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Away oh space maties!!!!

Posted on 11/13/2012 @ 6:33pm by Lieutenant JG Jesse Saunders

It feel like she's been stuck in a wormhole! Jesse was desperately trying to figure out the problem than have sprung up on a cargo ship heading to the outer regions of the Romulan empire.The Captain gave her an ear full of his rehearsal on the possible outcomes of her suppose discovery regarding the state of his cargo shipment. " Those bloody Kali-fruit trees better not die on us!!!" the captain yelled at the top os his screeching voice.

"" Oh brother, why me?"" Jesse thought as she made her way between the densely packed trees that was bunched into the one corner of a smelly cargo bay. Her skin started to itch as the leaves scraped her skin. her thoughts ran through the last write-ups she went through about this strange plant. The Romulans made a very aromatic beverage named Kali-fal out of the particularly blueish fruits of the Kali Kaleh. The beliefs around this romulan drink is that is will open your sinuses well before the first sip.

"I sometimes wonder how they ever get that stuff own" Jesse murmured to herself as she followed her own thoughts. She reached a trees that gave off a prudent odor not nearly similar to the surrounding trees. The tree had a distinct curve in the trunk and felt slimy to the touch. Jesse took scrapings of this oddity and headed to the dilapidated lab to try and find some answers. She didn't have a lot of time as they were about two days out from reaching their destination Deihu Kaleh colony.

" If I knew I would end up with a bunch of trees to babysit I would have taken the other ship!" Jesse was really loosing patience, for being stuck on a crowded cargo ship was not a nice place to be for a biologist.


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