Lynda Howard

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SD 241402.10| Personal Log: Another Children of the Vindicator story
on 241402.10 @ 21:52
There was a birthday in a few days though the kids were the one planning it. Jennifer Gregor would be turning 11 years old in… View Log
SD 241310.03| Personal Log Lynda Howards: Hasn't quite sunk in yet.
on 241310.03 @ 17:38
Lynda sat in the officer's lounge a grilled chicken salad a cup of mixed berries and an ice tea. Running the meeting with Captain Keggle… View Log
SD 241309.21| Personal Log| Much needed Sleep
on 241309.21 @ 21:37
The flight deck had been repaired, Lynda had worked on her bird or rather helped to work on her bird with the rest of the… View Log
A few moments Reprieve
on 241308.31 @ 23:22
~*~ Start Log ~*~ Lynda wasn’t one to just lay down when there was nothing else to do and at the moment she was stealing… View Log
SD 241307.20| Flight officer's Personal Log: Another run
on 241307.20 @ 21:17
~*~ Start Log ~*~ Lynda was out for another run through the ship. It was late like always, and quiet, just the way that she… View Log
SD 241307.13: Out for a Run
on 241307.14 @ 00:05
~*~ Start Log ~*~ Lynda was out for a run through the ship. It was late, and quite, just the way that she liked it.… View Log
1st Lieutenant Lynda Howards Personal Log SD 241306.29
on 241306.29 @ 13:51
Lynda flew her bird with all the expertize that she had worked hard to earn her movements were fluid and graceful the asteroids were all… View Log
SD 241305.25| Getting some work done.
on 241305.25 @ 22:05
*************************** Start Log *************************** The flight deck was bustling as always, with pilots moving about some so bored they were jokingly fighting with each other… View Log
SD 241305.18| Personal Log: Taking the time to relax
on 241305.18 @ 19:09
~*~ Start Log ~*~ Lynda smiled softly to herself her head resting on a towel while she enjoyed the warmth of the water that surrounds… View Log