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JDL | "Change of Pace" | CO, CSec | Capt Landon Neyes, LtCmdr Hayden Williams

Posted on 241308.19 @ 19:06 by Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: In Slipstream

=/\= Deck One =/\=

Hayden paced the circumference of the obs lounge trying to build up the nerve to approach the captain. It was funny, he could face down a sleep of Romulan ships, go toe to toe with a Krevaldi but this infection was hard as he'll. He had all the time in the world to decide what to do until today. He thought of the new baby boy he had sleeping in his quarters and the fact that he could have easily lost both him and Jenny with a lucky torpedo shot. He took a deep breath and walked out of the lounge. He crossed the bridge and pressed the chime on the wall next to the ready room.

Neyes looked over the remnants of one of his books, as he clamored about the broken facade that once made up his oh so beautiful ready-room. The edges of the pages and binding discolored from the fumes and heat during the attack. His scuffed boots kicked at a broken metallic sheet. At least they were safe, for the moment.

"Enter," he said as he carelessly tossed the priceless old paper book at the blackened couch.

Hayden stepped inside. A Pass held loosely to his side. "Sir do you have a minute?"

Landon smiled, a sardonic twinge to his pleasantness, "I have about ninety. After that we'll be in the sol system." He stopped, forgetting himself as he looked over his crew-mate, "Oh Hayden, congratulations on your son! I hear he's was born for Engineering."

As difficult as it had been in the last few weeks, Landon felt a swell of pride at knowing Williams' child was born on board the Vindicator. He wasn't sure why, but in the aftermath of all the death and destruction, it was nice to have something anchoring them down to what really mattered. He envied Hayden in a way. Previous lifetimes had afforded Neyes the time and attention to care for a child. Starfleet rarely afforded that luxury, and as such, the newly minted Captain had an inkling as to the direction Hayden might take the conversation.

"How's Jennifer?" He asked.

"She is doing well, catching up on some needed sleep." Hayden replied. "Sir.. About that.. I want to ask for a transfer." He said as he handed the Captain the PADD. He hoped the difficulty in asking this did not make it into his voice, however; somehow he figured it would.

Neyes took the PaDD slowly. He resisted the impulse to respond negatively to Williams' request. The man had a family now, a family that was serving on board a starship during wartime. It would jostle anyone.

"I assume you know the status of Starfleet Headquarters and the attack on Earth by now. I'd guess word hit the deck at a run on this ship."

"Yes I am aware of the reports. It's still a little surreal."

"What made you decide transferring was your best option?" Landon needed to ask.

"In truth, it was the fact that the baby was born in the middle of a battle. My focus was on him and Jenny and not on the ship as a whole where it should have been. I could have lost them in that battle... I know others lost their lives. I have lost friends... but it was different when I thought about losing either of them. I'm not sure I want to raise my son on a starship in the middle of a war... Sir."

"I understand, I do," Neyes said. He looked at Hayden, and the edges of the Tactical officer's features had softened a little. They'd both served on the Vindicator together, before the changes, and Neyes didn't want to press him. Having command of the ship meant he needed to cover all the bases, however. "What's your plan, Commander?"

"I was thinking of transferring to Jag at least temporarily until Michael is old enough to stay with his aunt, or until this fighting cools down."

Neyes nodded at Williams. "I don't think this ship will run as smoothly without you, and damnit, Williams," Landon turned to his replicator, and entered a quick command which materialized two drinks. Neyes handed one to the Commander, "You better raise that boy well. If you need anything, anything at all. You call."

"Thank you sir. I am really going to miss Everyone here. " He said taking the drink. "Don't be surprised if you see my name on a transfer order some time down the road. I dont plan to be away long."

Neyes raised his glass to Williams', letting the glasses clink gently before he took a drink. "So... JAG huh?

"Talk about out of the warp core and into the plasma fire."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Captain Landon Neyes
Commanding Officer

Lt Commander Hayden Williams
Chief Security/Tactical Officer


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