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SD 241402.10| Personal Log: Another Children of the Vindicator story

Posted on Tue Feb 11th, 2014 @ 2:52am by Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard

279 words; about a 1 minute read

There was a birthday in a few days though the kids were the one planning it. Jennifer Gregor would be turning 11 years old in a week and Jonathan Swan, Derrick Chan, Rebecca Fisher, and Drew McLaughlin were working on decorating the spare school room that wasn't being used at the moment as the set up for the party that was to be a surprise. All of the kids on the vindicator old enough to know Jenni had chipped in something, there were presents in the corner while Jon and Derrick were up on ladders, under adult supervision by their teacher Ms Middleton, to hang up streamers and other such decorations.

Becca and Drew were working on the banner that would wish Jenni a happy birthday. Rather than replicate everything Ms Middleton had them doing it all themselves as a kind of learning experience. so far they were having fun. Drew and Becca had had one paint fight already giggling and laughing as they painted each other.

Ms Middleton had decided not to clean them up just yet because they would only get dirty again if she did. She enjoyed when her children had fun though. "Ok that's enough for today everyone come back tomorrow and we'll finish up. The party isn't for another few days and I still have to let the captain know because Jenny would be heart broken should he not come."

Ms Middleton told them to go get cleaned up and started to put things away so they wouldn't get knocked over and messed up she would need to go see the captain soon or Jenny would never forgive her for not reminding him.

~*~ End Log ~*~


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