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SD 241301.10 JL | CONN, CSEC, & Pilots | Colonial Survey

Posted on 241301.10 @ 21:29 by Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & Captain Elar Keggle & Crewman Christian Thomas

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: Planet's Atmo
Timeline: After the Investigation Debrief

=/\= Survey Team =/\=

After their little exchange, Neyes decided to change out his shuttle for one of the Gryphon class runabouts at the last minute. It was already prepped for launch, so he simply had Shayna transfer it to his command, and the survey team launched with the fighter escort. Landon refused to allow a marine pilot into the Runabout, so he had another crew member join him instead. The three ships slipped out of the Vindicator's launch bays and immediately took a dive towards the planet to make their hasty survey.

"Runabout Daedalus to Vindicator, we're clear and making our way to the survey point." Neyes tapped a few controls in the spacious control area of the Daedalus and moved his chair over to another panel, "Eta 3 minutes."

"I expect that ship back in better shape than it was when it launched, Commander. Here's hoping you don't need that escort. Flight ops out." Shayna said with a smile.

Wes was the pilot leading to escort element but he was also flying with a rookie just out of flight school, {stay calm rookie and we'll make back just fine.} "Rook to Daedalus you've got us just a few meters behind and your port and starboard side."

Rush held his Fighter on the port side aft quarter of the runabout, his eyes fixed on the HUD as he kept an eye out for anything that would qualify as a threat to the mission.

Hayden was busy monitoring the runabout and escort on his tactical monitor. He had the same instinct that something was not quite right with this colony as the XO and Mr. King, he wasn't taking a chance and getting caught up in the Romulan's apparent show of openness and be lax in his duties. "I have them on sensors sir. Following them as they make their decent."

Neyes brought up an overlay on his controls, showing him the exact position of their little flight wing in relation to the colony. It wouldn't be long before they'd be practically right over the colony. He didn't detect anything like a sensor net or detection grid ahead, but he was worried what it would look like if they were detected. A heavily armed runabout and two fighters from a massive cruiser the Romulans didn't really want to trust anyway. It was all Landon could do to close his eyes, take a deep breath and hope everything went as smooth as possible. If everything went according to plan, they'd be done with their scans, and back on the Vindicator in no time.
He tapped his console. "Alright let's make this short and sweet, I don't want to attract a lot of attention. Lets try not to accidentally blow anything up." Neyes said rigidly.

Wes just nodded adjusting his sensor suite for atmospheric flight, "Rush switch sensors to atmospheric." Wes said on a separate channel that just the fighter pilots could use.

"Already ahead of you boss." He called out as he had switched his HUD over to atmospheric sensors. "We are 5 by 5 over here."

"Colony in range." Landon said over the comms. "Beginning a frighteningly thorough sweep of the colony. They don't have any AWACS to speak of as far as I can tell, much less than you'd expect for Romulans. This should only take about ten minutes."

Wes adjusted his position to be higher above the runabout allowing him to have a better view of everything. And on top of that it would give him a better dive point to attack the oncoming whatever it might be.

Rush dropped back behind the two other craft. In case there were any surprises or someone got spooked and started taking pot shots, he would take up the rear and draw fire. "Covering your six gentlemen, happy hunting."

Neyes' tone suggested his less than sure confidence, "We'll pass within sight of the colony in order to get in the last of the scan. I wouldn't say 10 kilometers would count as 'close', but it's close enough."

A thought crept into Landon's consciousness, and he couldn't help but bring it into consideration. He hadn't heard from Lansine in quite a while. Of course Neyes wasn't really active in the diplomatic segment of their mission, but he normally at least looked over a report or two by now. Rob was notoriously thorough in that respect.

So he did what first came to his mind, "Neyes to Lansine, How's it going down there?"

Silence. It was strikingly odd.

"Lansine, come in. This is Landon please respond."

Neyes forced open a channel on Rob's communicator, and all that returned was the squealing wash of interference. Neyes frowned, his concern rising. There was certainly interference from the mineral deposits in the planet's crust, but it was more attributed to disrupting fine-tuned sensor scans. The Vindicator hadn't had any trouble communicating with the away teams.

"Neyes to Williams, are we having communication troubles? I can't seem to raise the Commander."

"Standby.." Hayden said as he tapped his comm badge. "The signal is leaving the transceiver sir, It looks like it is being deflected at the source. I cant tell if it is natural or deliberate."

The runabout immediately took a turn towards the colony. "Alright then, come on gentlemen. The closer we are the stronger the away team's signal might be," he began a series of scans to pinpoint the source of the interference, "let's take a look."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Landon Neyes

Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

2nd Lieutenant Wes "Rook" Towers
Fighter Pilot

2nd Lieutenant Christian Thomas
Fighter Pilot


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