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SD 241302.24 JL Planetside Prisoners

Posted on 241302.24 @ 15:44 by Captain Olan Dar & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: Colony Surface
Timeline: SD 241302.24

FIRST lieutenant Bates sat with several other Starfleet officers. Romulan guards patrolled the group periodically. He had spent some time trying to talk to the others in hopes of planning some sort of escape. The problem was that they had No way to get past the energy field around the colony for transport. Even if they could get away from the guards, without a way off planet;there was No place to go.

Te'shara was with other Starfleet officers, looking around, besides trying to find a way, to escape herself, there was no way to beam out, with this the colony under guard of the Romulans. but there was the energy field. She'd looked around a long time, to pass the time. she looked around at the
other Starfleet officers, probably having the same thing in mind trying to find away to escape.

The nurse who had interacted with the Romulan doctor just moments before slipped through the group and approached Bates, "Something interesting just happened." she said softly to him.

"Define interesting." The Marine said. He kept an eye trained on the Rommie guards.

Te'shara walked over to the marine as he was talking to the nurse, "whats going on,are we getting freed or what."she said with a slight snarl, as her tail wagged, getting a bit upset on when they will be freed or not.

"not unless we do something ourselves."

"The doctor came over... he wanted my communicator to contact the Vindicator." the nurse explained.

Te`shara watched as the Nurse came over and talked to him,"why did the doctor want your communicator,we need one to contact the vindicator."she said to the nurse.

The nurse sighed, "They never took them away from us because the field scatters the signal.. but if he could modify it maybe it'll work for him."

Te'shara looked at the nurse,"that would be great, we need to leave this place as soon as possible instead of being prisoners to the Romulans, "Te'shara said with a slight growl."so see if the doctor can modify it and we can get away from here."she also said.

"It's worth a try." The Marine said. "I'm itching to get a little payback."

The nurse nodded and crossed her arms, "Who knows when.. or if.. he'll be able to do something. Even then the field.." she didn't bother finishing the sentence. It had been a common discussion among everyone stuck here.

"True enough. but all the same I'd like not to be caught sleeping when it does happen.. if it happens."

As time ticked by and nothing happened the burst of possible hope slowly faded and they were back to where they were just moments ago.

Then all of a sudden a commotion outside the building they were in.

Bates' head turned as the commotion outside started. The guards rushed to see what the matter was. He rushed a guard, knocking him down and wrestling him for his rifle.

Te'Shara went to help bates, and tried to get the Romulans weapon off, his hand, , she really let that Romulan have it ,good as she used her claws, and scratched the romulans face, and kicked him a few times, and whipped him with her tail, the tail can be a good weapon at times.

With the distraction of whatever was going on outside plus the attacks by some of the Vindicator crew the Romulans didn't notice when many of them began to disappear.

"Sir!" the nurse yelled to get his attention just before she was beamed up herself.

Before Bates could say or do anything the room faded around him, replaced with the transporter room."

Lt Te'shara R'heal
Security Officer
USS Vindicator

1st Lieutenant Bates
Marine (NPC)
(APB DarkFire)

Random NPCs apb Jaeger


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