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Rivalry between Marines and Squids

Posted on 241301.03 @ 21:50 by 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: Barracks

"Sophie Ann please escort Commander Williams to my office." Ellis said looking at the security feed at the front of the barracks. It wasn't like there were top secret stuff in the barracks but it was just well known that there was extra security around them.

"Of course." She said standing and walking to the entrance, "this way commander the Marine Captain well now see you."

Hayden nodded to the marine. "Thank you." he said as he entered the Marine Captain's Office. "Captain, it is good of you to see me so soon after the debrief. I hope you don't think I was attempting to call your men into question. It is a balancing act to ensure the safety of the officers."

Ellis wasn't thrilled he was still getting used to the fact that he needed to work with security. "Please sit."

"While I defer to your greater experience in ground operations, I think security will benefit a lot from the experience. I was hoping we could work some of my men into your team."

{Why the hell did Star Fleet see as everything as a learning experience?} Ellis thought as he looked at the commander. "I'm sure it would be......but it shouldn't be when the Captains involved."

"I appreciate that point. However, security has been responsable for the Captains safety since both of our predicessors. And lets face the fact that a Marine uniform is hard to miss. At least security can pass off as engineering staff since our colours match. It may allow for some descreet survailence. The final command will of course fall to you on the ground."

"Commander at this point I don't think it matters what color are uniforms are. The Romulans just see us as the Federation and Star Fleet nothing else. Hell we could go down naked and they still well distrust and hate us it's just how they're." Ellis said getting a little impatient with all of this cloak and dagger/diplomatic crap. "And as far as protection of the Captain if you must feel you can have a security officer join me."

"I can understand your preference to protect the Captain and others in a more direct way. Believe me sometimes I feel the same way. I am trying to bridge the gap between our two departments and our duties." he paused. "I am not just some pampered squid as you call us. I have served in combat Albrecht briefly during the last conflict with First Force. I share your appreciation for the need for a good defense. "

Ellis shook his head at hearing First Force majority of the Marines also hated that elite unit. "First Force is nothing like the Marines to begin with and I'm sure you and your men are combat ready.......and yes historically security has been the ones to protect the command team during away missions........but we're finally realizing that just having one or two security officers isn't gonna cut it and like I said I have no problem with you or one of your offices accompanying myself but when it comes to ground actions I'm in charge."

Hayden should have known better than to think that the rivalry between fleet an marines would be cleared up simply by being friendly. He nodded. "Glad we understand each other. So long as you stay within the protocols for rank." He said hoping he made his point clear that toe stepping would no longer be tolerated like on the away mission.

Ellis just nodded he was gonna do what he pleased and what he had to do to keep this ship safe when not on the ship. But he would play along, "of course commander." He said standing up and held his hand out to shake his.

The Commander nodded slightly, not sure how to take the statement as real or not, but he decided not to push the matter. "Thats All I can ask Captain. Thank you. " he shook the Marine's hand and then promplty gave the man a respectful salute and then turned to return to the bridge.

Commander Hayden Williams
Chief Tactical / Security
USS Vindicator E


Marine Captain Ellis King
2nd Division, 2nd Battalion
Alpha Company Commander
USS Vindicator E


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