Welcome Aboard The USS Vindicator!

It was in 1863, with the threat of the American Civil War looming on a soon to be bloody horizon, that the US Navy purchased a 750-ton sidewheel steam ram and christened her with a name as bold and brave as the souls that would come to crew her in the heat of battle; Vindicator.

On May 24th, 1863 the USS Vindicator was officially commissioned and skippered by the revered Lieutenant Commander Thomas O. Selfridge who turned the behemoth of a river patrol vessel into one of the most formidable Union gunboats in American history. Her greatest claim to fame would come nearly a year later on the 24th of April, 1865. During her pursuit of the Confederate ship CSS William H. Webb. Pushed to the point where her boilers nearly burst, it was her crew’s relentless determination to take down the opposing ram that brought her Acting Master, D.P. Slattery, to write; "Such was the spirit animating every officer, man, and boy that all seemed to vie with each other in the rapid and intelligent execution of each order."

Now in the 25th century, her name is emblazoned across the hull of her 6th iteration as a Federation starship, and that spirit is more alive than ever. As a groundbreaking new Vindicator class heavy cruiser, she is a deep space exploration vessel armed to the teeth and ready to boldly go where none have gone before. More than 1200 men and women crew this vessel, one of the most powerful ever known to Starfleet. Commanded by Commodore Rochelle A. Ivanova and Commander Almar Dahe’el, her primary mission is exploration, but the ship and crew are often called upon to defend the Federation and her interests from hostile forces.

Latest Mission Posts

» Lt. A. Shran, Lt S. Shran | "Breath of Life"

Mission: Genesis
Posted on 242001.22 @ 19:48 by Lieutenant Si'a Dai'xun Shran & Lieutenant Anaxar Shran

Dismal. Sad. Insecure. Angry.

The feelings of the Vindicator had quickly spiraled down into a manifesto of misery and discord the moment word of the Commodore's disappearance and death hit its hull. Si'a was not immune to the melancholy. The Commodore had done a great deal for her and for…

» [BACK / PLOT LOG] Com Ivanova, Emperor Tr'Bak | "Where Stars Were For Shining" pt 3

Mission: Genesis
Posted on 242001.22 @ 11:38 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Sseibb Vrith Tr'Bak

December 25th
0100 PST
Camelback Springs, Arizona - EARTH

Tucked several miles away from the crash site, a small three room hunting cabin was warm and rich with light and life where there should have been cold, desolation, and death. It smelled of smoke and sage, sandalwood, leather and cedar…

» [BACK LOG] Cmdr Baul, Lt Sha'mer | "Rumors and Conjecture"

Mission: Genesis
Posted on 242001.17 @ 12:39 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Lieutenant Ra'lin Sha'mer

Rumours flew faster through space than any particle, so the news of the shuttle crash and the Commodore's presumed death travelled through the Vindicator in no time at all. In the CO's ready room a small figure sat huddled behind a desk on which a few PADDs were strewn around…

» [BACK / PLOT LOG] Com Ivanova, Praetor Vrith Tr'Bak | "Where Stars Were For Shining" pt 3

Mission: Genesis
Posted on 242001.15 @ 21:13 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Sseibb Vrith Tr'Bak

December 24th
12:01 PM
Arizona, USA, Earth
33.40'34 N 111.16'44 W

[OOC: This log happens during/right after the crash and pre-Landon's arrival to the crash site.]

When it came to the USS Vindicator, and namely her brazen and resilient Captain, Vrith Tr'Bak took great interest and care in seeing to…

» [BACK / PLOT LOG] Capt. Neyes (ret.), Aela | "Silent Night" Pt 2

Mission: Genesis
Posted on 242001.09 @ 23:54 by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova & Captain Landon Neyes

December 25th
0100 PST
Camelback Springs, Arizona, USA - Earth

A wish for more time seemed like an odd ask for someone like Landon. A lifetime was an almost classically out of date notion for him, as the laws of what constituted death weren’t as cut and dry as they…