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SD 241302.25 || "With Friends like this..." || Part II || JL || CO, XO, Helm, CSEC, MCO

Posted on 241303.03 @ 18:09 by Captain Robert Lansine & Captain Olan Dar & Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: Vindicator Bridge

The bridge was already tense before the arrival of another Romulan Warbird. The surprise decloaking of another of the Romulan's largest vessels did little to spur Vindicator morale. Dealing with one arrogant Romulan Commander was bad enough, let alone two blowhard greenies. Now, as Rob gripped the tritanium casing of the Ops station alongside Lieutenant Capellupo, he was beginning to understand why Landon had seemed less than enthusiastic about his time dealing with so many of two-faced Romulans while aboard the Charon.

"The second Warbird is powering weapons, Captain!" Rob reported urgently.

Dar glowered at the image on the screen and moved to his chair quickly, bracing for a much tougher battle than the single warbird would have provided.

However, the unexpected happened.. the second warbird fired on the first, landing what was clearly a devastating blow to the underside of the ship.

Olan's eyes widened for a moment before he adjusted to the turn of events, "The second the warbird's shields go down beam Captain Heifner directly to sickbay." he ordered, "Landon, back us off. If they blow I do not want to take the brunt of it."

Hayden looked toward Te'shara as she nodded. He checked his own board to confirm. The warbird's shields had collapsed. "Their shields are down. Firing phasers, to draw the it fire, and transporting the captain to sickbay " Hayden said.

Controls beeped in response as Landon gladly confirmed the order, "New heading 176.3 by 27 mark 4." He only hoped the lumbering Vindicator could put enough distance between them. There was a creeping worry there wouldn't be enough time. He eyed his panel and entered in another command. "Full impulse it is", he said to himself.

"Divert auxiliary power to facing shields." Olan ordered as he continued to watch the hostile Romulan ship get pummelled by the new arrival.

Capellupo, still manning the Ops station obliged, "Forward shields augmented, sir."

The second warbird swung around and fired off a final volley which ripped through the neck of the first. As the survivor went to full power to get distance the broken ship's core collapsed and exploded.

"Medical is reporting they've secured Captain Heifner, Captain," Rob reported. News of the other captain's safe return, while relieving, still left his gut sour. "They're reporting her in critical condition. Multiple particle weapon injuries and a list of other traumas."

The shockwave from the explosion of the warbird made the Vindicator shudder but the shields and distance had helped reduce the effect.

"Notify the Kennedy of her status then hail the remaining warbird." Olan said, wondering what this new set of Romulans would say.

"Contacting warbird. Sir. " Hayden said then he frowned. "They are ignoring our hails sir."

"Keep trying." Olan said and turned to Rob, "Run a check on the crew, make sure we did actually get everyone."

Rob continued to scour the list of crewman retrieved from the planet, meticulously matching names with those on the duty roster assigned colony assignments. All seemed in order until the last batch of science officers scrolled across the screen. "Lieutenant Roswell. I don't see her on our retrieval lists."

The frightening revelation was interrupted as the warbird finally responded, bringing the face of yet another Romulan Commander to the Vindicator's screen, "Captain Dar. Thank you for your assistance." he started, sounding somewhat forced, "We will handle matters from here."

Olan stood again to speak to this new Romulan, "Commander, I've just found out that one of our crew is still on the planet somewhere. We intend to send a team down to look for her."

The Romulan looked back stone faced for what seemed like several minutes, "One of my officers will accompany your team. You understand, given the sensitive nature of the situation on the planet."

Dar nodded slowly, "Very well. My officers will beam down immediately." it was a small concession in order to retrieve Roswell.

"In the mean time, Captain, there are matters we must discuss in private. May I come aboard your ship?" the Romulan asked.

Olan exchanged a look with Robert briefly before nodding, "We will send transport coordinates."

When the screen returned to the view of the planet with the debris of the first warbird forming in orbit Olan turned to Rob, "Get a team together."

The prospect of returning to the planet did not frighten the Vindicator XO, but with the arrival of a new and unmeasured variable in the new Warbird alongside the now apparent internal Romulan squabble he was less than eager to expose their people to more threats. "I don't trust them, sir." His observation was less than coy; his face bore a distinct look of skepticism. "I don't want our people getting stuck in a ground war." He had no evidence to suggest such a thing would happen, but he wasn't about to be caught with his pants down on a hostile world again.

Olan nodded to Rob, "Bring a full marine squad, do not take any chances."

"Transporter room one to Captain Dar, the Romulan Commander is ready to transport over." came the voice of the transporter officer.

"Get going, Commander. I'll deal with the Romulans and then we'll figure out what we're doing about the Kennedy."

Ellis and Alpha company were all set and geared up to go. First squad was set for hostage recovery while second squad was set for quick and detailed SAR while third squad was set for quick occupation of a small colony mainly taking key points within the colony while incapacitating the security forces quickly and efficiently.

Rob nodded to the Captain and looked back the Company Commander "Ellis, your with me. Lets finish this."


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