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Guess who's coming

Posted on 241304.06 @ 23:53 by Captain Olan Dar & Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & Petty Officer 2nd Class John Capellupo & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza & Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell

Mission: Secret Meetings
Location: Vindicator Conference Room, Deck 1

With the short resupply completed and some unfortunately brief R&R, Captain Dar called back the senior staff to the ship for a sudden and unexpected meeting.

Neyes, who hadn't left the ship once since Rob had taken his leave to the station, clad in the care of SFSEC, was already seated in the opulent meeting room. A few PADDS littered about in front of him as he attempted to catch up on the crew shifts before the rest of the command team arrived. The intense reality of Lansine's position of first officer was already beginning to singe Landon around the edges.

Ellis walked into the conference room giving some nods as he took his seat.

Capellupo had been one of the first officers to arrive. Sporting his newly pressed uniform and a happy smile, the recently promoted Chief Operations officer was more than happy to be at his first Senior Officer's meeting. He was with the big dogs now.

Saia's face was flat and posture official, but robotic as she took her seat. She didn't seem annoyed at being called away. She didn't seem anything.

"Good. Sorry for the short notice but some urgent matters have come up." Dar began as he took his own seat.

"First, Commander Lansine will not be returning to the Vindicator. In his stead Lieutenant Commander Neyes will take over as Executive Officer with a promotion to Commander." Olan nodded to Landon, "I'm sorry to break the news so suddenly but we do not have the luxury of ceremony at the moment."

Neyes stared the Captain for a moment, before turning to the crew and smiling awkwardly. He raised his brow and mouthed the word 'surprise'. The promotion was as much news to him as he was sure it was for them. Considering the circumstances, though, it was more understandable. Landon would have rather been able to serve beneath his friend, but he wasn't in the position to decide.

"Of course, sir." Neyes managed.

Not surprised or concerned with the change in command expect for he knew how the new XO felt about the Marines but Ellis wasn't a man to roll over so he would fight to keep his company active in missions if he had to.

Olan glanced around for a moment then continued, "Now, for the mission at hand. This information is to be held strictly confidential. No one outside the senior staff is to know what we're really doing."

A snort of a laugh came from Saia, but her face faded back into seriousness. Another secret. No problem!

When he was sure everyone understood he finally explained, "We are escorting the President to a secret meeting with the Romulan Empress."

Neyes choked as he took a drink of his coffee.

The new XO happened to be sitting next to Capellupo, the unfortunate soul on the receiving end of a few drops of 'coughed' coffee. The lieutenant grimaced slightly as the hot beverage sprayed across his face. "The President of the Federation?" John said flabbergasted, wiping the Commander's drink from his cheek.

"I assume since it's going to be 'secret', we're not going to be receiving any kind of support or extra protection." Neyes added, shrugging apologetically to Capellupo.

The information didn't phase Saia. She didn't expect to have any interaction with the president. Other than being a privileged senior officer, she had no real reason to know. She waited to hear what the cover mission would be.

"You are both correct. This mission is too sensitive to entrust the details with any more people than we have to." the Captain explained.

Olan looked to Ellis, "The President will only have the minimal staff he needs, so we may have to supplement his security with Marines when the time comes."

"I'm afraid that would fall under your department captain. Marines would be better off held back in reserve in case things get hairy fast."

Ellis just let out a low growl and shook his head slightly, "and what makes you think we can trust these Romulans that destroyed the other Romulans."

Then Saia realized the other half of the mission. Romulans. However, that still didn't affect her. Though, she did grow restless and fidgety in her seat. Her eyes flitted about the room to watch the various officers.

Hayden looked at the marine. "I Don't. That is why I suggest the two tier detail."

Ellis was slightly confused, "doesn't the president have a secret service detail or something like that......or his own Marine protection company?"

"Gentlemen, that'll be enough." he looked between Hayden and Ellis. This was a continuing theme between the two and if he was honest with himself he had long ago had enough of it.

Hayden wasn't sure if he should answer Since captain Dar had not replied to his objection to using marines to supplement the president's security. " he would. But my earlier concern is this. If anyone is to make an attempt at three president or empress, the marines with him and around the meeting will be the first targets. Then who do we send in? I still recommend using ships security to subliment the president's security forces and keep marines available for a rescue point or as the heavy fire power they specialize in if events prove more than security can handle given their unique skill sets."

Dar pointed to Williams, "Your job is ship security. That means if the Romulans come here you make sure the meeting area is secured and they don't get into anything they shouldn't."

Then he pointed to King, "Your job is personal security for the President. Make sure no one shoots him. Are we clear on everyone's role here?"

"Aye aye sir!" King smirking slightly he looked at Williams and nodded his head seeing as he apparently won but that still didn't change the fact of the duty and responsibility he had and he knew that 1st platoon, 1st squad would be the primary Marines near the president while his snipers from 2nd platoon would be best of the best.

Aided by a nurse, Almar stood in the doorway and at attention as best he could with a twisted knee and a handful of broken ribs, "I'm sorry I'm late sir, I got here as fast a I could, what do you require from Engineering?" The Cardassian asked, his face grim and pained.

Olan nodded to Almar, "Just ensure the ship is 100%." and then another thought, "Also, the President may have specific requirements we're unaware of. Make sure the holographic diplomatic suites are fully operational."

"Understood," the Cardassian Engineer replied with a slight nod as he was lowered into a vacant chair with some help from the nurse, "The Vindicator will be at her best."

Hayden didn't say a word, he simply nodded. He wondered what the point was for having joint training with the Marines, if the two departments insisted on being separate while security was relegated to baby sitting the ship. The skills developed in the training were not going to use. However, it was the Captain's perogative to assign officers as he saw fit. He put the thought out of his mind for now.

The Captain allowed a moment of silence, "Any questions?"

Neyes spoke up, "Where are we meeting the President's convoy?"

"No convoys. Just us." Dar replied, "The President will beam aboard in less than five hours with a small contingent."

Landon was hesitant to offer more on the subject. He could think of all the things he would do in order to attempt to keep the VIP safe from harm, but he could also think of a million ways around any safegaurds they put into place. Either way, they were going to have to coordinate an effort with the President's staff. The possibility of a threat from outside the ship was real enough, and he couldn't help but think of the prospect of an internal problem.

"I suggest we cordone off that entire section and all adjoining areas. I'll have Engineering lock down all access routes, and we'll tighten security fields for all routes into that part of the ship. We don't have any other diplomatic visitors, we can simply call it a maintenance issue. We should arrange for his team to beam directly into the suite."

Landon gave a look at King, "I expect everyone, including Marines, to keep this from becoming the ship's gossip. Consider that an order. Last thing we need is for this to spread like wildfire."

Ellis just laughed, "Marines don't participate in such useless activities." Ellis said knowing that some of the younger ones did but they were smart enough to make sure it didn't leave the ranks of Marines.

"I think we all understand the sensitivity here." Olan said, wishing to not get drawn into circular conversation, "Now there are preparations to make and little time to do them. You're all dismissed. Any other questions you know where to find me."

The Captain nodded to the senior staff and everyone departed to take care of preparations to leave.


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