Memorias Rotundum

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Status Completed Mission
Description As the Vindicator arrives home to find Earth's government shattered, along with the once-idyllic peace the system held, her crew must finds themselves in a time where a new-found hatred of Cardassians and Tholians stretches beyond simple xeno-phobia. Paris has been destroyed, and with it, the upper echelon of the Federation Government At Stardock, another ship is parked preparing for a mission to the Cardassian stronghold of Carida. The USS Crazy Horse, commanded by an old friend of Neyes, Robert Lansine, is aligned with their direction. Bound by friendship and fight alike, the two ships will delve into the mysteries of Carida. God save them.
Mission Group Landonius
Start Date 12/31/1969 @ 8:00pm
End Date 10/13/2013 @ 4:54pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
JDL |MCO & MILO| |MCapt King and 1Lt Black|
by 2nd Lieutenant Jasmine Garza
Marine Barracks
SD 241310.08 || Joint Personal Backlog || Cmdr Ivanova & LtCmdr Dahe'el || XO & CEO || "Changing Impressions."
JBL | "Pocket Counselor" | CO, Cnclr | Capt Landon Neyes, Lt Cody Larel
by Captain Landon Neyes
Counselor's Office
BJL | "Reconstruction" | CO, CEO | Capt Landon Neyes, LtCmdr Almar Dahe'el
by Captain Landon Neyes
Main Engineering
Onward || Capt Neyes - Cmdr Ivanova
by Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
[Backlog] Security after-action Report
by Lieutenant Commander Mathew Caldwell & Lieutenant Te'shara R'heil
(Backlog) Catching Up
by Lieutenant Commander Mathew Caldwell & Lieutenant Commander Hayden Williams
On the Road to Carida
by Lieutenant Commander Mathew Caldwell
Bridge, USS Vindicator
JDL |SCO & SXO| |MCapt Keggle & 1Lt Howard| Kicking the Hatchling Out of the Nest
by Captain Elar Keggle & Lieutenant JG Lynda Howard
SCOs Office
Duty Log || “Cold Sweats" || SCI || Lt(jg) Roswell ||
by Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell
Bridge / Astrometrics
Back JDL |CSec & Eng & CSgt| |LtCmdr Caldwell & CPO Ramone & GSgt Colbert| Rescue Op
by Lieutenant JG Teá Black & Staff Sergeant Indys sh'Ziri & Lieutenant Commander Mathew Caldwell
Various Locations
Joint Sim - Plot Log | "Orders" | DSFI, CO | Capt Ascari, Capt Neyes
by Captain Landon Neyes
Just after arriving to Starbase 001 Sol System
Joint Sim - Plot Log || " Books and their Covers" || Part I || CO & CO || Capt Lansine & Capt Neyes
by Captain Landon Neyes
Immediately following "Usual Suspects" Starbase 001
DL | "Bringing Them Home" | CO | Capt Landon Neyes
by Captain Landon Neyes
Plot Log | "Dutiful Memory" | CO, XO, CSFI | Capt Neyes, Cmdr Ivanova
by Captain Landon Neyes & Commodore Rochelle Ivanova
Plot Introduction Log “Memorias Rotundum”
by Captain Landon Neyes
Starfleet Intelligence HQ - Earth
DL|CCNS|Lt. Larel "Trying to focus"
Cody's Office
Duty Log || “Ghosts" || SCI || Lt(jg) Roswell ||
by Lieutenant JG Saia Roswell
Sciences Office
SD 241309.04 || Duty Log || LtCmdr Dahe'el || Patching things up.
Sol System.

Mission Summary