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(Backlog) Catching Up

Posted on 241310.02 @ 21:11 by Lieutenant Commander Mathew Caldwell & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams

Mission: Memorias Rotundum

=/\= Outside the Conference Room =/\=

After finishing his conversation with the Captain, Caldwell moved quickly out of the Conference room and down the corridor, trying to make it Security before the Chief. He had wanted to meet the officer, but circumstances had prevented that. As he approached the office, he recognized the man begin to enter, and he called out to him:

"Commander Williams!"

Williams turned around. "What can I do for you Commander?" he asked.

Caldwell replied: "I spoke to Captain Neyes after the briefing. I understand you are transferring to the Judge Advocate General Corps?" He asked, as they walked into the office.

"That is the plan. " he Hayden replied. His expression betrayed a slight hint of regret. "The hope is to find a somewhat more stable environment to raise the baby."

"You're going to be a father, Commander?" Caldwell's voice showed a hint of enthusiasm. He himself was not a father ... didn't even have a girlfriend yet. It was nice, though, to hear of good news from others.

"Actually I am a father. Happened during the encounter with the romulans." he replied. He couldn't help but beam a little bit at the statement. It was still a little surreal for him. "In a way it's a good feeling to have something good come out of all this strife and conflict, But I hear you deserve some congratulations as well. "

"Thank you, sir. It's all a bit overwhelming. The last security department I lead was on an Akira-class. We only have 5 officers. This is a stretch." He paused: "The reason I ran to get you was that I wanted a briefing on the status of your department. How are things going? Are there problematic officers I should be aware of?"

"USS. Archer wasn't it?" Hayden replied, having read the commander's file already. "The only officer I would be aware of is Te'shara. She tends to need to need to be reminded What to do and she tends to follow direction poorly. The rest of the department has exceeded expectations. " he paused. "If you have time, we can go back to my office and discuss the status in more detail."

Matt nodded: "If you have the time, I'd like that very much." He proceeded to follow the Commander into the office and he walked to the replicator as Williams sat down. "Can I get you anything?"

"Coffee black, Thank you." Hayden replied.

Matt replicated the beverage and then walked it over to his desk, setting it beside his tea. "So you were telling me about Lieutenant Te'Shara?"

=/\= END LOG =/\=

LtCmdr Matt Caldwell
LtCmdr Hayden Williams
Security, USS Vindicator


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