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SD 241302.25 || "Confrontation" || Part I || JL || CO, XO, Helm, CSEC, MCO

Posted on 241302.25 @ 18:44 by Captain Robert Lansine & Captain Olan Dar & Captain Landon Neyes & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams & 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza & Lieutenant JG TeĆ” Black

Mission: Romulan Ale.. I mean Aide
Location: USS Vindicator, Bridge

The moment Dar set foot on the bridge he knew the situation. The warbird had opened fire on them. It was not surprising to him given what he had found on the planet.

"Hail the warbird." he ordered as he took a standing position behind and centre of the ops and helm stations.

"What's the status of the Kennedy?" he asked while the hail was being worked on and probably ignored.

"Their weapon systems are down," Rob replied, looking intently at the tactical read out in front of him. The reality of his decision to cripple the friendly vessel was beginning to haunt him. They had posed a threat to the security of the Vindicator and her crew. At the time it had seemed necessary, but now with a fellow Starfleet ship staring down the barrel of a Romulan capital ship horrible guilt began to creep into his mind.

"Their shields are taking a beating. The Romulans seem to focusing their efforts on them. From what we can tell the're being forced to work with thrusters only," Rob looked to Landon for a complimentary report.

Olan crossed his arms, keeping his balance well as the warbird hit the Vindicator again causing the deck to shift slightly, "Try to put us between the Kennedy and the warbird, we're big enough. Tell them to move accordingly, best speed."

"The Kennedy's shields are at 47 percent and dropping rapidly, we'll be in range to cover them in 20 seconds."

The goliath Vindicator banked slowly towards the space between the Warbird and the Intrepid class. Her engines flared and Landon pushed the power controls to the limit in order to close the gap. The Kennedy was moving to help close the distance, but with only thrusters, the Vindicator would need to pick up the slack. The greens and blues of the weapons' torrent ripped into their shields.

"Did the Romulans get a good shot on her? Even that ship shouldn't have lost weapons already." Olan asked.

Neyes looked at Rob and shrugged, they didn't really have time to explain the whole situation. "Their weapons are offline because when her Captain fired on the Vindicator we TOOK them offline. The better part of their starboard weapons grid is in Cargobay 4." There was an awkward silence as everyone allowed the Captain to take in the statement. Landon made a downward cringe in response to the odd lack of response, slowly turning back toward the helm console. "I would also suggest we bring the point defense systems online."

Olan raised a brow and looked at Landon, then at Robert, "Why did she shoot at us?"

Landon spoke towards the image of the Kennedy as its shields sputtered under the immense firepower. "Why don't you ask her."

"I'm going to want her to explain herself. Get her." Olan ordered for whoever knew where the Kennedy's Captain was.

When the ship shuddered again he sighed and looked back to Williams, "I've had enough of this. Full power to phasers, hit them right on the nose."

Hayden nodded. "Aye Captain. Full Phasers." He keyed in several key locations on the attackers and programmed the firing sequence. "Firing." As soon as he spoke, several streams of crimson energy lanced out from the Vindicator striking the romulans square along their power distribution grid for their shield generators and forward disruptors. "Sensors reporting forward weapons heavily damaged. Shields holding at 58 percent. Warbird is veering off sir."

"Hail them again." Olan said, "And get me Captain Heifner."

"Channel open sir." Hayden reported. "Romulan ship is returning our hail."

"This is Captain Olan Dar, stand down your weapons and shields."

=*= Marine Barracks =*=

Rushing into the barracks Ellis looked around for Sarah Ann, "Sarah I need the status of the Marines!"

"Once we picked up the Romulan ship along with the Kennedy they headed for roaming patrols and re-enforcing the vital points on the ship. The fighters are still out in space awaiting orders from anyone."

"Why in the hell hasn't Lione given any orders to them?" Ellis asked walking over to the small pool table and tapping it. "Lione status?"

=*= Tactical Information Center =*=

"Good to hear from you King. I'm sure you know about the warbird and Kennedy right now I'm trying to get orders to Black Mamba we also got a bird in the planets atmosphere." Lione said switching comms back to the brig.

