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SD 241212.09 Joint Log "Derelict Arrival"

Posted on 241212.09 @ 01:28 by 2nd Lieutenant Toby Barnes & Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza & Captain Elar Keggle & Lieutenant JG TeĆ” Black & Staff Sergeant Indys sh'Ziri

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: Outer system

While the grunts and security squids went to investigate the derelict ship. Elar decided that himself and Barnes would act as watch dogs for the shuttle and the derelict ship leaving Towers and Gaige on CAP. "Barnes take the starboard side of the ship I don't want anything or anyone sneaking up on us."

"Roger." Toby replied and took her fighter around to check out the other side of the big dead ship.

Gaige and Wes were out running the similar CAP that Barnes and Keggle had ran earlier that day. With AWAC out along with the sensor buoys helping them keep an eye on everything space and even down on the planet. Luckily everything had been remaining quite and calm.

Neyes listened idly to the pilots' chatter while he screened the large hulk of wreckage for a suitable place to set down. He was already wearing his EVA suit sans helmet and had an equipment backpack sitting at his feet while he managed the helm. After a few quick scans, he shook his head, "I think we're gonna be taking the quick way, ladies and gents. There is no way I'm setting this precious little gem in a pit like that. All I see are instabilities. Give me a minute to find something solid."

The Gryphon runabout slid gracefully into a close parked position towards the rear quarter of the massive wreck. Charred sections of hull and other fragments of metal drifted around en mass, creating a hostile cloud of shimmering debris. The ship had been able to glide through most of it, but a few pieces moved away from their previous resting place as the away team made their way though.

Neyes guided the ship into a narrow corridor, which appeared to have been created by a series of weapons ripping into the hull near a cargo bay. The Gryphon class was much larger than Landon was used to flying when maneuvering a small craft, but he seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly. His hands slowly moved over the sleek new controls, and he bit at his lower lip in concentration.

After a few minutes of slowly squeezing into place, the struts extended from beneath the ship, and Neyes set her down in the center of a haphazard cargo space. Stars shone through a massive breach in the outer hull above them, blocked only by structural beams which had managed to stay in place. "Here looks good." Landon said with a grunt as he locked down the helm controls and stood with his pack.

Ellis and Brad along with the other Marines donned their EVA helmets and doubled checked their weapons and HUD the Marine EVA helmets had the TED (Tactical Eye Display) integrated into the helmets. With the thumbs up from all the Marines they were ready to go now they were just waiting for the checks to be done from security.

Hayden checked his gear one last time and he nodded to his officers to do the same. "Stay tight. I don't want anyone going off alone."

"Malone hows the scans and map coming?" Ellis asked knowing that he was probably stepping on someones foot but it was in his nature as a Marine to take the reigns.

"Keep your pants on." was Ashley's off the cuff reply. She winced just a second after. Ellis wasn't her superior but she kind of let things fly without thinking sometimes, "It's a big, dense ship and I'm checking on structural integrity too." she added.

Ellis just nodded and smirked at Brad. Who just shrugged and smirked back. "Copy that el-tee."

"Captain. I appreciate the the enthusiasm, but remember I am the senior officer on this mission. You are free to command your marines within that confine but the mission is my responsibility good or bad." Hayden said quietly enough so only Ellis could hear, perhaps one or two more that were close enough to listen in. He turned to the rest. "if we don't have a full map yet, what are the chances we can restore some power to some of these stations?"

Ellis just nodded realizing that this was gonna be trial by fire how to work with the squids. He also realized that it was gonna take a him awhile to get it down. He didn't know how Alex made it look so easy.

Ashley glanced across at Landon, who she knew to have extensive engineering skills as she had seen him in engineering many times, "Well, I think we have enough to get started. I can link our tricorders to the ship and it can update us as we go."

Landon nodded and clicked his pack and beacon lights into place. They snapped solidly. "We should keep our scans as passive as possible. We wouldn't want to trip anything nasty the Rommies left for us." He waved a hand eerily and made a 'whooOOoo' ghost noise.

"They're probably all dead," he added passively, "we should be fine."

"About the consoles though.. I don't know. We have power units but we won't know what condition they are in until we are aboard."

"Fair enough. Let's get this shuttle aboard and get to work. Neyes, with King, Malone with me."

Ellis just nodded, "Brad you stick with the full Marine component and be ready to spring into action. I want you always be setup between myself, Williams and the runabout." Brad just nodded along with the other Marines.

Elar was looking over his HUD which was quite, "Black Mamba to Overwatch I'm gonna drop a buoy out here." Elar said waiting to hear back with a confirmation.

"Copy that Black Mamba drop it at this coordinate." Tripae said tapping a few buttons and sending him the coordinates. And with that Elar took off.

"Barnes keep an eye on things I'll be back in 2." Elar said after switching his COMMs over to just Barnes.

Barnes nodded and held her position, "Will do." she ran a quick scan of the area once more just to be sure then settled in for the wait.

As the doors opened, Hayden nodded to. Ellis to have his Marines set a perimeter around the runabout. "King's team is first out. Followed by my team. Non combatants stay close to your cover teams. I have had dealings with the Tompkins before. They do like to deception. The ship. May seem dead, that does not mean it is. Let's not have any accidents. " he said more out of a sense of concern than trying to sound patronizing.

King was out of the runabout quickly along with his Marines who quickly got a perimeter setup. "Status!" King shouted.

"All clear!" Brad shouted back after looking through his TED at the surrounding area. "Alright for security and non-combatants to come out!"

Neyes hefted his pack and holstered his phaser. It was more for protocol than anything else. In an EVA suit he was practically exactly as they described, a non-combatant. The binding suit made any sort of hand-to-hand fighting nearly impossible, and he had zero flexibility. Nevertheless he gracelessly strolled down the short walkway just behind the marines. He immediately pulled out his tricorder and started taking scans. "Watch for energy spikes. The average energy output of this dump was extremely low in our perimeter scans. Anything more than what you see now warrants concern."

Malone stepped out to go with her own team, lugging her own pack with gear, "I've got remote access to the runabout if we need an emergency beam out."

=/\= To Be Continued =/\=


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