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SD 241212.03 JL "A Short Hop"

Posted on 241212.03 @ 22:17 by Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza & Staff Sergeant Indys sh'Ziri

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: Flight Deck

=*= Flight Deck, USS Vindicator E =*=

Ellis and his Marines arrived onto the flight deck about twenty minuets after the briefing in the TiC. Ellis nodded to Brad in a silent communication to go over the plan with the Marines one more time while Ellis spoke with the pilot and the engineer officer.

Lt Te'shara R'heil, came in with a few security, to help out with the mission.

Neyes exited from the underside of the Gryphon's boarding walkway. He'd been waiting for the others to arrive, not too long, and had already prepped the shuttle.

Ashley rushed into the shuttlebay, fearful that she might be late for the launch and delay everyone. As it turned out she was slightly early. She lugged a sizable engineering kit with her and let it thump on the ground when she arrived at the group.

"Commander and Lieutenant need to go over something with you?" Ellis said realizing that he was like most Marines stepping into the command position.

Ashley looked up after half a beat to look at the marine, "Yes?"

"Bout' time!" The trill said jokingly.

"When we get to the derelict ship I need for you to scan and create a simple 3D map of the inside of the ship so we've got a vague idea of where we are." Ellis said looking mainly at the engineer.

She nodded, "Sure thing. Shouldn't be too hard. That ship is pretty big but the sensors on these new Gryphon runabouts are pretty good." she smiled, glancing over to Neyes, "Hello, Sir."

"Excellent......." Ellis said, "if you would excuse me I need to speak with our security chief."

Hayden nodded and took a few steps away from the rest of the group to keep the conversation somewhat private. "Go ahead Captain. What's on your mind?"

"When we get close enough to the derelict the engineer officer is gonna do a scan get us a nice simple map. I figure we should split the ship up. Allowing us to cover it much faster." Ellis said.

"That would be my thought as Well. I'd like to set up at mixed team of at least one marine one security to stay with the runabout. I don't want to risk transporting onto the ship. There may be defense systems to prevent transport."

Neyes blatantly spoke loudly from his vantage point a few paces away, next to the flustered Ashley Malone. Although he could hear their hushed conversation easily, he spoke to Malone, as if simply making a statement independantly. His tone suggested he was mildly irritated the Marine Captain had decided to simply make the unofficial meeting a private affair between himself and Commader Williams. "I should be able to find a place to land in one of the upper loading bays. Looks like the doors were blown open, and we'll be using EV suits anyway."

Ellis looked up at the commander, "copy that.....I'll take a group with me to the computer core and the bridge, let's have you hit engineering and security and see what you can find." Ellis said turning back to Hayden.

Neyes looked to Williams, silently asking him to make the decision. It wasn't necessarily a decision worthy of scrutiny, but it was the marine's presumptuous decision all the same. Since he had been brutally beaten at the hands of the Ferengi pirates not too long ago as a result of his shuttle being left behind after their fighter wing left the nebula, Landon was less than willing to simply take the Marine's orders outright in a non-emergency situation. Somehow, he didn't think it was in his or his team's best interest.

Ellis waited remembering that he wasn't the highest ranking officer. And while he did take his orders directly from Marine command when there were none he took them directly from the next highest squid which happened to be these two lieutenant commanders.

Ashley looked between the two Commanders and the marine, eyes widening slightly as she felt the tension between them, "Right.. I'll be on the runabout." she lifted her kit and hurried off to get out of the line of fire.

Williams thought about the orders for a moment. "I have no issues with the plans other than My team will be heading to the bridge. have your second team hit Engineering." He said in a pause. "I'll have much better access to the tactical reports from their bridge station. remember this ship looks like it was converted to civilian use. She may still have teeth that we have not found yet."

Ellis just nodded re-adjusted his weapon, "than let's get this going." He said nodding for Brad to start loading the Marines as he followed suit.


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