"Captain Dar I need orders for the fighters.......they're sitting ducks out there." The fighters had been doing strafing runs but there weapons were just out powered by the Romulan shields and they were still sitting ducks.

"Bring them in. They're no good to us out there right now."

"Acknowledged." Tripae said adjusting her comms for all the fighters, "All fighters I repeat all fighters head back to the barn."

A quick acknowledgement from the squadron leader and the fighters started weaving and darting back to the flight deck to be lowered to their berths. "Bridge all fighters have landed." Tripae added.

=/\= Bridge =/\=

Both ships continued to exchange weapons fire for the next few moments until the hail request sent out from Commander Williams finally found an audience with the Romulan Commander. The bright green bolts of disruptor energy dissipated and the watchful view of the Romulan ship on the Vindicator's viewer was replaced with the smug grin of the Romulan man who, had until only moments before, been sitting in their own conference room, mere meters away.

"Captain Dar, I'm glad you could join us," the Romulan mocked. He of course was not happy with the Federation ship's ability to transport its crew back aboard, but despite the setback, he still had full confidence in his mission.

Dar was unimpressed and certainly not intimidated by the man. The Vindictor had in one volley reduced the warbird's shields to nearly half and they had steadily pummelled them since. The Vindicator's shields were holding.

"Stand down, Commander. You are out matched." Dar stated.

The grey eyed Commander's gaze turned sour in the face of Dar's demands. "Your new ungainly ship does little to frighten the Romulan Commonwealth. We do not scare easily, Captain." The sinister grin returned, this time more unsightly than before. "You, however, do," he waved to an underling. A moment later a smaller Romulan man pushed a tattered and bruised human woman next to his Commander and in full view of the Vindicator crew.

"Captain Heifner?" Rob said softly, disbelieving his own eye. "How?"

"You didn't notice she had left, had you?" The Romulan Commander was once again enjoying their conversation. "I thought I'd be doing you a favor, Mr. Lansine. Quite a trouble she gave you, and all in front of your crew. She's-," he paused, attempting to phrase his next word carefully, "bitch, isn't it? Terran venacular for pest I take," he laughed again, this time more manically. Very few of his colleagues had ever attempted, let alone successfully kidnapped a Starfleet captain. The self-righteous leaders of the self-appointed divine power that was Starfleet rarely allowed themselves an opportunity like Lansine had provided. The young Commander, while aggravating, had unknowingly enabled what might possibly be the greatest catch of the Romulan man's career.

Kayleigh's face was badly bruised, bearing evidence of an intense interrogation session only moments before her call to the Romulan bridge as the Commander's trophy. Her lip was bleeding and one eye was swollen shut. In only a few short moments from her capture aboard the Vindicator to now the Tal'Shair backed Romulans had bludgeoned a Starfleet Command officer to a near pulp.

Olan motioned quickly to mute the channel and turned to Rob, "Scan them down, find her and get her off that ship at the first opportunity."

Still dazed from the image of a tortured Captain Heifner, Lansine failed to respond immediately.

"Rob." Dar pressed again.

"Yes... yes, sir," Rob replied, this time quickly. He moved to the Ops station to work alongside Lieutenant Capellupo.

"Landon, get the Kennedy her missing components back now that they are out of direct line of fire. We may yet need them."

Landon nodded and began the appropriate procedures to return the small Intrepid-class ship her weapon's power assembly. "Aye, sir."

Dar turned back to the screen to resume the conversation, "You will return Captain Heifner immediately."

"You sir, are not in a position to dictate terms," the Romulan Commander replied, this time emboldened by his prisoner. "You will surrender-," alarms on both ships interrupted the gloating alien before he could finish.

Hayden's station beeped wildly as he guided his hand over the controls to see what the issue was. "Oh great.' He said to himself before looking up toward Captain Dar. "Sir, I show another earned decloaking 200 meters to the port of the first."

Rob's gut dropped another deck. "Just what we need."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Olan Dar
Commanding Officer
USS Vindicator

Commander Robert Lansine
Executive Officer
USS Vindicator

Lieutenant Commander Landon Neyes
Helmsman/2nd Officer
USS VIndicator

Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Vindicator

Captain Ellis King
Marine Company Commander
USS Vindicator


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