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S-Plot - JL | Aendeh Tr'Esun, Rochelle Ivanova (MU) - "i'irae'edh"

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Mission: Ebbtide

There was sound. A deep, chopping, almost mechanical sound. It was muffled by what appeared to be several fathoms of water, but it was there and it was growing louder and louder with every repetitive pulse that slowly called Rochelle up from the darkness of her unconscious mind. It wasn't long after she first became aware of the noise that other sounds joined in. Voices. Masculine voices, but the words still eluded her for several minutes longer. It wasn't until the sharp clatter of an instrument tray hitting the floor startled her numb senses that she snapped open her eyes... And instantly regretted the action. The bright white lights of the surgical suite screamed down at her, forcing her pupils to rapidly contract and her long lashes to beat against a flood of hot tears brought about by the sudden fight with photo-sensitivity. "Oh... Lord..." She whimpered, her voice thick, low, and husky with the remnants of drugs and sleep still circulating in her system and a hand came up to shield her eyes, smacking her forehead as it dropped heavy and unceremonious against her brow.

And then it hit her...

There was no fog, no fuzzy set of shadows swimming along the side of her head. Rochelle was seeing bright as day, crystal clear, and in binocular. It hurt her head worse than the light, forcing her to squint even further as she studied everything that was coming into focus. The evil little bastards had been successful, they'd restored her sight and implanted a whole new eyeball into her skull. "Oh Lord." She repeated, this time stronger and less slurred. "It wasn't a dream."

"Welcome back, my dear." Tr'Esun said as he shined the retinal scanner into Miss Ivanova's right and then left eye. "How do you feel?" Though the epinephrine had countered the allergic reaction to anesthesia Tr'Esun wanted to make sure there were no lingering effects. There were two reasons for this; First, despite his diverse professional choices in the field of medicine from information extraction to honest healing he didn't have an immediate need to cause this woman undue harm. Second, her unknown allergy was a tool that could come in handy later and the fewer people that knew about it the better in his opinion.

"Like a shuttle craft hit me," Rochelle groaned, rubbing her eyes with heavy, tired hands, "anyone catch the registry number?" It hurt. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to move her head, and worse yet? It itched. It was a lingering nagging itch stemming from the muscle running along the side and back of her delicate neck, but hardly something that would kill her. Or so she thought. Little did she know that without Tr'Esun's quick thinking and even quicker actions, she'd likely be dead. "Got something for the headache in your box of tricks, Doc?" The little redhead was quick to dismiss the itch, choosing instead to roll her head and eyes away from the direct glare of the overhead surgical lights.

Deftly Tr'Esun filled the hypo with an anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever and quickly injected his patient. "That should help." Tr'Esun stepped back from the biobed and held out his hand. "Do you think you can stand, my dear?" He studied the young woman which he had so painstakingly restored to beauty. The effort and concentration he had poured out into the redhead over the past week had left him feeling more than a little drained and he longed for a few hours in his own quarters. The sooner she was ready to hand over to Tr'Bak the sooner he could accomplish that little feat.

Tr'Esun had been in the service of the Tal'Shiar for longer than he cared to remember and in that time he had performed surgical alterations and tissue grafting operations thousands of times. This series of operations, however, were by far the most intense and thorough he had ever undertaken. This had taken every ounce of his capability and creativity to accomplish and he had a sense of pride in this accomplishment that bordered on some distorted form of infatuation. Tr'Esun was beginning to look at Miss Ivanova as a father would look at a daughter, pleased with the way she had turned out, and that gave him pause. Tr'Esun had never had a family of any kind having been an orphan from an early age. This was truly uncharted territory for the doctor and that scared him more than anything ever had.

Rochelle felt her hand slipping away from her forehead and into the hand of the mad scientist that had turned her into some form of Frankenstein's monster. Albeit, it was a streamlined version of the monster... Hardly monstrous... Maybe Frakenstein was the wrong reference, or so her brain flitted to and fro like a starved hummingbird in search of a flower. She didn't know how she felt, what she wanted. She knew that the pain from the lights hitting her new and sensitive retina was slowly dissipating and that the Romulan's steady hand was a comfort when it should have been held suspect. "I can try." She responded, her head bobbing slightly as she swung her legs over the edge of the biobed and used him for leverage to first sit and then stand. Still woozy, the woman was more akin to a young fawn than the hard-born killer that circumstance had turned her into. Worse, in such a state she was hardly a match for the fire emblazoned victrix she knew they desired her to be. "When will it all come together?" She asked, shivering as her hair fell into place and brushed along the small of her back.

Tr'Esun thought to himself, If only she knew how far she still has to go, but said, "I think you have already begun to come together quite nicely, my dear. Tr'Bak has many things to share with you about your Prime double, and that may take some time. I would say you will begin to wonder who the usurper actually is by month's end. For now, however, you need to freshen up, dress for success, and be unveiled." Tr'Esun took Rochelle's hand again as she was still less than stable on her feet and said, "Shall we?"

He had issued a few orders of his own on the preparation of a suite for his masterpiece, one that would help her mind to wrap itself around her newly expanding identity. In that suite he had selected a dress that would highlight her new form and display the beauty he had restored to her while enhancing her confidence and starting her on the path Tr'Bak would have to take her down. Making this woman a complete personality clone of the Prime Ivanova would be a long and painstaking process, for which some of his more delicate skills might yet be employed. After she dressed he would take her to Tr'Bak himself for inspection. Tr'Esun had covered every physical aspect in his process and was sure the Sseibb would approve.

The newly minted redhead could only nod as if she understood. In reality her head was a jumble of variegated thoughts all whirling together in some cerebral version of a busy New York City street complete with crumbled papers and insidiously rude pedestrians. She clung to Tr'Esun's hand as he guided her away from the biobed, moving slow to allow her a chance to calibrate with her new found perfect vision and the trailing remnants of the ether that was reticent to leave her bloodstream. "Were they lovers?" Rochelle found her gravely voice piping up with the question before she cleared her throat, "Tr'Bak didn't react well to the news that the Commodore had spawned. Kind of feels... Personal." She finished with a sniff and a shrug filled with a returning sense of nonchalance.

Tr'Esun nearly snorted as the humor of the question rattled through his normally somber demeanor. "Lovers..." Thinking about how to best answer her question Tr'Esun flipped through the rolodex of reports and memories he possessed within his brilliant brain. The two were lovers of a sort. They shared a mutual love of deep, dark, destructive hatred for one another. "No, my dear. They are many things, but lovers, has to my knowledge never been one of them."

The two exited the lift and walked a short distance down a passageway where Tr'Esun paused before a door. "These shall be your quarters for the duration of your time aboard this ship. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with its contents knowing where to find things within these quarters will prepare you for your... transition." Tr'Esun stepped back and motioned for the woman to enter her quarters.


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