where the sun don't shine and remind her we're in middle of combat and this Romulan scum is a POW." King said. Cross just smiled and nodding loving everything that King just said.

=/\= BRIDGE =/\=

"Two minutes to rendezvous with the convoy!" Someone shouted.

[["Slipstream is ready on your command, Captain!"]]Almar's voice came over the comms.

Neyes smiled, "It's about time! Prepare the slipstream bubble to encompass the other ships when they arrive, divert all power necessary. Once the launch doors are open all fighters are to initiate hard landings. Helm, set course for Earth, maximum speed, prepare to engage as soon as the other ships are in place."

"Copy that." Elar said finally they broke free from the Scorpions and had a straight away to the Vindicator and just on cue the flight doors opened and the remaining five ships did a extremely hard landing.

All five fighters came screaming into the hazardous launch bay, fallen support structures and wall sheeting littered the deck as the landing strucks slammed down. A few fighters skidding quickly into the restraining fields, coming to a stop in the blue shimmer of energy, and the others were abruptly halted by debris in their path. It took less than 30 seconds for them to go from flight to docked.

"We've got them!" Tripae shouted all fighters are accounted for.

Almar had been monitoring the situation from Engineering and was struggling to keep the slipstream drive charged and ready, the battle was certainly taking the toll on his ship and it was beginning to show, he reached up and rapped his commbadge, "Captain, I suggest we keep the slipstream jump as short as possible, I'm showing fluctuations in the structural integrity and inertial dampeners, I cannot predict how much damage will be caused by a prolonged jump."

A shower of sparks blew out over Landon as he listened. His brow shot up at the engineer's words and a humored disbelief cutting at the edge of his voice, "Chief! Your good news comes at a bad time. How long can we sustain the slipstream without creaming ourselves into subspace? I've got multiple starfleet ships on an intercept course, due to arrive any second."

"I can give you 3 hours, that is at a push though Captain," the Cardassian replied as he began running a series of calculations based on the current status of the various systems, "I'll have to manually readjust the structural integrity and inertial dampeners during the flight, if we try to go any longer, we run the risk of destabilising the field."

Landon's mind raced, that should be enough time. Enough for them to escape in one piece, anyway. "Do what you can to keep the conduit stable when we jump. I'd rather make it there in one peice, and get damage control teams to deck 29! I'm showing power fluctuations across the board down there." Neyes looked from his personal screen to the main viewer and back again. His muscles tense as the Vindicator waited for their 'cavalry' to arrive, and the Romulans no less intent on killing them than they were five minutes ago.

He fumed, "Marine Captain, get someone to seal off that hole they put into deck four and cut that Gai'Shian transport loose! I've had about enough of Romulans for one day and I don't need one of their ships clawed into mine.

"Medical team to the flight deck, check on our pilots." He added.

Someone shouted aloud, with a ring of excitement, "Sir! Lassiter's convoy is dropping out of warp, 200 kilometers starboard. They're opening fire on the Romulans!"

The four Starfleet ships came out of warp just outside the Romulan's firing range, and immediately began to close it at a hostile pace. Captain Lassiter's ship was the first to open fire, paving the way for the other three. First one ship was dispatched as the phasers and torpedoes ripped into the Romulan hulls, then a second was caught in the explosion of the first and both were destroyed outright.

Neyes felt the wieght of angry dispair begin to lift off him. They might make it through this afterall. "Hail them.

"Captain Lassiter, this is Neyes. Prepare to come along side us, we'll give you cover fire... It's time we got out of here."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Commander Landon Neyes
Commanding Officer

Marine Captain Ellis King
Marine Commanding Officer

Marine Captain Elar Keggle (Apb Aza)
Flight Leader

LtCmdr Almar Dahe'el
Chief Engineering Officer

LtCmdr Hayden Williams
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lt Matthew Caldwell
Security Officer

1st Lt Lynda Howard
Fighter Pilot


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