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SD 241301.21 JL || "The Situation" || XO, CHelm, CSecTac

Posted on 241301.21 @ 16:16 by Captain Landon Neyes & Captain Robert Lansine & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: Vindicator Conference Room, Deck 1

=/\= Vindicator Conference Room, Deck 1 =/\=

"She's insane! It's the only REASONABLE explanation." Neyes' self restraint had come loose, since their engagement with the Kennedy. Outside the ship, the de-clawed Intrepid Class ship was sitting indignantly awaiting the Vindicator's response to their threat, and the Romulans had remained eerily silent. The transporter activity between the D'deridex ship and the planet's surface had also raised concerns. All in all, it was a less than ideal situation on the tip of a knife edge.

"The Captain is down there on the planet. And we're up here babysitting would-be traitorous kidnappers and a cloak and dagger squad of Romulans." Landon's outburst wasn't entirely outside the scope of the crew's general morale at the moment. They weren't used to being cut off from the Captain, and even now as the three of them stood in the conference room, it was clear more than half the command staff was missing from the scene.

Lansine leaned back in his the chair and failed to directly reply to Landon's outburst. His friend was right, the entire situation seemed out of place and oddly coincidental. Captain Heifner had invoked Starfleet Security and the Admiral Malone yet refrained from ever mentioning any sort of details about the Kennedy's particular interest with him. What had he done that worried Starfleet Security and the CinC so much that they'd send a ship after him?

"We need answers," Rob finally said. "Besides a few quick words with Captain Heifner I have no idea what they're doing here," he rose from the chair and began pacing up and down the long set of bay windows overlooking the black abyss of space. "And considering we just declawed and already outmatched ship I feel responsible for the well being of the entire Kennedy crew. We need to talk to their captain--in person."

"All things being equal sir I would agree, however the fact we had to smack down one of our own is reason enough to say that this is not a situation I feel comfortable with. I recommend the meeting be held here on the Vindicator. With myself and two guards present."

Landon mumbled something non-descript about Marines.

He leaned forward and looked at both men. "What possible reason would either one one them have to come here and meet with us? As far as Heifner is concerned we're some kind of traitors to the Federation and the Romulans might be Tal'Shair sneakers. Do we really want to invite them on board?"

Now gripping the back of his chair and leaning forward, Rob replied, "Considering the alternatives I'd rather them all here than plotting aboard their own vessels. "We need all parties in this room in order to get this all straight. It isn't the best solution and it sure as hell isn't the ideal one, but I have confidence in Mr. William's and his staff that they'll be watchful of our guests."

"I suggest you let me talk to Heifner. She seems to want a piece of you, Rob." Landon added. "You or Williams can take the greens."

Rob nodded and looked to the Security Chief.

"I can handle the Romulans. Sir." Hayden nodded. "My old unit tangled with them a couple times. If they try and blink the wrong way, they will see how my hospitality is." He said in his best southern hospitality impression.

Neyes leaned back in his chair and blinked, with his hands still forward on the table. He sighed, "I am not going to enjoy this, gentlemen. Not. At. All. We still need to find out what happened to the away teams. I suppose they're not entirely helpless, with the entire marine goon-squad down there to take care of them, but I'm still worried about the warbird and its sneaky transporters."

"Mr. Williams, until our 'guests' arrive go over the sensor data we have from the Warbird's transporter activity and see if you can find anything useful. I'd at least like to go into our meeting with something to hold over these Romulans," Rob said.

"Landon, get on the comm and arrange our little meet'n'greet. Pull all the arms, legs, or pointy ears you have to. I want this meeting ASAP."

Neyes nodded. "My uh, pleasure."

Williams nodded. "Understood sir."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Commander Robert Lansine
First Officer

Lt Commander Landon Neyes

Lt Commander Hayden Williams
Chief Tactical/Security Officer


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